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posted "Exploring History" about Mr. Peabody and Sherman.   March 25, 2014
Exploring History
Based upon the sketch from ROCKY AND HIS FRIENDS, MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN is a series of comics that works as a sort-of sequel to the motion picture,
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posted "Take Me Back to Gotham City, the Gotham City I Once Knew" about (The New 52) Batman, Vol. 1: The Court of Owls.   June 16, 2012
Take Me Back to Gotham City, the Gotham
I really enjoy Scott Snyder's AMERICAN VAMPIRE comics. Those stories are fresh and original. I was first introduced to Snyder's non-AMERICAN V
posted "They Finally Assembled!" about The Avengers (2012).   May 10, 2012
They Finally Assembled!
In 2008 the movie IRON MAN was released. The film was a major gamble. It was the first of a series of movies Marvel planned to release that would lead
posted "Good Story That's Not Well Told" about Batman: The Black Mirror.   February 25, 2012
Good Story That's Not Well Told
In the world of comic books, ask someone if they prefer DC or Marvel and the answer can tell you a lot about a person. I'm a DC fan myself. Even t
posted "Deadman Searches and Aquaman Shines" about Brightest Day, Vol. 2.   January 04, 2012
Deadman Searches and Aquaman Shines
At the end of the "Blackest Night" storyline, it was inevitable that Geoff Johns and DC would focus on the next part of the Green Lantern Oa
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posted "Introducing the Green Lantern Corp" about Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.   August 13, 2011
Introducing the Green Lantern Corp
GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS follows Hal Jordan as he passes along some of the stories of the Green Lantern Corp to new recruit Arisia. The stories
unlocked the Watchmen badge   April 21, 2011
posted "It's Not All Fun & Games" about Drinking at the Movies.   December 21, 2010
It's Not All Fun & Games
DRINKING AT THE MOVIES is an autobiographical graphic novel by Julia Wertz about her move from San Francisco to New York. The book examines some of he
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posted "Interesting Writer" about Alan Moore.   October 14, 2010
Interesting Writer
Alan Moore is a great writer. He's writing is in-depth. His characters are fully developed and his dialogue witty and interesting. He's revive
posted "The Day That Superman Died" about Superman: Doomsday.   September 09, 2010
The Day That Superman Died
There was a brief time in my life when I collected comics on a semi-regular basis. It was a very short period of just about a year that ended when DC
commented on review of Superman: Doomsday, "Insignificant and Felt a Little Too Rushed in Storytelling".   September 09, 2010
posted "The Return Home" about Dark Tower: Treachery.   April 13, 2010
The Return Home
THE DARK TOWER: TREACHERY begins immediately after the events of THE DARK TOWER: THE LONG ROAD HOME. Roland Deschain and his ka-tet have returned home
posted "The Rise of Hal Jordan" about Green Lantern: First Flight.   August 09, 2009
The Rise of Hal Jordan
As a kid, Superman was always my favorite comic book hero. In about the sixth grade a close friend of mine introduced me to the Green Lantern. Superma
posted "Excellent Features, But Rent, Don't Buy." about Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood.   April 01, 2009
Excellent Features, But Rent, Don't Buy.
There are all kinds of things that make WATCHMEN a unique graphic novel. One thing is the comic book story within the comic, TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGH
posted "Watching the Watchmen" about Watchmen and Philosophy: A Rorschach Test (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series).   March 18, 2009
Watching the Watchmen
WATCHMEN AND PHILOSOPHY is a book released under Wiley's popular "Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture" series. This series of books is an attempt to
posted "This Hulk Smashes Good." about The Incredible Hulk (2008).   November 13, 2008
This Hulk Smashes Good.
When I was younger, I used to watch re-runs of the 1970's INCREDIBLE HULK television show. The show's executive producer, Kenneth Johnson, is a master
posted "A Neverending Night" about 30 Days of Night (2007 movie).   December 27, 2007
A Neverending Night
As 30 DAYS OF NIGHT opens, a Stranger (Ben Foster) wanders away from a freighter stuck in ice. The stranger had a key role in the events that are abou
posted "Honestly, It's Not That Great." about Superman/Batman Vol. 1: Public Enemies.   March 05, 2007
Honestly, It's Not That Great.
In this volume Superman and Batman team up to fight Superman's arch nemesis, Lex Luthor. In the chronology of this particular storyline, Luthor was el
posted "Beginnings." about Fantastic Four (movie).   September 22, 2006
Based upon the comic book series of the same name, FANTASTIC FOUR is a sci-fi action movie about a group of scientists who gain superpowers from a pow
posted "Let's Start at the Very Beginning." about Batman Begins.   October 17, 2005
Let's Start at the Very Beginning.
In 1989 the long awaited film debut of the Dark Knight, BATMAN, was released. The movie was directed by Tim Burton and Burton, with his child-like ima
posted "History Re-created (from a comic book perspective)." about From Hell (2001 film).   February 25, 2005
History Re-created (from a comic book pe
The time: 1888. The place: London, Whitechapel district (the Victorian equivalant to the modern Red Light district). Mary Kelly (Heather Graham) is a
posted "And Parts of the Plot Disappear." about Daredevil (2003).   October 18, 2004
And Parts of the Plot Disappear.
I really didn't think I was going to like DAREDEVIL all that much. I'm not a fan of Ben Affleck and when I heard he had been cast as the venge
posted "And Parts of the Plot Disappear." about Daredevil (2003).   October 18, 2004
And Parts of the Plot Disappear.
I really didn't think I was going to like DAREDEVIL all that much. I'm not a fan of Ben Affleck and when I heard he had been cast as the venge
posted "Better Than Before." about Blade II (New Line Platinum Series Edition DVD).   December 04, 2003
Better Than Before.
BLADE II is a far superior film from BLADE in just about every element: the acting, directing, writing, effects, music, lighting, sound, plot, believa
posted "Historical Fiction and the Art of Comics." about Road to Perdition (graphic novel).   April 09, 2003
Historical Fiction and the Art of Comics
Even though the art seems simplistic and derivitive at times and the story perhaps somewhat cliched, when one actually takes the time to read ROAD TO
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