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2010 Times Square Car Bomb Attempt

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An incident that occured on May 1, 2010, in Time Square.

On May 1, 2010, a car bomb was discovered by a New York City Police Department  (NYPD) officer in Times Square, New York City. A nearby street vendor alerted an officer to the threat when he spotted smoke coming from a vehicle.  The bomb had … see full wiki

1 review about 2010 Times Square Car Bomb Attempt

We have an arrest!

  • May 4, 2010
There's one kind of person who'd be on the lookout for big events like this one; a bomb, a disaster, an earthquake, a catastrophe, an accident, a crash... & then there is another kind who goes on life as if nothing had happened; detached and somewhat aloof. I'm the former and my friend @LordKent is the latter. When I was texting him early sunday morning upon seeing the big news on CNN, he went back to his gardening as if nothing had happened. Mind you, the guy lives in DC & he's not even interested! While I was scouring the entire internet for breaking news!

So, which kind of person are you? You know best. From the lack of response and participation (not even a quick tip here, much less a review!) on Lunch, I concluded most people simply don't care to discuss this. Well, most Americans on Lunch don't. I'm not American and although I'm some tens of thousand of miles away, I take interest when someone is desperate enough to kill to just make a statement.

The last I heard, it's the work of some Pakistani American. And soon, all colored people will find it a drag again to go through immigration in the U.S. Call it racial discrimination, call it self protection, call it whatever, it doesn't solve the fact that U.S. will be a perpetual target. Blaming it on some "foreigners" or potential perpetrators will not solve the problem. It will merely create fears among the citizens & also in the process dampens the spirit of democracy. Yes, your freedom has been diminishing in the name of homeland security. Whether the terrorists succeeded in killing or not is not a major issue, I think. They have succeeded in changing part of the American lifestyle... a distinctive part of it!

On CNN headline news today is: "'Smart dust' aims to monitor everything" It's a sensor and CNN claimed that "We could learn about ourselves, our cities and the environment". Yes, that may be. On the other hand, falling into some other hands, it may also be used in the wrong context! Don't get me wrong I'm all for technology. In fact, I'm an early adopter.

Now, back to this review. New York is again under attack. This time, no casualty. Next time, God knows! The fact that the guy managed to drive the car loaded with bombs into such a crowded area implies a big question mark on how successful the police are policing really. It's up to the Americans to ask these questions. Not me. A foreigner. Still, it is highly interesting for us foreigners to observe that the Americans have been targeted a lot more than many others on the planet. That so much "hatred" is directed towards this country which many adore as well. Where did it all go wrong? From what point did someone out there decide they'd die in the process just to make a statement? This is a question which I feel the American government had failed to address. Instead, it had spent energy, money and propaganda to "predict" and counteract an attack instead of finding out the root of the problem and try to rectify from there. Yes, it's a simplified view but it might just be the most effective way too. I believe that while politics may be complicated, people are not. Understanding is the key to solving problem. After 10 years, with so many measures in place, yet... a potential attack was still in the works, it tells me the way about it is not quite right. Don't you think?

I'm interested to find out if most Americans think the world is out to bring them down. That they'll be a permanent target as far as the world is concerned. You know, I've had friends who told me they go traveling with a Canadian flag on their backpacks! Canadians are not targets? They are just a few miles away, you know. So, why are Canadians not target? I live in Canada for years and I've relatives and friends who still live there. Do you honestly think life in the U.S. is so much better than in Canada? I do not think so. I've traveled around these 2 countries to know that.

So, why is the U.S. such a hot spot? I think, if I'm not mistaken, it's time that its citizen begin to question its government on their foreign policies as well as their military involvements and engagements. Do not stay indifferent to what's happening in other parts of the country. It may not hit home today, one day it will, no matter where you are. This incident basically serves as a good warning. Luckily, not much destruction resulted from it. 

Why am I so concerned? Well, for one thing, we're all more interconnected than we care to acknowledge. IF New York is being hit again and there's much chaos and destruction, for one, the world's exchanges will be in a mess. Yes, our assets melted overnight! As simple as that. Everyone in the world is affected in some ways, whatever happens in the U.S.!!! Americans should be more concerned!

Latest news:
An arrest has been made!
Time Square bomb suspect arrested 'at last second'

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We have an arrest! We have an arrest!

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May 04, 2010
Whenever I travel to Asia and Europe to visit relatives, my relatives always seem way more informed about U.S. happenings than my family is.  My dad thought they were reading up on stuff just because we were visiting, but something tells me they always keep up.  Not sure what that's about, but I agree, we're all interconnected and if one of us goes down, I'm seeing a domino effect.  And very interesting point about global attitudes towards the U.S. vs. Canada, and how we should prioritize on getting to the root of the problem instead of simply just predicting and suppressing.  Fantastic review, Sharrie.  Thanks for sharing!
May 06, 2010
Many cities and countries in Asia & Europe are outward looking. International citizens. Americans tend to look inward rather. For most, if they are not travel, they don't quite "care" what's happening outside its soil. So, yes, that's a great difference in attitude. Even for Lunch itself, your events featured are mostly domestic. The international event like World Expo is not even featured. As a matter of fact, 189 countries will be participating. I do not think anyone other than me personally is interested in that on Lunch. Even for magazine like Fast Company which is supposedly into technology, it only feature a paragraph or so of this event. That's where America lost touch with development in the rest of the world. Technological advancement has been forging ahead in the rest of world while American has been "sleeping" ;-)
May 04, 2010
You raise some very interesting points, Sharrie. I think one of the most important one's is that we are all inter-connected. I am thankful and grateful no-one was hurt. I have a special place in my heart for New York. We were in New york last summer and will go back this summer. I feel everyone is doing the absolute best that they can. I'm thankful there is one less terrorist walking around. We need to be vigilant. We need to take care of each other.
May 04, 2010
Vigilant is indeed the keyword, Albert. Everyone needs to be on the lookout for potential attacks. Not just Americans.
May 04, 2010
well, alright! Thanks for keeping us updated and thanks for coming up with something more thought-provoking. The thing is whatever the reasons, the U.S. is a target or not, terrorism is wrong. The really bad thing is for the most part it is all fueled by hate and lies.
May 04, 2010
The question of right or wrong is not up for discussion. We who are not crazy know it's wrong. The question is what are you going to do about it... and after 10 years and all that's been spent, do you think your government improved anything? Saying something is wrong and saying something is fuelled by hate and lies are not going to solve the problem of another attack. At least not to me.
May 04, 2010
All I know is: 1) we as civilians don't know everything 2) Changing foreign policy will not stop the attacks 3) It may well be beyond any recovery and hope for reconciliation.
May 04, 2010
Sound pretty hopeless to me! So civilians who don't know everything end up being the victims eh?
May 04, 2010
doesn't war always end up that way? It is a war from the inside and what is the greatest strength is also the greatest weakness.
May 04, 2010
Wrong about hope for reconciliation! You managed to reconcile with Germany. The Chinese with the Japanese. And how many people have died in the war? Millions. No, reconciliation is possible.
May 04, 2010
maybe but remember this is a war that includes something much more. the Japanese or the Germans never deemed their cause a HOLY WAR.
May 04, 2010
Oh, I think at that time those soldiers believed there's holiness in fighting those wars. Giving terms to something do not define it. Holy War? Holy only to those who are fighting it, not even to the Muslims around the world. No, don't be fooled by whatever they are calling it, just as their leaders want them to believe. It is not about them I'm thinking about or looking at. It is the U.S. You cannot talk sense with "crazy" people, if indeed they are crazy as we are led to believe. That's not the part to affect changes. The change has to come from where you can change. And that means on U.S. ground. Now, the country has fight this "war" since a decade ago. Nothing seemed to have changed. Do you agree on that count?
May 04, 2010

You're right that it isn't the Muslims (never said they were) fighting this so-proclaimed 'jihad' or holy war but those who have been misled-- weall know this. The most difficult battle to fight and the toughest opponent to defeat are those who think they are in the right. You can't blame the U.S. for going to war, you can't even blame them for asking for oil. It is the leaders of those oil rich countries that made deals, that led to them thinking that it is the U.S. foreign policy. Terrorism is never the answer, and the minute they start killling innocents then war becomes inevitable. As we cannot talk sense to crazy people, no country should lay down and let the crazy people go wreak havoc. As I've said, nothing the U.S. could've done could have stopped this situation.

 It is a thing that cannot be changed. What opening dialogue? really? These are people who arrest folks who talk against them and who would do anything to hold on to power. I know dialogue may change something, but the U.S. cannot by itself solve the problem. yes, we can only improve here--where we can. But so what can we do? we may live with this all our lives...nothing will change. Sorry but that is the truth. I don't blame the government, or politics or oil or anything else but I blame those terrorists.

Things happen for a reason, we just haven't seen the reason yet. Maybe we won't in this generation. Sorry, we just cannot handle the truth sometimes. This discussion is reallly about to go to a gray area and I'd rather stop now. :)

May 04, 2010
The idea is not to blame anyone but to do things differently in future so it won't happen again. If one does the same thing as with the last 10 years, then you can guarantee the same thing as what happened last weekend will happen again in next 10 years if not earlier. Worse, the entire thing explode right in your face. You may choose to stop going into a gray area and that would be what I'd do in the past too. But, that was me being an Asian and being told by parents not to go into gray area. That's why we don't get full democracy no matter what. But you know what... an American should not be afraid of going into gray area and to see things from different angles. At least, that's my idea of being an American means.
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2010 Times Square Car Bomb Attempt
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