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The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen by Joel M. Andre

1 rating: 4.0
My review of a not-to-be-missed horror book, Cry of the Fallen!


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1 review about The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen...

Darkness and evil intertwine, forming an unbreakable strength, a strength that can only be broken by

  • Oct 17, 2010
Darkness and evil intertwine, forming an unbreakable strength, a strength that can only be broken by one. 

The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen, is the story of the most evil of evils coming forth, taking what he believes to be his and leaving behind torture, pain, decay and eternal hell.   This evil can only be stopped by one person, a woman whose life is anything but calm and collected and who is suffering a fiery hell of her own.  Lauren Bruni's marriage is over, her career as Detective is crumbling around her and the sudden onset of brutal murders are about to push Lauren to the brink.  When she discovers that she is the key to saving the town from damnation, will she be able to come through or will she, too, be gripped in the purest of demonic evil, until the end of time?

For lovers of horror, Cry of the Fallen is, quite frankly, a devilish delight.  Joel Andre has the incredible talent to bring the reader right in to the midst of the story and his magnanimous use of description will leave the reader reeling.  This is a story whose shock value runs high and will definitely leave the reader wondering which way is up.  As I read, I felt as though I was watching a movie playing out around me.  The story runs amazingly smoothly, consistently and never has a "down" time.  With constant action and a continuous "creep factor", Cry of the Fallen is a story that screams to be read quickly and without interruption. 

Not being familiar with this author, the synopsis of this story immediately caught my attention.  In all honesty, I love a good horror book/film, but to be blunt, they are rare and a bit like finding a diamond in an ocean of coal.  So many stories and plots are so amazingly far fetched and just plain not scary (leaning more toward ridiculous) that they end up being a disappointment.  Cry of the Fallen was a delightful surprise and did manage to raise a few goosebumps, as I read.  The common thread of good vs. evil is played out within this storyline, however in this instance, it was a bit on the unique side.  I say this because the twists and turns are numerous and just when you think you may have some reasoning figured out, it is tossed out the door.  Admittedly, there were a few times where I questioned why the author was throwing something in. One such instance being a scene in the morgue, that will remain stamped within my mind for a very long time.  This seemed to pop in the story a bit out of the blue, but Mr. Andre does tie in these moments to bring clarity to the scene.  I also want to mention that when I first began to read Cry of the Fallen, I ached for more character depth, particularly of Lauren.  However, I was very pleased to discover this does come about as the story progresses. 

For me, the biggest thing that stands out, in Cry of the Fallen, is the amazing visualizations used from the first page to the last.  I wanted to share a couple of samples that I feel capture this essence. 

Walking around the body, Maureen moved to the head of the corpse. Inspecting the eyes her face drew close enough to make Lauren uncomfortable. As the woman spread open the eye lids of the deceased, it appeared that the eyeballs were bulging to the point where they might just pop out.
“Have you ever had an eyeball pop out of the socket?” Lauren asked. 
“On occasion,” Maureen smiled. “We just push ‘em right back in.” 
Standing up straight, the Medical Examiner grabbed the scalpel and began to make an incision around the scalp of the deceased. With careful accuracy, she held a slab of skin in her hand. Looking up at Lauren, she yanked hard, tearing back the scalp. 
“Sorry, there is no gentle way of doing this.” 
Lauren nodded in understanding, and felt the nausea begin to start in her stomach. No matter how many times she saw that happen, she would never get over to how grotesque it was. 
Grabbing the bone saw, the Medical Examiner lowered a mask onto her face. Motioning for Lauren to step back, she began to remove the top of the skull. 
Although she was a good distance back from the actual procedure, Lauren watched as blood and bone began to splatter. A piece of flesh struck her cheek, leaving a bloody trail down the side of her face. 
Around her, the room began to spin. Lauren fought hard to keep this incident from causing her to vomit. It was no use. Flying over to the trashcan Lauren shoved her head in and emptied the contents of her stomach.

Pushing through the heavy door, he stepped into the autopsy room. His body was covered in a light blue set of scrubs, covering them was what appeared to Beth to be a large white apron. Blue gloves covering his large hands, and his hair tucked up in a pinkish cap. A surgical mask covered his face. But peeking out around the eyes she could see the tell tale signs of age.
"Good morning sunshine," He said to her, his eyes appeared annoyed. Carefully he slipped on a pair of protective glasses made from plastic.
"Please, I'm not dead," she tried to say. But the words wouldn't part from her icy blue lips.
Around her, Beth watched as he drew scalpels, drills and medical saws to the table. They looked wicked and evil. Beth wanted to pull away and show the slightest sign that she was still alive. But she knew it would be to no avail.
"Now, we just need to do a handful of tests to verify you are truly no longer with us so we can start," his voice was conversational, but empty.
Taking a large needle he shoved it hard into her left index finger, as he pushed hard with his thumb and index finger he verified there was no blood flow coming from continued circulation. In excruciating pain, Beth wanted to slap the doctor on the spot. Her hand throbbed with pain, no matter what the tests said, she was sure as hell still alive. Placing several metallic orbs on her, he turned on a digital monitor and waited to see the results on the screen.
"No pulse," his words more for his own benefit than they were for hers. "You are doornail dead Ma’am."
Behind him the heavy door swung open again and a tiny thing dressed in match to the man came in. a stray strand of blonde hair slipped from her cap but she took no notice to it.
"You know, I keep looking at them like they are mannequins, like you suggested," she whispered. "But they still look like waxy dead people to me."
"Shut up Kim," he snarled. "You're really getting on my nerves right now."
"Alan, I'm just saying," but looking at him she knew the time for talking was over.
Grabbing the scalpel, she handed it to him. "Shall we proceed then?" his eyes looked hard at her, daring her to say something, but her lips remained closed.
Placing the scalpel between Beth's breasts, he pressed down hard. Beth stared forward blankly and no blood oozed from the wound. Still in her mind, she felt the pain. Every nerve shot signals to her brain. The parting of the flesh and the ripping deep into her violently throbbed throughout her body. Every angle the blade turned, she felt it in its violent run along her body. If she was dead, why was she still enduring all this? Wasn't the entire system supposed to shut down? The pain was agonizing and there was little concern for how she felt. When would the pain finally leave her? Why was she not in heaven where she belonged?
Anyone looking for the perfect Halloween read, I highly recommend picking up The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen.  You won't be disappointed.  The blend of horror, dark humor and dark subject matter will have you flying through pages.  I greatly look forward to reading more by this author and am very pleased to add Cry of the Fallen to my list of great horror stories.

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November 01, 2010
I'm slowly getting into Horror and this book sounds like it's really enjoyable! I'll have to add it to the TBR :) Thanks so much!
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The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen by Joel M. Andre
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