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Almost Alice

1 rating: 3.0
An album

   Song List: Disc 1   1. Alice - Avril Lavigne   2. Poison, The - The All-American Rejects   3. Technicolor Phase, The - Owl City   4. Her Name Is Alice - Shinedown   5. Painting Flowers - … see full wiki

1 review about Almost Alice

Almost Alice? How's This for Muchness...

  • Apr 21, 2010
Pros: Some songs that actually work and I'm interested in keeping around

Cons: Some songs that I wish would...just...go...away...

The Bottom Line: Not bad for one of those CDs.  The "soundtracks" I typically steer clear of.

In any normal condition, I completely ignore the other so-called "soundtrack" from a movie.  Usually there's just the normal soundtrack - or the score if you're so inclined - by whoever did the composing for all the goodies you hear in the movie.  But on some occasions, for some reason I still don't understand, other soundtracks appear.  CDs full of songs either created specifically for the movie or slapped on just because they seem to match.

Oftentimes I find that these songs are cliché, sound forced, or simply lame.  That's why I avoid them.  In this case though, I was curious.  After all, I'd heard the Avril Lavigne song at the end of the movie and it wasn't so bad (though there's about an 80% chance of the songs at the ends of movies not sucking).  And it was Alice in Wonderland.  Tim Burton style.  What could people come up with that would match the movie?  I've already enjoyed Danny Elfman's soundtrack, so I thought I might give this one a whirl out of sheer curiosity.

1.)  Alice - Avril Lavigne (3:35) ****  This is the song that you'll hear at the end of the movie while the credits roll and mushrooms and vines grow up around them.  I like Avril Lavinge, so I enjoy this song.  I think that would probably be the make or break thing for people listening to this song.  I've heard it described at "adolescent pop/rock" and that's pretty much the best way to put it.

2.)  The Poison - The All-American Rejects (3:53) *** A mellower piece of that sort of chilled-alternative style.  Er, at least until around the 2:30 mark when it gets...odd.  Sort of turns into a strange march before going back to normal a little past the 3 minute mark.  It's a much better song without that weird part though.

3.)  The Technicolor Phase - Owl City (4:27) **** I just recently discovered the joy that is Owl City, so I automatically like this song.  Haha.  With one guy doing the vocals in a very upbeat techno tempo, it's a happier song than many you'll find on here, at least in its sound.  If you already know Owl City, you'll enjoy this song.  If not, you'll immediately know what all the rest of Owl City's songs are like.

4.)  Her Name Is Alice - Shinedown (3:38) **** Dang, yet another group I like.  Opening with a line from the book (I think...), Shinedown uses their typical darker rock style to take Alice elements to create a song that actually doesn't sound cliché or even too forced when teaming up with the movie on this CD.  In fact, I may be mistaken, but it sounds like there are a few other themes floating around in there...

5.)  Painting Flowers - All Time Low (3:26) *** It's pretty easy to gloss over this song because it's pretty much like any other alternative rock sound out there.  I'm not even sure what exactly they're singing about ("I'm still painting flowers for you" so probably a girl).  Like they just threw this in because the lyrics kind of matched the whole Alice deal.  Still, nothing special.  Probably why I've never heard of the band.

6.)  Where's My Angel - Metro Station (3:40) *** A lot of techno-style hanging around on this CD.  This is a faster paced song though, except I have no idea how this is supposed to fit in the whole Alice theme.  Pretty much the whole song is them singing the refrain of "Where's my angel?"  Not bad, but it may be easily forgettable for some.

7.)  Strange - Kerli & Tokio Hotel (3:51) **** A darker rock song here, I enjoy it.  It's got a female lead but a male vocal pops up rather often so maybe there are two leads.  Either way, I like this song, and it's got some interesting lyrics.  It vaguely reminds me of something else, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what.

8.)  Follow Me Down - 3OH!3 featuring Neon Hitch (3:23) **** The funny part is that I'd skipped this song twice before finally making myself listen to it.  I heard the very beginning and thought it was going to be some stupid-wacky hip-hop song.  I still don't like the way it starts, but I do like the rest of the song.  It's essentially techno, but with a nice all-together kind of style.

9.)  Very Good Advice - Robert Smith (2:58) ** This is essentially a drugged out version of the Disney song.  In some ways it's kind of cool because of that uncompromising druggy sound, and yet at the same time, as the song rolled on, I started to get bothered by it.  I didn't like the sound or the way the guy was singing it - like he was deliberately putting weird vocals out there.  I wanted it to be over and basically forced myself to endure the rest of it for the sake of this review. It's weird because there are elements I actually kind of like, but then it slowly turns into nails on a chalkboard for me.  Listen and decide for yourself...

10.)  In Transit - Pete Wentz (4:02) *** Another mellow alterative rock style song but with a few places of downtime which gives it a bit of an edge over the others because you wait to see how they're going to wind it back up.  I like this one and in fact, it's strange because it doesn't seem to be as long as 4 minutes, yet it is.

11.)  Welcome to Mystery - Plain White T's (4:28) *** I think if I remember from my first listen, I got bored with this song.  The funny thing is that it kind of reminds me of a Beetles song (one of the stranger ones).  Are these guys British?  I don't remember.  It has kind of a carnival-like sound which works for the whole Alice thing.  Not bad.  Not awesome.

12.)  Tea Party - Kerli (3:29) **** Funky.  This is...ah techno with bits of rap...?  There are so many different types of music these days, I don't even know how to classify some of this stuff.  Think Lady Gaga I guess.  It's kind of cool and I like how the girls took the tea party idea and made it hip-hoppy (can you imagine a VIP tea party?).  A fun song, to be sure.

13.)  The Lobster Quadrille - Franz Ferdinand (3:34) ** This is a decidedly weird song.  This one takes from the book (if anyone recalls the whole "Will you, won't you?" poem part) and it's....well it's not bad considering these aren't original lyrics.  I tend to think it's a bit difficult to take a poem and throw music on it.  But at the same time I'm not much of a fan.  It sounds too dark.  Too deep.  I guess it works when you think of the movie and its style, but still.  Just...not interested.  Next song please.

14.)  Always Running Out of Time - Motion City Soundtrack (3:51) *** More chilled alterative.  Or maybe it's not alternative...it's not really rock.  Either way, it's chilled, fast-paced, and not too shabby.  However, it does have some potential to be a skippable track in the future.

15.)  Fell Down a Hole - Wolfmother (3:24) ** Some squealing guitars in this one.  It's rockin', but I'm not impressed.  It's just not my personal style.  Not bad, just not for me.  I don't really like slightly-whiny singer guys or squealy guitars.  The lyrics match at least.

16.)  White Rabbit - Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (2:09) ** Originally when I saw that this CD existed, I immediately thought, "Man, they should have thrown in that song by Jefferson Airplane!"  Apparently they did - just by these people instead.  I may be 26, but I enjoy the original, and I prefer it above this one.  I'm not a fan of covers, and I hate the way the girl screams at the end.  It's just stupid and unnecessary.  Trade this out for the original any day of the week.

Many of these songs I could easily ditch.  Several of them I'm keen on keeping around.  Thus this CD actually gets a rating of 3.5 stars.  To all those involved though, I do have to say they did a pretty good job in staying with the overall Alice in Wonderland tone and using lyrics and others bits wisely to make their songs work.  It's a CD that some will enjoy, others will toss out, and many will likely be as I am, taking some and leaving the rest.  An intriguing range of regular, creepy, and downright trip-tastic.

Still, these things will never be as good as the original movie music.


P.S. I find it amusing that everything Alice in Wonderland has Tarrant on the front - not Alice. (that's the Hatter's name, by the way)


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Almost Alice
Label: Walt Disney
Release Date: March 02, 2010

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