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Thor: For Asgard Issue # 1 (2010)

1 rating: 4.0
6-issue mini-series written by Robert Rodi

   THOR: FOR ASGARD #1 cover by Simone Bianchi Marvel is excited to announce and bring fans their first look at THOR: FOR ASGARD, an all new limited series by the masterful writer behind LOKI, Robert Rodi, and astonishing artist Simone Bianchi. … see full wiki

Author: Robert Rodi, Simone Bianchi, Simone Peruzzi
Genre: Fantasy, Superheroes, Comics & Graphic Novels
Publisher: Marvel Comics
1 review about Thor: For Asgard Issue # 1 (2010)

Thor Wrestles The Problems Of His Kingdom and Ponders The Horrors Of War....

  • Sep 6, 2010
With the new “Thor” live-action movie looming in the horizon, you can bet that Disney (ahem) Marvel would do whatever it took to promote Marvel’s favorite mythological Norse God. Well, look no further as there are many mini-series (aside from his regular title) that are being released by the comic book company to promote “Thor”. Please try to be picky, with Disney involved, sometimes they resort to “kiddie” renditions of the Odinson; well, I know “Thor” and I know exactly the titles to pick from comic book shelves.

In an untold tale of Asgard, a time when there is an infinite winter that assaults the home of the gods, Odin has left the throne, Balder the god of light is slain by the hand of Loki, Loki himself at large, rebellious nations threaten the peace of the Nine worlds, Ragnarok itself is in the horizon, Thor Odinson is left regent of the golden realm.

After a skirmish with some rebelling Frost giants of Jotunheim, Thor and his companions, Tyr, Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun return to Asgard to face the internal problems of the golden city. Thor’s problems are just beginning as it seems like the rebellious nations will have to be wait as Thor must tend to matters of state and his own soul…

Curious, Thor never held his mighty war hammer in battle against the Frost giants…


THOR: For Asgard is a 6-issue mini-series written by Robert Rodi and illustrated by Simone Bianchi and Simone Peruzzi. The story explores the problems and ravages of war in this first issue. Being a tale about war, one would expect bloody battles as seen in the Thor mini-series released last year, but nope, while this first issue does begin with a battle against the Frost giants, the violence is minimal and instead dwells on the effects and the horrors of war. War is hell, as humans, we are well aware of this, and even the Asgardians seemed helpless to ignore the necessities of waging war.

The premise of the comic brings to exposition the issues of Asgard, as well as the choices made during wartime. Innocents are lost as the Asgardians were forced to slay innocent giantesses and their children when they were used as shields. To falter may open avenues for others to exploit this weakness, hence, Thor with the urging of Tyr stays true to what he believes in, that is until he begins to doubt his decisions. It was nice to see a female warrior stand up as the voice of reason for Thor and Tyr, and this woman-warrior is the Lady Sif, Thor’s own betrothed. Sif’s loyalties lie with the Odinson, but she does not falter to state her reasoning and why territorial squabbles should be left alone in favor of more urgent matters of the Asgardian folk. This endless Fimbul winter precedes Ragnarok, and it is doing much damage to the spirit and now to the immortality of the Aesir.


Thor is being torn between his duties as statesman and protector of Asgard. These past events have taken its toll upon the God of thunder since Odin had left two years ago. Being a warrior and a king may be too much after all, and it may cost one his very soul when he begins to doubt his very actions. It is a crisis of sorts that rages within the hero’s breast, as various situations have Thor making less than honorable choices to tend to the needs of his people and Asgard. The last scene brings forth a very disturbing revelation, as we see a scene so simple and yet so thought-provoking…

The writing by Rodi is pretty straight-forward and nicely paced for the story. I liked the way the gods dispenses of the “Thous” and the “Thines” the English is formal but worthy of the warriors who may live in Asgard. It does project a feeling of grandeur and dread; as further expressed by the art of Bianchi and Peruzzi that maintains a gloomy and depressing atmosphere, yet it maintains the majesty of the proceedings. I have to say this series may just channel Tolkien and Frazetta. I have to say that “Thor: For Asgard” has gotten my attention and I am in for the long haul for this one. I cannot rate the series as of yet since this is the first issue, but this first issue comes as ‘highly recommended’.

Highly Recommended! [4 Out of 5 Stars]
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Thor Wrestles The Problems Of His Kingdom and Ponders The Horrors Of War....

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September 07, 2010
Excellent review WP, been a minute since I have read me some Thor, but I did just finish up rereading the Marvel Civil War books. Gotta Love Doom escaping Hell because of Thor's mighty Hammer, I also just finished reading all of the Batman books that inspired the Under The Red Hood animated film. I was thinking of dropping some reviews for all those after this very very hard week or two I have coming.
September 07, 2010
Great! Hey, Civil War reviews are something this community needs; I plan on undertaking this in the future. I hope you do help this small community, it is one that is really dedicated to comic books! Rest up for those hard days, bud.
September 07, 2010
That may be the best Marvel art for Thor I've seen in years!
September 07, 2010
channels Tolkien and Frazetta in some ways, don't you think?
September 07, 2010
Tolkien not so much, but it reminds me of Frazetta a little. It also reminds me of another Conan artist who I can't claim to remember at the moment.
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