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Sin City

2005 film based on the dark and violent comic books by writer/artist Frank Miller.

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SO NOT in Las Vegas.

  • Jul 19, 2010

I just rewatched The Spirit not too long ago and for all it's goofy meandering, it's look was clearly borrowed from this movie and Frank Miller a noted comic legend who lately has had more misses then hits in his written works-was a part of BOTH movies.  Taking another look at this film reminded me how odd and frankly great the film was.

The plot has a running theme of corruption and sinful people in all three of it's stories.  The first is about a hard headed street fighter whoe's night with a hooker has the cops knocking on his door the next morning when she is dead in his bed.  Marv didn't kill her and knows he's been set up and is on a quest to find the real killer. 

Second is Dwight, a mirthless tough guy whoe's barmaid girlfriend has been roughed up by a scumbag and his friends.  After threatening the creep, Dwight hits the road to follow the scumbag who head right into the red light district of town, where the hookers act as enforcers. 

The final story has a cop wrongly convicted to prison when he's been railroaded for child rape.  The "victim" knows he's innocent, but the attempted rapist is a politicians son so people hush up and the cop sits for years for a crime he never committed.  The cop signs a confession and gets out to protect the girl who grew up to be a stripper when he learns that that rapist still has his eye on her. 

All the players, including Jessica Alba whose known for her razztastic performances, play they're parts from well to great, especially Mickey Roarke as Marv.  You might also notice that all the men are down and out, tough guys or scum bags.  The women are all strippers or hookers.  Sin City indeed.  Bruce Willis and Clive Owen are great as Hartigan and Dwight respectfully and Carla Gugino and Rosario Dawson are sexy/cool.  Gugino by the way is a parole officer, and NOT a stripper or hooker, however she IS naked so that takes the shame off of having a "respectable" job in this movie. 

* By the way, just as an editorial, while I'm on the naked thing-this movie used the literal comic books as storyboards for the movie and Alba's character Nancy the stripper is naked in the books.  Alba reportedly flat out refused to be naked (a naked stripper?!?  GET OUT!!!) and they let it slide since it ultimately wasn't important to the movie.  I'm not so much upset that we don't get to see Alba in the buff but that they made a compromise cause they cast an A list actress who looks good rather then find an actress who WOULD do the role in the nude the way it was supposed to be.  Frank Miller's reluctance to do this movie was the way other Hollywood related works of his got butchered by others and here he is working with the director and getting the information that they made a small sacrifice over something that could have been avoided. Imagine if they got Anne Hathaway or a willing actress to be nude AND get a better performance on top of that.  Just say'in.

I was highly entertained.  Even as the adrenaline of the middle one died down and the movie played out I was still compelled to watch to see what happened.  No matter how silly things were in the movie, like with this yellow guy with a mechanical wang in the final act.

I wasn't familiar with the original Frank Miller books but from what I'm told they kept it as close as possible to the books with few altercations for movie adaption.  With this knowledge and my enjoyment of the movie, I'd say that they did a good job.

This movies trailer didn't shout out loud it's three weird tales, but it had NO problem telling us the big list of names that are in the movie or that it's a comic book film from comic scribe Frank Miller who anyone who knows comics is a big name.

The movie has been out for about 5 years as of this writing so it is pretty known for a major studio release with a big name ensemble cast.

This movie gets a + 4.  It isn't boring, it's shot well and cast pretty good.  Bruce Willis's story is slow to start but it gets better but there is an underlying current of something sinister always brewing under the surface.  Maybe thats the point.  The movie isn't just fist fights and shooting, theres beheadings, blood and other pieces of business that make this movie not for the squeamish.  Especially when it comes to Elijah Wood's character's scenes.  He's an evil Harry Potter look alike whos fast, has claws and a taste for flesh.

A fun game I played during this movie that also put my own taste for movies and style spotting was trying to figure out which scene Quentin Tarantino directed, since he directs a scene in the movie.  I had about 6 guesses and after the movie I looked up the answer and 1 of them was right.  See if you can figure out which scene it is before looking up the answer.

Recommending this movie is easy.  Find a comic book fan who wants a movie to be as close to it's source material as possible.  Sin City is pretty close from what i've read and asked from it's fans.  Action fans and comic book fans would be pleased.

Sin City is fun but like I said has a nastyness about it.  Soem fans didn't like the stories told and would have rather seen others instead but since the movie was popular enough, a second movie is in the works reportedly.  Hopefully they keep the cool attitude and the good casting.*

SO NOT in Las Vegas.

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October 21, 2010
Loved this movie, thought it was pure fun.
July 19, 2010
This is actually one of my favorite comic book adaptations; it was pretty faithful to the source material except for some minor changes. Thanks for this review, it will do well as one of our community's next newsletter features--I will reveal more information soon.
July 19, 2010
Thanks. I really had a ball watching this the first time, especially laughing when Elijah Wood was on screen since he looked lik an evil Harry Potter.
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Quick Tip by . June 12, 2012
This is a movie that's had steadily-declining appeal for me.  I loved this film when I first saw it in September of 2005, but as I watched it more and more, I found myself liking it less and less.  Now I've seen it enough to where I really don't see many redeeming factors in it.      So many people have gushed over Rodriguez's "comic book" visual style to match the way Frank Miller's original comics were drawn, but I'm not impressed …
Quick Tip by . June 13, 2011
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Look, anybody dumb enough to LIKE this thing is simply voting for style over substance. All it has is a unique directorial style which is black and white and regularly flashes color in and out. Once the novelty of the directorial style and comic book-like appearance wear off, all you've got is just another movie about criminals with hearts of gold going on quests of redemption. The only difference is that with the constant color flashing, this one can potentially induce seizures.
Quick Tip by . October 20, 2010
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This is a complicated rating. It is a 4 minus 3 rating. The first time through the stylized nature of the film is fantastic, but when I watched it a second time, it un-wowed me, but it's worth the first time through for anyone unless they don't like hard-boiled graphic novels.
Quick Tip by . September 24, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Probably one of the most accurate transitions from comic page to screen.
Quick Tip by . August 30, 2010
Seedy and sleazy comic noir about the bums, scum and filth in Sin City where just about everything can happen and does. Awesome if at times creepy fun.
Quick Tip by . July 20, 2010
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Love the cinematography for this film, the black and white really does well for the storyline and comic feel.
Quick Tip by . July 19, 2010
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Three tales of lowdown hitmen, cops, hookers and crazies in a ugly metropolis. Sort of like Pulp Ficition ironically enough with more flash, less pop culture and more monologing. Not bad but definitely not for all tastes.
review by . May 05, 2009
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Theatrical Poster
WARNING: This film contains graphic stylized violence including torture, as well as sexuality/nudity, coarse language, and disturbing themes.       Only a sick and twisted mind could conceive of the warped stories that are found in the graphic novel series Sin City. Frank Miller is just such a mind. His morbid fascinations with corrupt authority figures, hypocritical religions, sleazy yet strong-willed women, and violent anti-heroes are thrust into the spotlight in his work. …
Quick Tip by . July 22, 2010
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Amazing movie that has been in my top 10 fav movies for 5 years now. the plot, script, cinematography and style are awesome. Just waiting for Sin City 2!!!
Quick Tip by . June 22, 2010
Loved it!
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Starring Jessica Alba, Benicio Del Toro, Mickey Rourke, Elijah Wood, Clive Owen, Nick Stahl, Rutger Hauer, Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson
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Sin city is infested with criminals crooked cops & sexy dames: some searching for vengeance some for redemption and others both. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 09/01/2006 Starring: Bruce Willis Mickey Rourke Run time: 126 minutes Rating: R Director: Frank Miller
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