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Sin City: The Frank Miller Library, Set I (Volumes
Forget all the other imprints of this masterpiece. Finally Dark Horse does justice to this great series with this marvellous set. Marv, Goldie and all the others have never looked better. Just the quality …
reviewed V for Vendetta (graphic novel). January 21, 2006
Trade Paperback Edition
All I want to add to the torrent of reviews already out on this--and well before the movie comes out--is that, if like me you're a fan of Orwellian dystopia, thoughtful considerations of personal responsibility …
reviewed Sin City (2005 film). January 19, 2006
Sin City
I'm writing this review as a person who only knew about the novels of Sin City but never read any of them. Like some people I wanted to see this movie but got a little turned off because it was in black …
reviewed Fantastic Four (movie). January 04, 2006
Fantastic Four
Pros: Great special effects, Jessica Alba looks good in a Victoria¬ís Secret garb.      Cons: Too much time spent on back-story and emotional stuff.     The Bottom …
reviewed Fantastic Four (movie). December 02, 2005
Fantastic Four
It's a good movie but also has room for improvement. One of the pluses of this movie is the cast. Not only is it a good cast but one filled with fresh faces. Each person also brings an impressive resume …
reviewed Sin City (2005 film). December 01, 2005
Sin City
Once my husband and I purchased this movie, I didn't know what to expect. All I knew about it that it was unique, due to all the hype. I have to admit that it was pretty good no lie. Whether you like …
reviewed Sin City (2005 film). November 27, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
Sin City
The director took a little bit of Pulp Fiction and combined it with some of the gore of Kill Bill to come up with this highly entertaining film. It is like a dark comic book come to life, shot in black …
reviewed Batman Begins. October 30, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
Deluxe Edition DVD cover
This is the way it should be: an ordinary man who rises above tragedy and his own guilt and fear to become something more. A legend. An icon. The Batman.    "Batman Begins" does not …
reviewed Batman (1989 film). October 27, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
Batman (1989 film)
Havingly recently seen Christopher Nolan's spectacular "Batman Begins", I thought it was time to go back and re-visit Tim Burton's "Batman".     Tim Burton has long been one of my …
reviewed Fantastic Four (movie). October 26, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
Fantastic Four
I went to see Fantastic Four with low expectations, which allowed me to be pleasantly surprised. While FF was nowhere near the quality of recent Spider-Man and X-Men movies (let's just ignore Daredevil …
reviewed Batman Begins. October 22, 2005
Deluxe Edition DVD cover
Not at all being one for the comic book fantasies that continue to flood the screens and gobble the dollars, camouflage weak scripts with tacky overblown computer graphics, introduce bizarre meanies and …
reviewed Batman Begins. October 17, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
Deluxe Edition DVD cover
In 1989 the long awaited film debut of the Dark Knight, BATMAN, was released. The movie was directed by Tim Burton and Burton, with his child-like imagination, gave the world a BATMAN movie that was worth …
reviewed Wolverine: Enemy Of The State Volume .... September 03, 2005
Wolverine: Enemy Of The State Volume 1 HC
Wolverine has long been regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, and this storyline shows why. After he is captured and brainwashed by the Hand, a mysterious Ninja sect, …
A Dame to Kill For (Sin City, Book 2: Second
After reading the first of the SIN CITY comics, "The Hard Goodbye", and seeing the SIN CITY movie, I went out to pick up "A Dame to Kill For". Once again, I was surprised at how much better it was than …
reviewed 30 Days of Night. August 11, 2005
30 Days of Night
Gore soaked, and lit in shadows, 30 Days of Night is one of the best vampire based comic books ever offered. Forget Joss Wheaton's lovable camp, or Morbius's dark brooding in the pages of Spider-Man. …
reviewed Constantine. August 11, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
For fans of the comic book on which this movie is based -- "John Constantine: HELLBLAZER" -- it will doubtless be a disappointment. I myself am an avid reader of said comic, and when I think of how much …
reviewed Wanted. August 02, 2005
Rarely does a graphic novel come along that is original, witty, and hard hitting. Watchmen, the first Preacher graphic, Dark Knight.... All of them were no only great literary works -they were new. Joining …
reviewed Constantine. July 23, 2005
The trailer for CONSTANTINE made it looking vaguely intriguing: majestic wingspan lifting above Gabriel's head, murky derring-do in the streets of Los Angeles, the presence of Tilda Swinton (always involved …
reviewed Constantine. July 21, 2005
While I wouldn't use "Constantine" as a source for any studies on Catholicism(or Christianity as a whole), I will admit that it is a decent flick to watch when there's a little time to kill. I'm not familiar …
reviewed Fantastic Four (movie). July 07, 2005
Fantastic Four
Pros: Some good humor, action, and fx.     Cons: Thin plot and characters, needed more action.     The Bottom Line: While it has some flaws, it is not as bad as …
reviewed Batman Begins. June 21, 2005
Deluxe Edition DVD cover
Pros: Nicely done script; stellar action (well almost); great special effects.      Cons: Ms. Holmes was out of her element; the Bat Mobile lacked grace and style.     …
reviewed Batman Begins. June 15, 2005
Deluxe Edition DVD cover
Pros: Great Story, good performances and action.     Cons: Holmes is not used much.     The Bottom Line: A true classic and on par with Spider-Man as the best comic …
reviewed Batman: Venom. June 07, 2005
TP cover
These are all words that describe Batman: Venom. After Batman fails to save a little girl from drowning before his very eyes, he begins to question his abilities. The little girl's father has the perfect …
reviewed Blade: Trinity. June 07, 2005
Blade: Trinity
Pros: Fight sequences; Snipes as Blade; special effects of course.      Cons: The script has some noticable holes.     The Bottom Line: All-n-all, Blade: Trinity …
reviewed Batman: Gothic. June 05, 2005
Batman: Gothic
Though Grant Morrison is best known for his wonderful multi year rampage on New X-Men, or the dark masterwork Arkham Asylum, Gothic is a match for either one of these. With gritty, haunting art by Klaus …
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