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reviewed Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #2. February 13
Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #2
So much of 90’s fandom was absolutely ruled by XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.  I’m certainly not saying that the mythology-fueled camp program was to everyone’s sensibilities, but I thought …
reviewed Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1. February 12
Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1
One has to be careful when tinkering with legends.  After all, legends are often called a part of our cultural consciousness, our modern mythology.  There’s something wrapped up – …
reviewed Sunset. February 12
Not long back, I discovered a terrific printed collection of what was termed ‘Geezer Noir.’  The skinny is that these were stories about the old and restless – bitter, angry, jaundiced …
reviewed Furious #1. January 29
Furious #1
I miss John Ritter.  For those of you who don’t know who he was, John Ritter was an actor who largely appeared in television sitcoms and comedies, though he did have a modest film career. …
reviewed Monsters! And Other Stories. January 22
Monsters! And Other Stories
I happen to be one of the most enthusiastic movie fans on the planet Earth today.  Seriously, I think I’ve found something worthwhile in just about everything I’ve seen, but the one area …
reviewed Pariah, Volume 1. January 20
Pariah, Volume 1
I’ve always personally found that the best science fiction – that which remains truest to the themes only the greatest sci-fi authors usually explore – is those tales told of a time …
reviewed Star Wars #11 (Ongoing). January 06
Star Wars #11 (Ongoing)
The reason we, as a society, tend to root for an underdog is because we’ve been there.  We know all too well what it feels like to be facing insurmountable odds.  We’re familiar …
reviewed Star Wars #10 (Ongoing). January 03
Star Wars #10 (Ongoing)
One of the significant characteristics that differentiates the Original Trilogy from the Prequel Trilogy is the direct presence of evil.  To understand this succinctly, look at the character of Darth …
reviewed Star Wars #9 (Ongoing). January 03
Star Wars #9 (Ongoing)
STAR WARS was never centrally about politics.  Sure, the Prequel Trilogy firmly established what politics were at play; and even the Original Trilogy hinted at the politics of the past and present …
reviewed Juice Squeezers: #1 of 4. January 02
Juice Squeezers: #1 of 4
Kids.  Like women, you can’t live with ‘em.  You can’t live without ‘em.  When I was a young’un, it was all I could do to keep myself interested.  I never …
Star Trek, Volume 1 (IDW Publishing)
Nothing says “I hate Star Trek fans” like handing over a comics book franchise to new Trek scribe Roberto Orci in any way, shape, or form.  In case you’re unaware, Orci is one of …
reviewed Bad Blood #1 (Dark Horse Comics). January 02
Bad Blood #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
I love monster stories.  Always have.  Always will.  For reasons I’ve never personally fathomed, vampire ones have always been a bit of a secret, guilty pleasure.  I couldn’t …
reviewed The Illegitimates #1. December 27, 2013
The Illegitimates #1
In today’s world, clever premises are a dime a dozen.  After all, the virtual explosion of cyberspace – if not the entirety of the information superhighway – has proven time and …
reviewed Samurai Jack #3. December 26, 2013
Samurai Jack #3
For those of you who missed it, SAMURAI JACK was an exceptional animated program that explored with a lone samurai – Jack – who found himself thrown into the future where those left living …
reviewed Star Wars Omnibus: Dark Times - Volume 1. December 25, 2013
Star Wars Omnibus: Dark Times - Volume 1
There are many reasons to celebrate the worlds of George Lucas’s legendary STAR WARS, not the least of which worth mentioning would be the simple fact that the available canvas is so very vast.  …
reviewed R.I.P.D. : Rest in Peace Department (.... December 23, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
R.I.P.D. (2013 film)
R.I.P.D. didn't have a chance.  Based on a rather unknown comic with a premise that isn't too different from what were already popular movies in Ghostbusters and Men In Black and both of …
reviewed Star Trek #28. December 19, 2013
Star Trek #28
Minor history lesson, folks: STAR TREK technically began in 1966.  I say “technically” because those of us who’ve read extensively on it know that its characters and concepts began …
reviewed Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of.... December 18, 2013
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows #1
Most folks dismiss quite a bit of STAR WARS’ over-arching mythology because of one stylistic consideration: they see George Lucas’s albeit rich narrative as little more than a spruced-up …
reviewed DOC SAVAGE: THE MAN OF BRONZE #1. December 16, 2013
Full disclosure: I never ‘got’ the whole Doc Savage thing.  And, honestly, that’s always befuddled me a bit.  See, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of almost all things pulp, …
reviewed Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. December 16, 2013
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
I penned an observation in an editorial piece just the other day: youthful audiences these days haven’t a clue how good they have it.  I said that trying to explain what my young life in front …
reviewed Batman (2011) #1 "The New 52!". November 14, 2013
How do you measure an entire city?  After all, a city – especially an urban metropolis the size and scope of Gotham – has many neighborhood, has even more alleyways and streets and home …
reviewed Itty Bitty Hellboy. October 12, 2013
Itty Bitty Hellboy
Gotta admit: I much never cared for HELLBOY.  Don’t hate me.  As it is, I’ve been reading comics for over forty years, so something was bound just to not sit well with me.  …
reviewed Brain Boy (Part 1). October 12, 2013
Brain Boy (Part 1)
As a follower of all things occult in nature, I’ve always been intrigued by psychic powers.  Are they real?  Do they exist in our universe?  Where do they come from?  Can they …
reviewed Kiss Me Satan (Part 1). October 12, 2013
Kiss Me Satan (Part 1)
Full disclosure: I absolutely love monster stories.  And, yes, my unrequited love for them will invariably cause me to give some products – be they books, comics, or films – a highly …
reviewed Baltimore: The Infernal Train (Part 1). October 12, 2013
Baltimore: The Infernal Train (Part 1)
Vampires and their history occupy a special place in our civilization’s history: they’re a wonderfully romanticized monster.  Though there are many other things that go bump in the night, …
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