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reviewed V for Vendetta (2006 film). August 12, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
V for Vendetta (2006 film)
"V for Vendetta" is one of the most boring revolutionary epics I've ever watched. With a screenplay and production by the Wachowski Brothers, I'd at least expect plenty of explosions and some neat special …
reviewed V for Vendetta (2006 film). August 11, 2006
V for Vendetta (2006 film)
Pros: Hugo Weaving and everything V     Cons: Plot is pretty intricate; attention and possibly two viewings is needed     The Bottom Line: "People should not be …
reviewed V for Vendetta (2006 film). August 09, 2006
V for Vendetta (2006 film)
Wow! This is a terrific movie, a parable of future history from a liberal viewpoint. Warning- some people may find the movie offensive to their religious and/or political beliefs.    However, …
reviewed V for Vendetta (Warner Bros. Home Ent.... August 04, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
V for Vendetta (Two-Disc Special Edition) (2006)
Though the packaging of both the theatrical release and the DVD suggest that V FOR VENDETTA is yet another action hero comic book foray, nothing could be further from fact. James McTeigue has directed …
reviewed Justice League - Season Two. July 30, 2006
Justice League - Season Two
Friends working together towards evil threats upon Earth. These show provided to be a great change of our Super Friends. The best so far. The "Justice League - Season Two (DC Comics Classic Collection)" …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). July 21, 2006
DVD front
Viggo Mortensen takes off his cowboy hat from "Hidalgo," his sword from "LOTR," and trades them in for a shotgun, a number of handguns, and a few swift punches to the throat to flesh out his role of Tom …
reviewed 30 Days of Night. July 12, 2006
30 Days of Night
It's a perfectly horrible story. And it's a perfectly wonderful tale.    "30 Days of Night" is the brainchild of Steve Niles, who pondered the notion of a town in northern Alaska, …
reviewed Batman Begins. May 23, 2006
Deluxe Edition DVD cover
BATMAN BEGINS lives up to what I heard about it being a "darker" version, with much less reliance on flippant one-liners or gags, the result being a more realistic feel for what might have been.    Fr …
reviewed Wolverine: Origins & Endings. May 23, 2006
Wolverine: Origins & Endings
The last Wolverine graphic novel that was this seminal, this important to read was Barry Windsor Smith's Weapon X. Origins and Endings is the rare graphic that provides both a perfect start for new readers …
reviewed Constantine. April 11, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
A lot of people are saying that Constantine is wrong because Keanu Reeves is wrong for the part but I see it differently. See I'm no fan of Reeves and I actually think of him as a dry and predictable …
reviewed Constantine. April 09, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: Visuals, Ms. Weisz     Cons: Keanu Reeves; direction; plot     The Bottom Line: In the end, as the credits roll, there isn’t much of a story in Constantine, …
reviewed Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. April 03, 2006
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS has caused quite a stir since its release in 1986. It's been heralded as the greatest comic book ever written, a claim which many collectors will support. Ten years after throwing …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). March 22, 2006
DVD front
The idea that a movie with graphic depictions of murder could also be deep and incredibly interesting didn't cross my mind until I saw "A History of Violence." I understand now why David Cronenberg chose …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). March 17, 2006
DVD front
Too many times I've watched a movie expecting greatness and not getting that. I just knew A History Of Violence would be good but it only met some of my expectations. Although it will keep you entertained …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). March 16, 2006
DVD front
David Cronenberg has a style with his films that is unmistakable: he is unafraid to address the darker aspects that lie within us all. That he pushes this idea over the limits of viewable film is reflected …
reviewed A History of Violence (2005 film). March 16, 2006
DVD front
In "A History of Violence," director, David Cronenberg, creates a masterful study of the human psyche adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by John Wagner and Vince Locke. Performances by Viggo …
reviewed Ghost World (2001). March 04, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Ghost World (2001)
Being a fan of Hocus Pocus it was kind of hard getting use to Thora Birch go from that little girl with a big mouth to this teenager with a dirty mouth but hey everybody grows up. Ghost World is just …
reviewed Sin City (2005 film). February 25, 2006
posted in Movie Hype
Sin City
Perhaps the worst movie of all time. Unwatchable. My wife and I made it through about 20 minutes before we shut it off. It's classic "Terrantino" garbage - shock value and that's all.
Sin City: The Frank Miller Library, Set I (Volumes
Forget all the other imprints of this masterpiece. Finally Dark Horse does justice to this great series with this marvellous set. Marv, Goldie and all the others have never looked better. Just the quality …
reviewed V for Vendetta (graphic novel). January 21, 2006
Trade Paperback Edition
All I want to add to the torrent of reviews already out on this--and well before the movie comes out--is that, if like me you're a fan of Orwellian dystopia, thoughtful considerations of personal responsibility …
reviewed Sin City (2005 film). January 19, 2006
Sin City
I'm writing this review as a person who only knew about the novels of Sin City but never read any of them. Like some people I wanted to see this movie but got a little turned off because it was in black …
reviewed Fantastic Four (movie). January 04, 2006
Fantastic Four
Pros: Great special effects, Jessica Alba looks good in a Victoria’s Secret garb.      Cons: Too much time spent on back-story and emotional stuff.     The Bottom …
reviewed Fantastic Four (movie). December 02, 2005
Fantastic Four
It's a good movie but also has room for improvement. One of the pluses of this movie is the cast. Not only is it a good cast but one filled with fresh faces. Each person also brings an impressive resume …
reviewed Sin City (2005 film). December 01, 2005
Sin City
Once my husband and I purchased this movie, I didn't know what to expect. All I knew about it that it was unique, due to all the hype. I have to admit that it was pretty good no lie. Whether you like …
reviewed Sin City (2005 film). November 27, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
Sin City
The director took a little bit of Pulp Fiction and combined it with some of the gore of Kill Bill to come up with this highly entertaining film. It is like a dark comic book come to life, shot in black …
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