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Under the Dome

71 Ratings: 2.4

Under the Dome is a novel by Stephen King that was released on November 10, 2009. It is a rewrite of a novel King attempted writing twice in the late 1970s and early 1980s, under the titles The Cannibals and Under the Dome. As King stated on his official … see full wiki

Author: Stephen King
Genre: Horror, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers
Publisher: Scribner, Pocket
Date Published: November 10, 2009
ISBN: 978-1439148501
26 reviews about Under the Dome
review by . March 29, 2011
Under The Dome. Well, you read the synopsis.  The story takes us into a small town in (where else) Maine, where an invisible dome has appeared (pretty clever the way that ties in with the title, eh?). Anyway, in typical King fashion there are horrific accidents as people/animals/machinery run into the dome. And what Stephen King tale would be complete without a well placed and homicidal nutjob? Fear not, it's got one of those too.    The book was well written and you …
review by . June 09, 2010
I had never read a Stephen King book before I received Under the Dome as a gift last year - I just didn't really think they would interest me. But this hefty piece of writing actually changed that opinion for me quite a bit. The book defied most of my stereotypes, lived up to a few others, yet still managed to be highly entertaining throughout.      From the very beginning, the book reads like the literary offspring of a Michael Bay movie and an episode of South Park. Surprisingly, …
review by . May 16, 2010
One of Stephen King's Best Novels
Under the Dome may be one of the most entertaining novels Stephen King as written in years, and maybe one of the longest, weighing in at a hefty 1,072 pages.  But don’t let that deter you, this novel keeps rolling from start to finish and keeps the reader deeply engaged in the story.  A small New England town, Chester’s Mill, is a rather normal little burg.  It has a small town police force, punky teens on skateboards, trailer trash, a megalomaniac politician on a small …
review by . August 01, 2010
Iraq veteran Dale (Barbie) Barbara is on his way out of Chester's Mill when an invisible shield drops down, running along the small town's boundaries. Planes, cars and birds crash into it, people run into it, and no one can figure out what it is. The US military's calculations are that a large force field in the shape of a dome has settled over Chester's Mill, cutting the town off from the rest of the country. Their efforts to destroy the dome are fruitless, as are their attempts to figure out who …
review by . June 25, 2010
Under the Dome is a TERRIBLE book.  Actually, it’s a fantastic book that just contains terrible things.         Stephen King continues to thrill with his latest post-retirement book which, in my opinion, is his greatest non-Dark Tower novel in the last 10 years.  Under the Dome is a frightening look at what might happen in small town America when the town finds itself cut off from the rest of the world.  This is King’s longest book since It …
review by . June 17, 2010
   Stephen Kings novel "Under the Dome" is an in-depth look at the inhabitants of a small Maine town by the name of Chester's Mill, barely a blip on the map, that find themselves cut off from the rest of the world due to an invisible barrier - the sudden appearance of which causes numerous injuries and fatalities to both humans and animals. Follow the inhabitants of Chester's Mill as they learn about and attempt to deal with the confusing and at times tragic series of …
review by . March 21, 2010
Stephen King is an author that goes above American Literature.  He is a global phenomenon.  He has gone from being influenced by pop culture... to actually influencing Pop Culture.  At least at one point in time he did.  There's a lot King has done to influence Pop Culture and he is still a capable writer, even while he's going onto his sixth decade and pushing his career onto forty years.  Under the Dome is an ambitious novel; one he's had rolling around up in his head …
Quick Tip by . July 09, 2010
Long read, but good. Not as good as some of his others, but good...really kind of makes you wonder, what if? Along the same lines as "Cell".
Quick Tip by . July 03, 2010
really disappointing. I used to love Stephen King but maybe I'm too old for him now. The writing seems really simplistic.
Quick Tip by . July 02, 2010
Under the Dome was the first book I read on my Amazon Kindle last Christmas. Definitely a page turner with some likeable characters and other you love to hate. I found it enjoyable and interesting but didn't like a couple of ways the story turned. I still recommend it though!
Quick Tip by . July 02, 2010
I didn't like it as much as other King books, the end kind of disappointed me.
review by . March 01, 2010
Its hard for me to review this book without spoilers, as I found the bulk of the book brilliant - apart from the ending. I've noticed this with Stephen King, I found his Dark Tower series to be the same, brilliant for the most part, followed by an unsatisfying ending.      The thought experiment which makes up Under the Dome is intriguing - put your average dysfunctional town under an impervious dome, stir things up a bit and watch what happens. The results are shocking - not …
Quick Tip by . June 28, 2010
reminds me of the Langilers - but hey I liked that one too
Quick Tip by . June 25, 2010
Engaging plot, though perhaps a bit too superfluous and a very cheesy ending.
Quick Tip by . June 25, 2010
I had much higher hopes for Under the Dome. Don't get me wrong, if you're a hardcore Stephen King fan, like I am, it's still an interesting page turner, very reminiscent of Storm of the Century. However, after Dumas Key, which seemed to me like a return to the stronger works of his youth, this was a let down. Didn't stop me from buying and devouring it though.
Quick Tip by . June 22, 2010
Steven King's latest epic. Long but a rewarding journey.
Quick Tip by . June 16, 2010
The book weighs quite a bit, was not as bloody as many of Stephen Kings books. I really enjoyed the unusual concept.
Quick Tip by . June 14, 2010
Similar to Brian Keene's Darkness on the Edge of Town
review by . January 27, 2010
Under the Dome, by Stephen King   Scribner   1088 pages   Hardcover, November 10, 2009; Kindle version, December 24, 2009      First, the confession.  This was the first book I ever read by Stephen King.  I decided to start with it for two reasons, neither profound. First, my company's in-house newsletter is also called Under the Dome. Second, now that I have a Kindle, the sheer size of this thing is less intimidating.       …
review by . March 09, 2010
Take any small town in America and throw a really big indestructible glass bowl over the top of it and put it under a microscope. Add in corrupt local government, a big meth lab and a whole boatload of very interesting characters... and you, my friends, are Under The Dome.    You simply cannot talk about this book without bring up "The Stand", so I'll get that out of the way - The Stand is probably one of the best epic length end-of-the-world type of books ever written. It is, …
review by . February 11, 2010
definitely not one of my favorite Stephen King novels!
   Without going into plot details, Under the Dome was not one of my favorite King books. That honor goes to books like The Stand, The Shining, Salem's Lot, and especially his Gunslinger series.   Even without comparing it to his earlier works, Under the Dome was just okay, and dare I say it, a bit tedious.       The book was for me a commentary on human nature under inconceivable conditions and proof of the old adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely. …
review by . January 30, 2010
Chester's Mill is a small town in Maine, population just a few thousand. One day, a huge, invisible dome drops down over the town, trapping its residents inside. The dome cannot be penetrated by the military's best technology, nor can it be tunneled under. The residents are forced to live on generator power and to breathe ever worsening air.    This very simple, direct premise is the core of UNDER THE DOME, Stephen King's return to his old stomping grounds (Chester's Mill is …
review by . December 14, 2009
I'm not against long books at all, but at just under 1200 pages, I really feel this could have been trimmed down to 500-600. A lot of it seemed to drag on. When there was conflict and chaos, it was stunning, unstoppable and I found myself unable to stop reading. However, save for a few spots in the middle, most of that fun stuff was in the first and last couple hundred pages. The characters were deep, and multiple, almost too many to keep up with. I found myself forgetting who people were from time …
review by . December 09, 2009
King plays to his strengths as a storyteller in 'Under the Dome' - a large cast of living, breathing characters thrust into an extreme situation. He's done it before, in 'Salem's Lot' and 'Needful Things' and 'The Mist,' among others. He takes a relatively small, somehow isolated group of people, introduces a supernatural element, and then lets them tear each other apart along lines of weakness that already existed, but are now magnified.    The supernatural element - in this …
review by . November 28, 2009
Under the Dome falls flat, during the entire 1000+ pages I felt as if I, myself was sipping on stale air.      I haven't read a King novel in a long time. It has at least been a decade. King will always remain in my heart as the novelist who popped my paranormal cherry. It was 6th grade and I read IT to the horror of my deeply religious teacher, who couldn't believe that I was reading the book, and thought I was just showing off by bringing the book to "free time". …
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71 Ratings: +2.4
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