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METABARONS # 1: Othon & Honorata

1 rating: 4.0
Graphic Novel by Jodorowsky and Gimenez

The Metabarons or The Saga of The Meta-Barons is a science fantasy comic series relating the history of a dynasty of perfect warriors known as the Metabarons. The Metabarons series was written by creator Alejandro Jodorowsky and illustrated by Argentinian … see full wiki

1 review about METABARONS # 1: Othon & Honorata

The Birth Under Tragedy And Fire Of The METABARONS!

  • Oct 5, 2010
Every now and then I would pick up something different when I go to the comic book store and with the recommendation of one of the employees who worked in the comic book shop I frequent, I came across a graphic novel that depicts the tales of the Metabarons. The title was written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and illustrated by Argentinian artist Juan Jimenez. This graphic novel titled “Metabarons: Othon & Honorata” was published by Humanoids and is very much intended for mature readers. It is a science-space-fantasy sort of tale that blends swordplay, advance weaponry and the rites and rituals of this amazing universe as told by a robotic figure called Tonto to another droid called Lothar of their master’s achievements.

“Othon & Honorata” is a collection of the stories that take the reader to the beginnings of the first “metabaron”. Each generation goes into the bloodline and how they are birthed by fire, tragedy, and mutilation that takes them in a struggle against the forces of greed, power and terror. Othon is the first “MetaBaron”. He loses his family in a series of tragedies that led to the rise of this warrior clan. This is his story….


First off, one would take notice to the rituals and beliefs that the “MetaBarons” seems to have adapted in this universe. They are all based off the teachings and practices that was brought into the fold by writer Jodorowsky and he tells a story of their beginnings. The first act of the graphic novel portrays Othon’s rise to power. It seems like the successor must face the departing leader in a battle to the death in a transfer of the mantle of leadership. Japanese Bushido code also plays a huge part of their practices, as his firmly believes that one cannot surrender in battle and victory is the only option, otherwise death is preferable to failure.

We see Othon face incredible odds in defense of their way of life and their secret weapon; he uses his cunning and skill in strategy to carry his group to victory. His courage and honor inevitably leads to his rise as a wealthy lord in this galaxy. But this all happens after he has paid a terrible price. The first story arc also fleshes out Othon’s relationships and the rituals of his clan. It also gives the reader an idea as to the strength of his character.


Act two portrays Othon’s new home in a young and fertile planet. Othon is rewarded with wealth beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. In this time and place, a horse is a rare gift and means respect; as his son Bari becomes the recipient of such a gift by the emperor of this galaxy. However, Othon’s home is besieged as this very same horse attracts thieves from across the void. This story is quite tragic in its own right as Othon once again suffers a terrible loss. This part of the story depicts a father’s love and his desire to protect his son. The themes of corruption are also brought into exposition as a new heir to the emperor is suddenly threatened by pirates. There is quite a lot of political themes in “Othon & Honorata”. It seems like everyone wants glory and they would do anything to achieve favor. Othon however, demonstrates honor and duty; while not exactly infallible, he does his best to serve the common good, but he does not shy away from its rewards.

The introduction of Honorata in the book’s third story arc gives the reader a glimpse of the mysticism, superstitions and fear of this world. Othon is a rich lord and he is always being rewarded. He is given a second chance as he finds a relationship with a beautiful witch called Honorata. This union is one birthed from pain and misery as Othon’s maidens nearly ruin the fruits of their union. This third story arc portrays the birth of Aghnar; his training under his mother with the skills of Shabda-Oud, and the eventual invention of test under intense pain.


I’ve mentioned that the book is for mature readers; as it is filled with sex, nudity and violence. This is a world that is very different from ours; here it seems like tragedy and death may well be a way of life, but honor is vitally important. The reader is taken into this universe as he is privy to the rituals, traditions and beliefs that have birthed the MetaBarons. The MetaBarons are beings of significant warrior ideals and this is their story. This graphic novel has some disturbing scenes (mid-air birth) but they are needed to get their points across. The art is just phenomenal and makes the book worth keeping by itself.

I think I have said enough without spoiling the book’s reading experience. The writing by Jodorowsky may have taken inspirations from other books of fantasy, science fiction and heroism; then gives it a very mature twist that almost goes all the way. I guess the only complaint I have is that the storytelling felt a little convoluted as it is told by a droid to another droid. Still, “Othon and Honorata“ is an interesting read; it starts off a little clichéd and predictable at times (Dune anyone?), but it keeps its momentum because of its characters; once we reach the story‘s aces, and we realize that the trip to the weak elements is necessary to reach its greatness.

Story: 3.75
Script: 3.5
Art: 5.0
Entertainment: 3.50
Overall: 3.93 Stars
Recommended! [4- Out of 5 Stars]
The Birth Under Tragedy And Fire Of The METABARONS!

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October 18, 2010
Nice review, William. I'm a big fan of Jodorowsky's movies, but I've never read any of his comic books. I've heard "The Incal", the book he created with Moebius, is great too. Funny you should mention Dune. As you may know, Jodorowsky got very close to making it into a film in the 70s.
October 21, 2010
I heard that too. Hopefully, more folks will be interested once the graphic novel reprints become more mainstream.
October 10, 2010
Man this sounds kinda crazy, love that big guy sitting in the middle of that one pic up top.
October 05, 2010
Wow, this looks retro! Send me back to 1979!
October 05, 2010
The first MetaBaron did appear in a comic called Incal (or something) back in 1981; as a supporting character.
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METABARONS # 1: Othon & Honorata
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