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Best Friend

1 rating: 1.0
A book by R. L. Stine

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Author: R. L. Stine
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Date Published: March 28, 2006
1 review about Best Friend

Fear Street Reviews: The Best Friend

  • Jan 11, 2007
Pros: Copycat move yet by Stine was a nice change

Cons: People's ignorance, Becka's handling of the situation, bad parenting, bad ending

The Bottom Line: Wouldn't someone know that coming in your house to find a stranger trying on your clothes is NOT NORMAL?

My annoyance with Fear Street characters only grows in this book.

If you’ve just moved to Fear Street, then I guess you haven’t heard of all the stupid teenagers going crazy or getting murdered or doing the murdering. Well strap in kiddies, because you’re in for a ride. Young adult horror/thrillers ahead, with plenty of repetitive phrasing and annoying characters. Ok, so that’s not a standard thing, but I’m just not in a good mood today.

Poor Becka is just a regular girl with regular friends minding her own business one day when suddenly a strange girl bursts into the room, claiming she and Becka were best friends in fourth grade. Her name is Honey Perkins, and the odd thing is that Becka doesn’t know her – at all. They were never best friends, and she and her friends remember that Honey was weird. But instead of telling Honey to buzz off, or even mentioning, “I’m sorry, I don’t know you,” she tries to accommodate Honey. Except now Honey is taking her things. Dressing like Becka, wanting the same things as Becka; being a copycat in all ways.

Becka doesn’t do anything about it. Even when she sees Honey wearing one of her shirts with a pin that her boyfriend gave her, she does nothing. Until Honey starts acting weird when it comes to Becka’s other friends, but hey, they all think Honey’s behavior is funny. Becka’s parents think Honey is cute. No one seems to notice how Honey’s behavior is typical stalker behavior, and that usually ends unpleasantly…

Ugh. Where to begin. At the start, I was hopeful because Stine’s writing style was casual and I liked some of the dialogue he was using for his characters. But once Honey showed up, it all went downhill. Becka plays along with Honey’s excited reunion with her best friend, and then continues to do so even after it starts to get worrisome. Honey keeps bringing up scenarios that she and Becka used to do together as best friends and Becka keeps saying that sure, she remembers.

No one in their right mind would do this. Even if you went ahead and said you remembered the person at the beginning in hopes that maybe you really do know the person, there’s no way you would accept spotting them in your room trying on all your clothes – especially after hearing your mother say she didn’t let the person in. Hello? Breaking and entering anyone? How does that not send up a little red flag in Becka’s mind?

There are just way too many incidents in this book where Becka does absolutely nothing when a normal person – even cool, calm, collected me – would freak out. It became very aggravating, and even more aggravating when all her friends thought Honey’s copycat moves were funny and when Becka’s parents thought Becka was overreacting. It just shows that once again the people in Shadyside are complete idiots and it’s no wonder they’ve moved there in the first place because no one with any common sense would.

The only scariness in this book is Honey’s copycat antics. Otherwise it isn’t scary at all. It simply served to annoy and the only satisfaction I got was when Becka finally did start wigging out on Honey but that only lasted so long.

The end, oh geez, the end. Pathetic. I’m sorry, but it was. It isn’t even a real ending and makes absolutely no sense for Becka to suddenly believe Honey. It basically screams for a second book because there were so many unresolved things. Who the hell is Honey and where is her father? Why is she copying Becka? She’s obviously a psycho stalker copycat, so why does Becka suddenly go, “Okay, I believe you when you say I’m the one that did the killing.” No. Not believable and too many loose ends. No wonder Stine got hundreds of letters from fans complaining about the book. Bad form.

Speaking of bad form, the repeat phrases are back. For those of you reading Fear Street books in mass (and to those who are thinking of doing so, please don’t, for your own sanity), the popular “so cold” comes back in force, along with a slew of other phrases getting repeated by various characters. At least there weren’t any “No – please, no!” phrases in there.

When I was 14, I probably would have given this book 3 stars, and because it is for young adults and not 23-year-olds who would rather be reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula or something, I’ll let the third star slide. The copycat idea was good, just not followed through all the way. Still, as lenient as I am on the star count, I still cannot recommend this book. The only time you should bother reading it is if you plan on reading The Best Friend 2.

Lucky me.


P.S. The only time Bill Schmidt’s art has failed to please me. The girl on the cover is totally ugly and looks 40 – not 16 or however old Becka is supposed to be. Ugh. Maybe he was sick when he did this one…

My Book’s Info:
Price: The spine says $3.99
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Inc.
ISBN: 0671738666
Format: Paperback
Pages: 147
Date Published: 1992
Cover Art: Bill Schmidt

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Best Friend
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