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The Host: A Novel

42 Ratings: 2.7
A book by Stephenie Meyer

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Author: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company; 1 edition (May 6, 2008)
19 reviews about The Host: A Novel
review by . July 07, 2010
Unlike the Twilight series, there isn't much outside action, but more inner movement. The characters 'dance' slowly and evolve in consciousness and understanding, growing in depth, and in this aspect you can say that the story is a fable on how fear of the unknown can be overcome, thus leading to discovering new worlds of beauty.       There is a bit of controversy, though: if this civilization is so evolved and compassionate, how come they are taking over Earth …
review by . July 05, 2010
     It's not about vampires or werewolves, but author Stephenie Meyer has shown she can not only write about teens and the supernatural, she can also tackle young adults and science fiction.        While I enjoyed reading the first three Twilight novels, I have to admit I didn't enjoy the fourth book as much. So when I picked up this book, I expected to be disappointed. I am happy to admit that was not the case.       …
review by . July 07, 2010
The Host is so substantially different from the style of writing I am used to reading from Stephanie Meyer. I am a fan of the Twilight Saga, however, she takes her writing style to a whole nother level with The Host. Granted, some of the same themes stay. A forbidden love, and the struggle to fit in where one does not feel they belong are two themes that remain constant as Stephanie Meyer transitions away from her popular Twilight books. The Souls are a collection of advanced beings that overthrow …
review by . June 28, 2010
Craziest love triangle ever with a sci-fi twist.
So after reading the twilight books, which I loved, I decided to give Meyer's other book a try. A sci-fi book about alien body snatchers isn't the most original idea, but neither was vampires and she brought them into a whole new light (lame pun?).      Aliens take over the planet by inserting themselves into humans necks by the spinal cord and taking over the bodies. By the time humanity figures out what is going on it is too late, because they did all of this without …
review by . July 07, 2010
A facinating idea for a book
   The Host, by Stephanie Meyers, is not quite like her previous Twilight series.  I imagine many do not like the Twilight series and therefore feel they will not like The Host.  This is not true!  The two are very different and though I am a fan of the Twilight series, I like The Host much more.       The plot of the book surrounds the character Mel.  The story takes place on Earth after a colony of aliens called "souls" have taken …
Quick Tip by . July 06, 2010
Interesting hook of a topic, didn't follow through enough for me to get to the end.
Quick Tip by . July 05, 2010
not as good as the twilight series, but had some interesting ideas
Quick Tip by . June 30, 2010
not as good as the twilight books, but still ade for an interesting read in the end.
Quick Tip by . June 26, 2010
I hated the Twilight books, but a friend convinced me to try this, and, lo and behold, Stephanie Meyer is NOT a terrible writer! Which, incidentally, makes me hate Twilight even more (if she can write well, why didn't she do it for teens? Because they're too stupid to understand more intelligent themes??). Still not the best, but intriguingly entertaining and, most interestingly, thought provoking without being as frighteningly anti-feminist as Twilight.
review by . September 04, 2009
I was a late blooming Stephanie Meyer fan. Yet, it started, like most of my other YA author obsessions with a friend who's 12 year old wanted to read the books. "Rach, you read, right?" (I love that line) "Have you read this Twilight series? Its supposedly got all the kids in Melanie's class going nutty, but I don't want to get it for her if I don't know what its about. Something about vampires." The first thing that came to mind was, "pick up the book and read it yourself!" Yet, vampires, excited …
review by . July 23, 2009
We all know Stephanie Meyer from her Twilight series... but to my surprise, she can write a mean alien book too.    In this story, planet Earth has been overtaken by aliens called "Souls". These Souls are parasite-type aliens who implant themselves into the human brain and take over - thus the human race is practically extinct.    In comes Melanie Stryder - part of the human resistance and someone who has evaded capture for several years - she is captured …
review by . June 18, 2009
I was more than pleasantly surprised and shocked while reading this book. I have the first three books of the Twilight series and I will admit that I am not really a fan of them. The writing in those books is not very well done, plus I have problems with the storyline and the characters in general. Plus with all the hype surrounding them, it just makes the reading seem more tedious. Therefore I approached The Host with rather low expectations and prepared myself for another Twilight except with …
review by . May 08, 2009
I read this a month or more ago and I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that the same author wrote this book as wrote the Twilight books. Both are "good", but this book is far superior and the voice is a lot different.    The author takes us along for a ride through a post-battle world where we, the humans, lost. Our bodies are taken over by these aliens and basically it sucks to be a human being. The book was over entirely too quickly, I finished it very fast, but at …
review by . February 12, 2009
In the future Earth has been taken over by a unique alien species. The infiltration was slow and undetected until it was too late. Now these aliens, known as Souls, live inside human bodies, which act as hosts for the invading parasites. Usually when a Soul is placed in a new host it is able to take full control of the body, pushing aside any remnant of the human consciousness that once lived inside.      After a Soul named Wanderer is inserted into her new host she soon realizes …
review by . October 25, 2008
Wow! A love story almost as compelling and epic as Bella and Edward.    I picked up The Host the same day as Breaking Dawn, but after being somewhat disappointed by the latter I wasn't exactly eager to read the former.    The description of The Host sounded like a very hardcore science fiction effort, one that I was afraid would not be able to support a credible love story. I am more delighted than I can say that I was wrong. This book has one of the most …
review by . August 20, 2008
Earth has been invaded by parasitic souls. The souls think they are helping the humans by purging the Earth of violence; the resisting humans see it differently. Humans have become hosts for these parasites and been forced to relinquish control of their bodies and minds to the souls. The resisting humans see this as bad as murder, if not worse.    Wanderer is a soul who has chosen Earth as the setting for her ninth life. She is given the body of Melanie Stryder, a recently captured …
review by . August 02, 2008
By far Meyer's best book to date. A lot of people may be disappointed this isn't more like her Twilight series, but I have no complaints!    There are real characters in this, not perfect beings. Although, the alien race that takes over humanity could, in a sense, be just that. Peaceful with one another, they have something to be envied. Not that the humans they are wiping out would ever envy them.    Wanderer, the main character, is an alien put into Melanie's …
review by . July 15, 2008
I haven't read Meyer's other books, but this book was fantastic. I didn't think that a story about aliens taking over earth and using earthlings as hosts would suck me in, but it did.    I was just glad that I was an anniversary vacation with my husband lounging on the beach while I read it, which allowed me to get through the 600 plus pages in a day or so without regard for taking care of my children or doing the dishes or preparing meals.
review by . July 02, 2008
Stephenie Meyer's The Host is set in an alternative Earth, one in which parasitic aliens have invaded and taken over humans' bodies and minds. The aliens, known as souls, actually feel that their coming to Earth is a good thing for both themselves (because they cannot survive without a host body) and for Earth itself since the humans have so misused the planet and one another. As the book opens, we meet Wanderer, a soul who has already lived eight lifetimes on other planets and has begun her ninth …
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42 Ratings: +2.7
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The Host: A Novel
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