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reviewed RUNAWAYS: Pride and Joy. May 05, 2010
RUNAWAYS: Pride and Joy
What if your parents weren’t exactly the way you thought they really were? What if there was a deep dark secret that can just sever all bonds between children and their parents? When we were teens, …
reviewed Walking Dead Vol.3: SAFETY BEHIND BARS. May 20, 2010
   Zombie fans have a reason to rejoice seeing that despite the genre’s recent collapse with less-than-satisfactory movies, the comic book medium has stepped up to give zombie genre …
reviewed Top 10. June 03, 2010
TOP 10
   Ever wonder how a world where its entire population would be folks with different powers, different personalities and different races? Immigrants to this place would consist mostly of aliens …
reviewed Mushishi. June 23, 2009
posted in Go Japan
Mushishi( 蟲師 ) is a Japanese Manga and Anime series created by Yuki Urushibara.The Manga won an Excellence price at the Japan media arts festival in 2003 and Kodansha Manga Award in 2006.  The …
reviewed The Dark Knight. November 08, 2009
Batman Begins brought   The Caped Crusader out of the dark ages(so to speak.) It brought  a new  and refreshing look at the world of Gotham and  the interesting and twisted characters …
reviewed The Abandoned (Graphic Novel). April 25, 2010
The Abandoned (graphic novel)
   Zomedies or Zombie-comedies seemed to be all the rage these days in an attempt to try different things with the zombie genre. I’ve been screaming for a real good, horrific serious zombie …
reviewed The Umbrella Academy. May 30, 2010
Winner of the coveted Eisner award for best Finite-Mini-series, writer Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s “The Umbrella Academy” has achieved critical acclaim for its originality in style …
reviewed The Walking Dead. August 12, 2008
Book one of the Walking Dead
I am always a big fan of the post apocalytic genre, I love movies like the Mad Max series and the Romero zombie films.  And one gripe I always have is that the endings of those movies rarely …
reviewed IDENTITY CRISIS. May 25, 2010
   Back in 2004, DC Comics came out with a 7-issue mini-series that they promoted as the “comic event of the year”. I know from experience that claims of this kind often …
reviewed The Dark Knight. August 13, 2008
This was the most fun I've had in a movie theater in a very long time -- and I wasn't even eating candy!    The Dark Knight grabbed my attention and held it for the whole ride. This …
reviewed Persepolis (2007 film). March 02, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
   What I really appreciate about Foreign cinema is its innate ability to make the simplest of concepts powerful without stooping to “dressing up” gimmicks that Hollywood is so prone …
reviewed Promethea. March 03, 2010
Promethea: Volume 1
Speculative fiction has a long history of basing its stories on premises wherein something societally recognized as metaphorical becomes real. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a famous example, which channeled …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). April 15, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
DVD front
For as long as humanity has existed we have always been violent we may have not been created that way  but somewhere down the line  we found out that violence  could save us or destroy …
reviewed Fantastic Four (movie). August 11, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Fantastic Four
      FANTASTIC 4      When this film first came out there was a lot of high hopes for the film, and why not it is one of the most beloved comics of all time. There …
reviewed Disney Buys Marvel Comics. September 04, 2009
Disney Buys Marvel Comics
   Upon hearing the news of Disney’s intentions to buy Marvel for a cool $ 4 Billion dollars, provided it gets approved by share holders, I had very mixed feelings. Some comic book fans …
reviewed Joker (graphic novel). October 15, 2009
Cover Art
The premise of Joker is nearly unbelievable; however, given that premise, the story is believable beyond a shadow of doubt. Joker, in Joker, is in prime form, after being released from Arkham Asylum (for …
reviewed Watchmen (Warner Bros. Home Entertain.... September 03, 2009
(2-Disc Special Edition Director's Cut DVD)
WARNING: This review contains spoilers! DO NOT READ THIS UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN THE FILM!   When the twelve-issue limited-run comic book series Watchmen was originally published in 1986 and through 1987, …
reviewed Punisher: War Zone. March 18, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
punisher war zone poster
Let's get one thing straight; Marvel Knight's comic series "The Punisher" isn't exactly a grand piece of comic book ingenuity. The comic was gritty, brutal, violent and full of blood and gore. Upon seeing …
reviewed 300 (2007 film). August 28, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
Special Edition DVD (front)
This is perhaps the film that really made Zack Snyder well known.  It's what put him in the minds of many movie goers.  And it put him in my mind too, but not for the exact same reasons.  …
reviewed Alan Moore. November 19, 2009
Alan Moore
I read a few graphic novels from time to time--although I enjoy a big novel much more.  I admire the artwork and the writing.  But most of all, I enjoy the storytelling aspect of it.  I …
reviewed Transformers. December 17, 2008
You can't overthink "Transformers."  Basically, what you have are huge talking robots that sometimes turn into automobiles.  Some are good, some are bad, and they battle each other.    Tryin …
reviewed The Dark Knight. December 15, 2008
I just watched The Dark Knight a few nights ago and all I can say is wow!  This movie was everything they said it would be and more!  No wonder it brought in over $500,000 in ticket sales.  …
reviewed Hellboy II: The Golden Army. August 12, 2008
hell boy poster
I am not a comic book super hero fan nor did the first Hell Boy made aparticularly good impression on me.  I suppose the reason I went to seeHell Boy II is for the fact Guillermo del Toro, the director …
reviewed Stardust (2007 film). December 24, 2008
Stardust (Widescreen Edition) (2007)
Based upon comic book and graphic novel writer Neil Gaiman's original story, Stardust is a charming fantasy film with a humorous twist. Much like The Princess Bride in its combination of …
reviewed Iron Man 2. May 09, 2010
Iron Man 2
IRON MAN 2 Written by Justin Theroux Directed by Jon Favreau Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Dona Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke      Ivan …
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