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A live-action short film by Sandy Collora

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The Bat, The Clown, The Alien and The Predator...The Dark Knight in His Truest Form!!

  • Sep 29, 2009

Everyone have always said that “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” are the definitive films about Batman. Nolan’s works were undoubtedly works of excellence. I would be a fool to say that the two films didn’t impress me--because they did immensely, for mainstream Hollywood that is. Let me tell you a story though, sometime ago in Wondercon 2004, I ran across a fan film on dvd about Batman. The film was a fan film made by Sandy Collora that premiered in the Comicon. Made with a measly budget of less than $ 30,000, Collora set up what he wanted to do, make the definitive, most faithful film about the Dark Knight. It premiered in San Diego comic con and has captured the hearts of fans worldwide because it was the Batman Hollywood was afraid to bring out to the fans, it was Batman at his truest form.
Night in Gotham, a dark figure listens to the police band and dons a figure of the Bat--an image meant to terrify Gotham City’s criminal underworld. The Joker (Andrew Koenig) has escaped from Arkham Asylum and the Batman (Clark Bartram) must capture him and return him back to the confines of Arkham. However, unknown to Batman, something else hunts in the streets of Gotham; something alien and something predatory--and the Dark Knight is caught in the crossfire….

          The Bat, The Clown, The Alien and The Predator...The Dark Knight in His Truest Form!!
Sandy Collora’s intentions were simple, not to make a huge profit but to make the definitive Batman movie however short it may be. The film clocks in at a mere 9 minutes but there was a lot Collora achieved in such a short time. Collora is a visual effects supervisor whose work can be seen in “Predator 2”, “The Arrival” and “The Crow”. He is a Batman fan and intended this film as his demonstration reel, little did he know that the short fan film would garner a huge following and that he has proven to mainstream H-Wood that a Batman movie doesn’t need alterations made by big shot directors and studios. He borrows the soundtrack from "Batman Mask of the Phantasm" and the Predator films. He also uses his own rubber suits and may have borrowed some props form the Predator movies. Collora makes a statement; Batman is a character best in his purest form; he doesn't need any re-imagining by studios.


        The Bat, The Clown, The Alien and The Predator...The Dark Knight in His Truest Form!!
The encounter between Joker and The Batman says a lot about the raw intensity, conflicts and similarities between the two nemeses. They are both birthed by tragedy and none more so expressed as when Joker says “…you made me” and the Dark Knight replies “…you made me first”. Collora’s script has very limited dialogue but you feel the pain and raw anguish in the struggle between Batman and his arch-nemesis. Clark Bartram makes an excellent Batman, wearing the traditional grey and black tight suit with white contact lenses, the man looks like BATMAN ripped from the pages of the comic book drawn by Alex Ross. I liked the fact that he doesn't wear a ton of rubber and that he actually has muscles; better than simulated ones in Keaton's Batman. The man stays within the shadows and is such an intimidating presence that he is utterly convincing as a figure of fear. Andrew Koenig rivals the raw intensity of Heath Ledger’s portrayal, and arguably he is a little more creepy. 

            Bats and the Clown
The film also channels the events of the Dark Horse/DC collaboration “Batman vs. Predator” (which won an Eisner award) and “Batman Vs. Aliens”. Batman becomes caught in the middle of the struggle between the two predators, (the xenon-morph and the predator) relying on his experience and skills for survival. The fights are incredibly intense and nicely choreographed, with realistic simplicity. I loved the weapons used in the film as it also establishes the order that Bats himself is a hunter. One minor complaint I may have is the fact that Bats was fighting like a brawler than a disciplined martial artist, but hey, I guess kung fu won't do any good to a Predator. This Batman is scary and intimidating, he keeps to the shadows and he maintains as a figure of the night. I loved the mantle of the bat in this film, whoever, said that comic book designs cannot be portrayed in a feature film? Collora proves that it can be done!!

             versus predator

Thankfully this film is available for viewing in the internet. This movie has been hailed by Kevin Smith as “Possibly the truest, best Batman film ever made”.
I have attached the film itself, enjoy!

Here's another link to the short film in HD:

Here’s another trailer for World’s Finest by Collora. (only meant as a trailer)

So what say you? Do you want the bulky suit in the Batman H-wood films or you want this rendition?

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poster Alien Joker The Bat, The Clown, The Alien and The Predator...The Dark Knight in His Truest Form!! The Bat, The Clown, The Alien and The Predator...The Dark Knight in His Truest Form!! Bats and the Clown versus predator The Bat, The Clown, The Alien and The Predator...The Dark Knight in His Truest Form!!

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June 04, 2012
This is so cool. If Nolan is done with the franchise, Collora deserves consideration as the next director. Thank you for sharing this.
April 16, 2010
Yeah man I remember seeing this one as soon as it was on the net, excellent work done by all of these guys. excellent work WP
September 30, 2009
As far as story and acting go, I will always prefer Nolan's films. But if anyone ever makes a film of Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns", I'd vote for Sandy, but he'd have to get a better Batman mask (the rubber ears shook, which looked rather silly) and real actors (that Joker was way too campy). Not a big fan of out-of-franchise crossovers, but that was pretty cool. Does he have any serious ambitions to direct a big-budget film for DC? And dude, did you watch the attached World's Finest vid with Catwoman? Funny and sexy (in an awkward way)! Also, the reason why Hollywood updates the costumes. LOL!
October 02, 2009
LOL! I knew you would notice that Catwoman thing. I of course agree that Nolan has the advantage over Collora when it comes to storytelling; Collora is more an EFX artist. I didn't notice that the ears shook, but you have to admit Batman's look has Alex Ross written all over it. Honestly I prefer this look than the bulky Batsuit in the latest movies about Batman. The dvd was great, it showed info on the makings of the film; the actors volunteered for the job with no pay. Collora uses this movie and the trailer for work applications.
October 02, 2009
The only thing I really liked about Tim Burton's Batman was the bat-suit and the bat-mobile, which are probably the weakest things in Nolan's films. But Nolan gets the character, whereas Burton didn't. Glad that Burton didn't end up doing "Batman: Year One" as originally planned. Would've been disastrous.
November 05, 2009
I still hate Nolan's bat-suit but I learned to like his version of the Batmobile. It reminded me of the batmobile used in the graphic novel BATMAN THE CULT. Wayne had to invade Gotham to take it back from a religious, false prophet but not before Wayne was broken.
November 06, 2009
I liked the Batsuit and the Batmobile in the first Tim Burton film, but disliked just about everything else because it was over-stylized and lacked the spirit of the characters. With Nolan's films, more than anything else I've seen, it's the characters that get the focus, which is a nice change in comic book movies. I still think that the best of Batman on the big screen is yet to come, whether it will be from Nolan, Goyer, or Snyder I don't know.
September 30, 2009
I love crossover shit. It's the kind of stuff fans can do but the big studios can't because of copyright infringement and all that crap. I must have gotten to the party too late because I don't see any mention of the film maker being female. You must have made th corrections before I got here. Great job pointing thisout to us. I always have enjoyed this sort of thing, it's fandom at its best--when it wants to become professional.
October 02, 2009
Me too. Although crossovers have to maintain a sense of restraint and discipline in order to keep the movie balanced. Trashie just assumed that the director was female, (never made any statements LOL). Glad you like it, Karen. Fans are always the ones to deliver as long as they have the talent.
October 02, 2009
It does help.
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Made as a resume for visual effects supervisor Sandy Collora, this short movie immediately became an underground sensation. I still see this as the best look Batman had ever had on film. He looked exactly like the way he looked in the comic books.      This short film takes certain elements from the "Killing Joke", "AVP" comic books and Batman vs. Predator. Yet it has that inherent darkness that defines the dark knight. Now why can't Hollywood with deeper …
Quick Tip by . September 30, 2009
The director shows promise when it comes to action, costume design, and being faithful to the source, but needs to work more woth actors.
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