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Amazon Should Stick to Books and Products!

  • Jun 3, 2011
  • by
I was setting up the playlist for my wedding ceremony when I realized that I didn't have an important song- the one for the Bridal Party to walk down the aisle to, "Ribbon In The Sky" by Stevie Wonder. I tried to look it up on iTunes and for some incredibly bizarre reason I couldn't log into my iTunes account. After a couple of attempts and using different passwords as well the Forgot Password option, nothing was working. Since I was in a bit of a time crunch, I turned to Google. The first thing that came up that looked trustworthy was Amazon MP3.

I clicked on the link, opened up the page to see the MP3 of "Ribbon In The Sky" for the same price as iTunes, 99 cents. I went through the motions to purchase it and downloaded it to my computer. I double checked that it downloaded and added it to my iTunes library and then, to my ceremony playlist. After I was done creating the playlist, I double checked everything and all was well.

The morning of my wedding came and my talented DJ friend who was going to be working my iPod for the ceremony came to my room to pick it up. I was going through the playlist with her when I couldn't find "Ribbon In The Sky". Hmmm...that's strange, I thought I synced my playlist with my iPod, guess not. Easy enough to fix since I had intelligently brought my laptop. I connected my iPod and synced it up. It synced but, alas, no "Ribbon In The Sky". Getting frustrated, I looked at my library and I couldn't find it. A little agitated, I looked into my download folder on my computer, it wasn't there. Holding back my Bridezilla, I looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. My friend called the other DJ who said he had it on his iPod.

Thankfully, I knew how to solve this issue. I told my friend that she would need to switch iPods halfway, she would need to play the intro music mix I had on my iPod, unplug mine, add the other DJ's to play "Ribbon In The Sky" for the Bridal Party to walk down to, then, plug mine back in to play "At Last" for me to walk down the aisle to with my father and then, the song where we walk back up will be there, ready to go. The timing would work out just fine.

If I wasn't a DJ or we hadn't thought to ask the other DJ if he had it on his and figured out how to time the switching of iPods, I would've been without the song I wanted for my Bridal Party to walk down the aisle. Yes, I would've been able to find a replacement but, why should I have to since I had purchased the song from Amazon?

I contacted Amazon as soon as I got back from my wedding. They asked if I was sure I had looked everywhere and treated me like a moron, asking me, "Are you SURE you looked in your downloads?" "Are you SURE that you looked in your library? Maybe it's your iTunes...." I explained that I was sure and told them that I'd like a refund. What do you know? Suddenly, they figured out it was a glitch on their end and that they would get it to me ASAP and they were soooo sorry. I still asked for a refund and haven't seen a dime or a dollar, I should say. But, at least I have my Stevie...and this is why I like spinning vinyl LOL!

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June 27, 2011
At the cost of a dollar, a downloaded track is twice as expensive as it ought be as provided by either iTunes or Amazon, and isn't encoded with a quality that justifies its rightful cost. For orchestral and experimental recordings especially (though not exclusively), any bitrate shy of 320kbps is deficient. Worst still, recordings of movements in erudite and popular compositions alike are sold individually. If you want absolute security, rip and encode everything yourself from your vinyl and CDs to a sedulously organized collection (lossless and otherwise) copied to multiple devices, from which you'll always be able to draw supplements to a DAP's playlist. This requires time and effort, but the resulting quality and accessibility of this procedure are inappreciable.
June 28, 2011
Wow! That is super helpful, thanks! I usually use vinyl in all my gigs but, for my wedding- obviously I was busy getting married and couldn't help the playlist lol It ended up screwing up the rest of the playlist because I guess I confused the DJs that were working the iPod for the ceremony. But, I'm the only one that noticed, so it's no biggie. I will definitely keep this in mind for future reference, though. Thanks so much for the tip!
June 28, 2011
Given the affordability of high-capacity external USB drives (my girlfriend didn't pay $100 for her 1TB drive), this is a good option, the effort and time of which are more than compensated by exceptional fidelity and minuscule expenditure. All else aside, you know at least as well as I do to hang on to your discs, those of microgrooves and pits/lands alike! Eventually, I'll type a scathing review of Amazon itself; if you've no objection, I'd very much like to cite and link to your review in the context of mine.
June 28, 2011
I think that's the best option as well. It's a good thing that my favorites are all on vinyl/CDs! I have no objection at all, I'd be honored to be included in your review! Scathe on, my friend...
June 04, 2011
Interesting story. You must have been frantic. I have had similar problems downloading MP3's from Napster from time to time and it is extremely frustrating. I'm glad your DJ had the tune but as a result of your experience I will think twice before turning to Amazon for MP3's.
June 04, 2011
I will most definitely not be returning to Amazon to use their MP3 program. I was glad too that he had it. I really need to look into converting my vinyl into MP3s. Thanks for reading, Paul!
June 03, 2011
Contacting Amazon for anything remotely technical is always a lesson in frustration. Errrrrrrrrrr!
June 03, 2011
Truer words were never spoken! Thanks for the comment!
June 03, 2011
Ugh, that must've been stressful! Sorry to hear. I'll be sticking to iTunes :)
June 03, 2011
Yeah, it's the safest bet! I'm still trying to figure out why I can't sign onto them, though! It'll all work out ;p
June 03, 2011
This sounds like it was a mess. I'm staying away from Amazon for MP 3 too! Thanks for writing this review.
June 03, 2011
Thanks for reading, Adri!
June 03, 2011
Always a pleasure. :)
June 03, 2011
Bless your heart - just something else you had to worry about on your wedding day! Glad everything worked out with your song Samantha. I'll make sure I by-pass Amazon for MP3 files!!
June 03, 2011
It worked out just fine, except I think the DJs were watching the ceremony because our walking up the aisle song was supposed to be one of my faves, Michael Franti's "Hey Now Now" and they replayed "Ribbon In The Sky" LOL but, I think I'm the only one that noticed!
June 04, 2011
Well, I guess if everything was perfect, it wouldn't have as many memories!! It'll give you something to look back on 100 years from now LOL BTW, I have posted a question and you would be perfect to answer it; I have some suggestions from Adrianna, and would love your comments as well since you are the DJ!! Here is the link:  click me here
June 04, 2011
Be careful what you ask for ;p I just left quite a list for you! Hope it helps :)
June 03, 2011
Yeah, I am with you, I like all the ipods and whatnot but I still like vinyls and cds....the old school way! Nice one, Sam!
June 03, 2011
Thanks Woo! You just can't depend on it the way you can vinyl or anything that you can actually hold in your hands (not counting the device that's needed to play/read it!).
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Amazon MP3
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