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Ian's Favorite Comics Pt. 1

  • Feb 26, 2012
EXCELSIOR! Sorry I just couldn't resist. I've been a nerd for as long as I can remember, I started off with several video games on my SNES and it just built up from there. Over the years I've developed a taste for Anime, Sci-Fi, science as a whole, Role-playing, and finally comics; in that order. That being said, even though I'm fairly new to the comic scene I must admit that, aside from video games, comics have been one of the few things that really resign-ate an emotional response. So after reading about...20 different series I finally started forming an opinion on what I considered the good, the bad, the horrible (that list is coming soon), and of course the fantastic. Since I've been incredibly bitter toward the media in general it's time to finally to be a bit more positive so that I will not become a snob (urge...to...complain...about...marvel's recent decisions...rising...) Side Note: This list is in no particular order. 2. Some of the titles are very dark and mature, I will list if they are within the list. 3. This is the very basics while there are so many more than I added and I will make more entries as time goes on
This little series was introduced to me by a good friend who knows his stuff; I.E. he loves what I love. The entire premise follows two average detectives in a world where super powers exist. For example it's kind of like following the gotham police department; which is so interesting to me. Very few comics explore the actual police department in a super powered world, it really shows the struggles that the police have to face in such a dangerous world. This only helps with the fact that Detective Christian Walker and Detective Deena Pilgrim are such an enjoyable team. Their characters are fleshed out, fun and work so well together, not to mention that throughout the series their character past is fleshed out; some of the plot points are even startling. For the fans of Film Noir, police shows or even the DC universe I would highly recommend this lesser known masterpiece.
Batman: Arkham Asylum
This one I will admit was a hard pick being such a die hard Batman fan. There are so many choices I could have made (The Killing Joke, Hush, The Long Halloween, The Man Who Broke The Bat, The Dark Knight Returns just to name a few) but this was one of the few that made me legitimately terrified of the Batman universe. Arkham Asylum is a very dark and disturbing piece of poetry, yes I did say poetry, with a very simple plot in which The Joker holds several doctors hostage until Batman enters the Asylum. The plot simply gets more and more twisted as time goes on exploring more of the psychological aspects of Batman's gallery of rogues as well as the Dark Knight himself. The entire comic is a character study on the mental states of the cast, as told both through cryptic narration and the increasingly morbid art. The ending itself is worth picking the comic up as it is one of the more cryptic endings in a comic...ever. This is not for the newer Batman fan, this is one of those comics for someone who really wants to know more about the psychological aspects of comics as well as a must read for the fans of The Caped Crusader. Just be warned, be afraid, be very afraid.
WARNING: This comics is not for those under 18, well 16 in my opinion. It is also worth noting it has nothing to do with that piss stain of a film. There are so many stories involving super heroes, well what if they were all killed by the super villains and they secretly took over the world? Well, Wanted certainly explores this in quite a blunt way. Wanted is loud, raunchy, rude, and just plain fun. It has a foul mouth, a very morbid sense of humor and despicable characters...and I love every minute of it. So it may not be the most charming comic but it is certainly a guilty pleasure for me. I love super villains in general and this comic pulls no punches portraying them as horrible people. Even the main character starts as a bit whiny and turns into one of the most sadistic people in the book slowly filling in his shoes as The Killer. With all of these horrible things I've been saying it's easily mistaken that I hate this, on the contrary it works in such a weird way. The art is crisp and clean, the plot works well and the characters despite their flaws are believable as villains. Any fan of Mark Millar's Kick Ass should give it a try.
Johnny The Homicidal Maniac: Director's Cut
WARNING: This comic contains very strong language and violence Any of you heard of Jhonen Vasquez? Ya know the guy who made Invader Zim? Ok now you know him, well he had quite a career as a comic writer/artist, whose biggest accomplishment was JTHM AKA Johnny The Homicidal Maniac...NNY for short. I'm a sucker for Jhonen's brand of strange comedy, it's so awkward that it's enjoyable and you can see alot of inspiration for Zim from this. The whole story follows the misadventures of chronically insane Johnny and his hatred of humanity. The art is...well...basic, the characters are...well...a little 2D, at least the comedy is...strange; but hey this is my list and I really love it. What hooks me in though is not the comedy but some of the dark points in the series that can become quite heartbreaking as you realize how broken Johnny really is. The series has several high points but never a low point really, especially after the continual plot is introduced with Johnny and the after life. Jhonen's humor isn't for everybody but those who like it, really like it.
Scott Pilgrim!
This is purely for my inner nerd. I love the indie culture, I love garage bands, I love gaming and everything is wrapped up within the awesomeness that is Scott Pilgrim. In it's entirety it's a love story in which our hero, Scott must defeat his love interest, Ramona's 7 evil Ex's (Not ex boyfriends, they keep making that clear) in order to win her heart. At least that's how it begins but there's so much more to the story than previously imagined, I really love stories that focuses solely on the characters and this works great even with a pretty big cast. There's so much to say but this is really something to be experienced than just told about. The movie does a pretty good job at following the book but misses out on a ton of the messages that the book delivers so either or really

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February 27, 2012
I agree. The movie list is excellent.
February 26, 2012
Great picks! Love Bendis' "Powers" and I am glad to see my fave titles here in your list. The only one I couldn't get into was your # 6. But then, maybe I just wasn't too much in a mood then. Nice list!
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