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A Thousand Splendid Suns

381 Ratings: 2.0
A book by Khaled Hosseini.

A Thousand Splendid Suns is the second novel by Afgan author Khaled Hosseini. Before its May 22, 2007 release, the book reached #2 on Amazon.com's bestseller list.

Author: Khaled Hosseini
Publisher: Riverhead
33 reviews about A Thousand Splendid Suns
review by . January 10, 2010
Long before Mariam was capable of even understanding the concept, she knew she was a "harami" - illegitimate and unwanted. Her impoverished, embittered mother, rejected by the wealthy Afghani business man who had fathered Mariam, spirals downward from disgust and hatred through mental illness to an eventual suicide. She spits the cruel, pejorative label into Mariam's face at every opportunity. Her sole remaining purpose in life is to have Mariam join her in the crushing belief that there …
review by . June 15, 2010
Even better than The Kite Runner!! There exists in this book, a powerful importance behind each and every detail that realistically describes a nation of oppressed women. The traditions of the country in reference to women are described intensely through the life on one powerful person, in particular. An important read for all people!!
Quick Tip by . August 09, 2010
Good but so dismal and punchguts in mood it doesn't have a lot of re-read value to me. If I want to remind myself of Afghani women's difficult lives, I'll prefer real women's stories.
Quick Tip by . July 13, 2010
I can't believe this book is so low rated. It was wonderful and sad. The true life story of a a woman's struggle in the middle east kept me riveted.
Quick Tip by . July 12, 2010
The Kite Runner was definitely not a fluke! This guy can write! :) This book will make any American woman count her blessings while once again opening that curtain for us to peek into Afghan culture.
Quick Tip by . July 11, 2010
His first book, Kite Runner, told such a horrific story that I was afraid to read his second book but I'm so glad I finally did. Also a story of hard lives, but with so much grace stemming from the relationship between the two lead women. Memorable, authentic, satisfying. Highly recommended.
Quick Tip by . July 08, 2010
This is one of my favorite books! Very sad but very good. Loved it!!!!
Quick Tip by . June 24, 2010
Not as good as The Kite Runner, but still a good read. It portrays the hardships of females in Muslim countries.
Quick Tip by . June 16, 2010
not as good as the original, but still a emotional, and vivid book about living in the middle east
Quick Tip by . June 15, 2010
I found it dull
review by . July 05, 2009
A Thousand Splendid Suns was one of the saddest stories I ever read. It's well written in the way it is matter of factly written but will still grip you emotionally. You can see the action of what's going on in your mind.       I liked how the stories was set in the context of history that a lot of us want to know more about. It ties in events of 911 and there is a sense that you can touch the story with your finger tips.       It reminds you of the abuse …
review by . April 08, 2009
I felt this book deserved a high rating as it was very well written and very informative. The only thing that could  have made it better is that if at the end, women's lives would have been changed for the better. Some might consider  it a book for women but I believe it is a book for everyone, be made aware of what happens around the world and how we need to try and help. We that live in the Western world don't really have a clue as to what goes on a lot of countries and this brings it …
review by . March 25, 2009
I have a hardback copy of this book because after admiring "Kite Runner" I couldn't wait for it to come out in paperback. Now I'm so glad to have the sturdier version because I want to go through it again with a pencil in hand and study how he did it. I couldn't put the thing down. Only twice before did I stay up all night because I couldn't put a book down. One was "The Shining" by Steven King when I was in high school. The other was one of the Harry Potter books -- I forget which one.    Khale …
review by . September 02, 2008
With his second novel, Khaled Hosseini proves beyond a shadow of doubt that "The Kite Runner" was no flash in the Afghan pan. Once again set in Afghanistan, the story twists and turns its way through the turmoil and chaos that ensued following the fall of the monarchy in 1973, but focuses mainly on the lives of two women, thrown together by fate.     The story starts decades before the Taliban came into power in 1996, and ends after the era of Taliban rule. The main character …
review by . February 02, 2009
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Mirroring the arduous lives of two women caught in three decades of warring factions in Afghanistan, Hosseini's moving novel reveals the horrors of war as experienced by the victims. Mariam is a girl born out of wedlock to a married father; her mother is allowed a hovel far removed from his home, where Mariam's father enjoys a reputation as a successful businessman. Idolizing her father, when she walks to the city on the occasion of her fifteenth birthday, Mariam receives her first dose of reality: …
review by . February 06, 2009
Like "Kite Runner," this novel deals with love and hope in the face of fear, desperation, sadness and loss. Hosseini crafts characters which are genuine and complex behind a facade of simplicity, and I found I could identify with some part or portion of almost all of them. The story really drains you by spanning generations and lifetimes. In this way, it made me feel like I had gone on the journey with these two women, and had been beaten down and raised up emotionally alongside them.    …
review by . December 28, 2008
I really enjoyed reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, although personally, I found The Kite Runner to be more entertaining and captivating.     Nonetheless, A Thousand Splendid Suns packs in the drama surrounding several different women, each the result of fate and circumstance, in war-torn Afghanistan. To me, the book centers on several key themes, including fate, choice, sexism, and female empowerment.    Fate and circumstance are the biggest themes of the …
review by . November 17, 2008
A Thousand Splendid Suns
A Thousand Splendid Suns will transport you to another world and immerse you in the lives of contemporary women living in war-torn Afghanistan. The author has a remarkable gift for storytelling, and even though the story is not pretty--in fact it's VERY upsetting--it's a tale that will keep you turning pages. I can't believe there's anything else in print--fiction or non-fiction--that illustrates the lives endured by the Afghani people in a more graphic, poignant manner.    The recent …
review by . December 19, 2008
Book cover
This is the story of two women who live in Afghanistan before, during, and after the Taliban regime. Mariam, the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man, was scorned by society and forced to live in squalor. When she was fifteen, she did a rash and foolish thing that changed her life forever. Soon she was living far away in the city of Kabul, married to a brutish pig of a man, and subjected to daily beatings.     Laila grew up in Kabul, daughter of a compassionate father and withdrawn …
review by . December 24, 2008
We chose this book for a book club with readers of varying ethnicities and religions. We loved reading and discussing this book due to the many themes and experiences within. We found the book deeply disturbing but was drawn to reading it as fast as we could. I myself cannot fathom experiencing many of the beatings or feelings of degradation as an Afghan women. I cannot understand how they lived and I truly value my life because of it. The book sheds light on the history of Afghanistan and for those …
review by . December 09, 2008
I read Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner before A Thousand Splendid Suns, and the second book had a much greater impact on me that the first.    First of the all - the way the two stories of Laila and Mariam were presented and then later intertwined made the story that much more real.  You first understand the life of Mariam, a girl without a father who struggled to be accepted,loved and educated - essentially throughout her life.  The story of Laila, on the other hand, …
review by . December 09, 2008
The story of modern Afghanistan differs little from that nation's long history: war and war and war again as invading armies marched in to suffer defeat at the hands of tribesmen and geography. It is that region's misfortune to lie between glittering prizes desired by the world's tyrants and then, in wars' wake, to fall prey to religious zealotry. This compelling novel comprises the lives of two modern Afghani women shaped by the personal violence of sharia and the impersonal desecration of war. …
review by . March 25, 2009
Amazing book.  One of my favorites to date.  I still have yet to read The Kite Runner, though.  I wonder if its as good as this one.
review by . October 21, 2008
Oh wow.    I went into this book half-dreading it. I mean, can he even come close to The Kite Runner? That was such a great book, one of my favorites.    Well, Mr. Hosseini, it is your fault that it's almost 9am here and I'm tired. Why? I was up until 5am turning pages, I could NOT pry this book out of my hands. Once I hit around page 120, I was a goner. I HAD to finish it.    I won't say it's as good as Kite Runner - that would be a mistake. …
review by . June 13, 2008
I actually liked this book even better than Kite Runner.     Unlike Kite Runner, this entire story takes place in Afghanistan. The fact that you are really able to see each transition as it happens (rather than missing a big chunk of Afghani history then going back) gives great insight into why the situation in Afghanistan turned out the way it did and how the major headlines (the Russian Invasion, the rise of the Taliban) actually affected the Afghani people. I have found that …
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381 Ratings: +2.0
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A Thousand Splendid Suns
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