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Eclipse (book)

151 Ratings: 1.6
The third book in the "Twilight Saga" by Stephenie Meyer.

The legions of readers who are hooked on the romantic struggles of Bella and the vampire Edward will ecstatically devour this third installment of the story begun inTwilight, but it's unlikely to win over any newcomers. Jake, the werewolf met in … see full wiki

Author: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
25 reviews about Eclipse (book)
review by . July 17, 2010
this book is the most action and suspense filled yet in the saga. Edward and Bella's' peace and quiet after their near death experience with the volturi in Italy dosen't last long. Bella's arrangement with carlisile to change her into a vampire after her graduation is wearing on Edward, since its not what he wants, but he knows it must happen because of the volturi. also his girlfriends obsession with her best friend is getting to him in the form of jealousy. it doesn't help …
review by . July 14, 2010
Alright if you haven't read my other reviews, this is basically my background info so you'll see where this review is coming from: Basically I wanted to see what all the hype was about Twilight so I bought the series on audiobooks and listened to it (against my better judgment) in the car on a road trip. The story is so shallow and lacking any real literary value. I think the hype stems from a combination of right-place-right-time and being so generic that anybody can relate to it. By the …
review by . June 23, 2010
  In the third book of the Twilight series, Eclipse, the characters really are looked into more, especially Jacob.  By that point we have already learned that Jacob is a werewolf but we learn more about his background and the story of the werewolf in his family and legacy.  Stephanie Meyer gets much deeper into the characters and who they are how they came to be where they are now.  This book I felt was the most in-depth. But it also had a great deal of suspense and intensity …
Quick Tip by . July 11, 2010
Ugh! Bella has some serious heart issues. Imagine having to choose a boyfriend between a werewolf and a vampire... It just goes to show that following your heart could sometimes be bad for you.
review by . July 20, 2010
Aside from Twilight, I'd say Eclipse is my second favorite book in the series. It doesn't have the depressing connotations of New Moon, and it doesn't have the overdrawn story elements of Breaking Dawn. In a lot of ways, it's a return to what originally made Twilight such a pleasurable read. It is a bit formulaic, but maybe that's not such a bad thing given what these books are about and who they are marketed for.        
Quick Tip by . July 23, 2010
book 3 of the saga. it moves a little slower than the rest of them, but the outcome is worth the wait. do i hear wedding bells??
review by . July 20, 2010
When I finished New Moon by Stephanie Meyer I knew I'd want to read more of the series, but wasn't particularly worried about waiting awhile. Then I learned what everyone else already knew, that there really are only four books to read... and that the movie's coming soon. So I decided perhaps it was time to catch up on Eclipse.      The story really does move forward in Eclipse, and the characters really do change--not magically, but humanly, growing deeper and wiser. …
Quick Tip by . July 05, 2010
good, better than the first one!
Quick Tip by . June 30, 2010
I think at this point, Meyer was just trying to finish out the series. It starting feeling a bit sloppy and just way too drawn out.
Quick Tip by . June 30, 2010
its ok
Quick Tip by . June 30, 2010
it ws alright
Quick Tip by . June 30, 2010
the book will always be better than the movie just remember that people. and this is a seriously action packed book. just when you thought it couldent get any more crazy in bella and edwards' world eclipse happened.
Quick Tip by . June 24, 2010
A chance to find out more about vampire life and better character development in this book
Quick Tip by . June 23, 2010
I love all her stories! Can't wait to see the movie!
review by . April 13, 2010
I always find it funny that people keep on reading this series and complain about it, maybe they need to take a break, I certainly know when I don't like something, I don't torture myself with it, that said I actually enjoy Stephenie Meyer's world and Eclipse was just as satisfying as the rest. I care for the characters and their mistakes, annoyances and problems make them realistic, we all whine and complain and fall in and out of love, why should this be any different, besides it's the author's …
review by . October 12, 2009
Pros: Much better plot, characters are more likable, story is stronger, overall...     Cons: ...writing is still weak; a few minor nitpicks.     The Bottom Line: Eclipse is the best story in the Twilight series- as Bella and Edward's relationship face the ultimate test.     For about a week last summer, I delved into and finished Stephenie Meyer's vampire series, Twilight.  The four books are told from the perspective of eighteen …
review by . March 06, 2009
Millions of readers were captivated by Twilight. Several were captivated by New Moon as well. Meyer's eagerly anticipated third book is going to have fans rushing out to buy it. Whether you liked New Moon or not, you'll probably get your hands on Eclipse for the simple fact that there are so many plot points New Moon doesn't tie up.      Twilight was Edward's story. New Moon was Jacob's. If that's the case, Eclipse is most certainly more centered on Bella and the rivalry the …
review by . February 16, 2009
Bella Swan longs for some sense of normalcy in her life. However, normal isn't possible when your boyfriend is a vampire and your best friend is a werewolf. Not to mention the fact that vampires and werewolves are sworn enemies. To make matters worse, it seems a rogue vampire is building a bloodthirsty army for the sole purpose of ending Bella's life. Like it or not, vampire and werewolf must find a way to work together to save the girl they both love.      Stephenie Meyer has …
review by . May 01, 2009
I enjoyed this one as much as the first (and more than New Moon). Bella's continuing pull between Jake & Edward grows the crazy proportions. Once Edward was back into Bella's life, I had a hard time understanding the overwhelming attraction toward Jake. However, it seems (or at least it's yet to be revealed) that maybe Bella might be the bridge that forms a permanent truce between the vamps & the wolves.   I loved how the Cullens folded Bella into their family, especially considering how …
review by . January 30, 2009
The saga continues, as does my obsession. I think this is my favorite so far. I actually think my favorite character is Alice. I don't know why, she kind of cracks me up. The ending made me a little crazy... so what happened next?!?! I will know soon enough, the next book is on the way to me :)    Great young adult fiction, love it.    I'm worried that book 4 won't be the ending though and I'll thoroughly frustrated even more ;) See, THIS is why I don't read …
review by . December 27, 2008
Eclipse Book Cover
5Cclip_filelist.xml"> This is the third book in the Twilight Saga   The first book was an introduction of the characters and to a new way of life, the second book was all about changes, this third book was all about discovery.  We learn more about the Vampires, the Cullen's, the Werewolves and the individual players that make up the groups.   Questions are answered and not all of the answers are pleasant.  Bella learns more about the ‘people' in her life and whole lot more about …
review by . October 25, 2008
Bella and Edward's love is sometimes painful in its purity. But it is a delicious pain.      I didn't really understand Bella's aversion to marriage, but this is definitely my second favorite in the series after Twilight.
review by . August 02, 2008
I am hooked to the series, but this was my least favorite by far. Instead of really moving ahead, this book seemed to really go back. After book 2, everything basically goes back to the way it was in book one. I was hoping Bella would turn in this, but she hasn't, hopefully she will in the 4th. There were climaxes in this, but overall, disappointing.
review by . October 13, 2007
In 'Twilight' we met Isabella Swan, a very human girl who had very human problems -- adjusting to a new town and a new school, making new friends, living with a father who didn't know her all that well. We also met Edward Cullen, Bella's new boyfriend, who happens to be a vampire. And the love of her life. In 'New Moon' it got even more complicated, as Edward leaves and Bella reaches out to Jacob Black, her best friend. And a werewolf.    Now, in 'Eclipse,' Edward is back, and …
review by . August 15, 2007
Eclipse, the third entry in Stephenie Meyer's excellent vampire series, picks up the story of Bella and Edward as they advance toward graduation from high school in Forks, Washington. Bella's made her decision: she's going to become a vampire after she graduates so that she can be with Edward and his family forever. But the road to true love is never smooth, and Bella must reconcile her feelings for her best friend Jacob, who happens to be a werewolf. Add this to her father's obvious dislike of …
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151 Ratings: +1.6
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