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Batman vs. Predator

2 Ratings: 2.5
The Comic Series by Dave Gibbons and Andy Kubert

Batman versus Predator is a comic book crossover featuring a duel between Batman and the creature from the Predator film. It was written by Dave Gibbons, with art by Andy Kubert and published by Dark Horse Comics in 1991.   In 1995, a sequel … see full wiki

Author: Dave Gibbons, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels, Horror, Action , Science Fiction
Publisher: DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics
Date Published: 1991
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It is OPEN SEASON in Gotham City...Batman Versus Predator!!

  • Jul 6, 2010
With the upcoming Robert Rodriguez-produced movie “Predators”, I wanted to find to a way to remind folks about this monster that made its debut in an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. I thought about reviewing the “Predator” and even thought about reviewing the first “Alien vs. Predator” but nope, I thought maybe I should review the mini-series by Dark Horse comics…but which one? I thought again…why not review something that may be the best way to connect with mainstream audiences?

Well, something else came to mind. The DC character called “Batman” has immense popularity and I remembered the mini-series that won the 1991 Eisner Award for Best Inking called “BATMAN VERSUS PREDATOR” and there I found my title. This Three-issue mini-series inspired two mediocre sequels (at least part 2 had the HUNTRESS) and spin-offs such as “Superman/Batman Vs. Predator/Aliens”, "Batman vs. Aliens", “Green Lantern Vs. Aliens”, “Superman vs. Terminator” and so forth…you get the idea; Dark Horse and DC capitalized on something that worked and unfortunately, none of the others achieved the success that this series did. Published by a joint venture between DC and Dark Horse Comics, written by Dave Gibbons and illustrated by Andy Kubert with inking by Adam Kubert; the mini-series became a phenomenon in the 90’s. After all, this was a match up, many comic fans have wondered about and you know that there has to be a winner in this match up.


Gotham City. Someone or something is killing the top dogs in Gotham’s underworld; its victims are found skinned and with their skulls and spines ripped out. The police are baffled by this new serial killer and the Batman suspects something more dangerous…that is not of this world. Things turn for the worst as this killer is proven to be an alien; on safari in Gotham. This killer wishes to combat the most dangerous and powerful men in Gotham, including the mayor, Commissioner Gordon and even the Batman. It is now open season…

One would expect that this series would be a little predictable and granted it follows the established set ups done by the “Predator” movies. An alien who hunts those who are seen as warriors to prove its mettle and was originally designed by James Cameron and Stan Winston for the movie . Dave Gibbons knows his project and his goals, and he sticks to it. It is not what he does ‘new’ but rather what he does with the premise. Gibbons has the alien going around Gotham, looking for prey that may prove worthy. From prize-fighters, crime lords and cops, authority figures, the predator hunts and obviously, who is the top dog in Gotham? The Batman.



I liked the way the writing keeps to the Batman’s limits as a human being, but at the same time he maintains that brilliant and calculating personality. Much of the series is made for the investigation of the murders. Gibbons also remembers to include human nature such as pride and quest for personal glory. The Predator isn’t just a killer; it has its own sense of honor and isn’t a murderer. It engages in combat those it deems worthy and kills those who get in the way. If you’ve seen the movie, it expands on those characteristics, and makes it much more compelling. I liked the way that Batman is faced with a foe that far exceeds his strength and weapons; it was a nice touch to see Batman rely on his cunning rather than his fighting skills. Batman is one of those characters who has been portrayed as intelligent, cunning and determined to take down any foe; and the series does him justice. I sure liked the way that he is exposed as someone who can be taken by surprise, and with this he learns from the encounter; once he preps for the fight, he preps to win. I think in all of comic fandom, Batman is seen as the best tactician, maybe even equal to Marvel’s Captain America.

                   Batman vs. Predator

                        Batman vs. Predator

The series is pretty bloody and gory and not fit for kids. The dialogue has moments of mature content so parents better watch any kids under 15. The art by Andy Kubert (Thor) exposes the bloody and gory details in a style that has that dark, gritty and moody atmosphere. It aids the intentions of Gibbons in generating suspense as the city cringes in fear. The battle between Batman and the Predator is pretty long and it is pretty cool and violent in its own way. It is a lot better than the ones in the sequels and exposes Batman who realizes his limits and relies on a plan prevail over this opponent. It was well played, though it was no doubt in my mind as to who would win, I was kept in suspense as to how it would come. The series also has loads of tributes to the “Predator” films and follows all the established devices.

Yes, “Batman versus Predator” is quite predictable but it sure was fun to see the iconic DC character Batman go up against filmdom’s most revered monsters. Dave Gibbons presented a battle of wills; it was a stroke of genius that the very human Wayne would be paired against the classic alien warrior that co-starred with Schwarzenegger. So after “Alien Vs. Predator”; you think we should see “Batman vs. Predator” in the big screen soon? Well, I think with the right director, it can be done.

Highly Recommended! [4+ Out of 5 Stars]
It is OPEN SEASON in Gotham City...Batman Versus Predator!! It is OPEN SEASON in Gotham City...Batman Versus Predator!!

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July 06, 2010
You know me, I hate franchise cross-overs with unrelated characters, but I do love the artwork here. The idea of Batman fighting an intergalactic alien hunter just holds no appeal for me. Good review though. You ought to add a link to that video you reviewed that was based on this.
July 07, 2010
Well, this one was well done--after all, none of the two companies will worry about Predator losing since he is the bad guy. Hey someone else reviewed IDENTITY CRISIS for your community...
July 07, 2010
I saw. I haven't read it yet though. I'm busy with the new custom badges feature.
July 07, 2010
I think you should read this new contributor. The badges can keep.
July 07, 2010
You mean they can wait?
July 07, 2010
yes, the badges will be there, but a new contributor should receive a good welcome.
July 06, 2010
Man been forever since I read these, excellent write up good sir.
July 07, 2010
thanks as alway, Alex.
July 06, 2010
I have absolutely no excuse for not being involved in this franchise right here. I love both properties and it appears that it's done quite well to boot. I still watch that Youtube clip (Batman Dead End) on a monthly basis. Great review, loved the stills as well! I'm excited for Predators! Robert Rodriguez usually delivers the goods. Oh and Green Lantern versus ALIENS? I never knew that existed but that sounds surprising interesting to me!
July 07, 2010
wwhhhaaatt???? shame on you. You missed this? arrghhh! (commits seppuku) LOL!
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