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An Analysis of Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech to the United States Congress (5-24-11

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Middle East Peace Themes

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Middle East Peace Themes

  • Jun 6, 2011
  • by
 An Analysis of the Speech of  By Prime Minister Netanyahu to the Congress (5-24-11)
                                                                       By: Dr. Joseph S. Maresca

The article will begin with excerpts of the speech followed by critique of  Dr. Joseph S. Maresca.


In an unstable Middle East, Israel is the one anchor of stability...
You don’t need to do nation building in Israel. We’re already built.
You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it.
You don’t need to send American troops to defend Israel. We defend ourselves...
Support for Israel’s security is a wise investment in our common future...

Israel is a stable democracy which can stand relatively on its own in an area of the
world with historic hostilities.

Millions of young people are determined to change their future. We all look at them.
They muster courage. They risk their lives. They demand dignity. They desire liberty. 
These extraordinary scenes in Tunis and Cairo, evoke those of Berlin and Prague in 1989.
Yet as we share their hopes, but we also must remember that those hopes could be snuffed
out as they were in Tehran in 1979...

The Middle East now is a caldron or hotbed of discontent due to years of neglect by potentates
at the top of a number of host governments. The situation is fluid and hopefully the scales will
tilt in favor of freedom because people everywhere are demanding it in the same way they did so
in Berlin and Prague in 1989.

We have a free press, independent courts, an open economy,
rambunctious parliamentary debates. You think you guys are tough on one another in Congress?
Come spend a day in the Knesset. Be my guest...

Israel is a country with open debate just like America. In contrast, many of its neighbors
punish the notion of open debate and civil disobedience . Recently, Syria killed hundreds in a
recent crackdown triggered by the arrests of teens in an uprising.
The regime's days are numbered.

Of the 300 million Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa, only Israel’s Arab citizens enjoy
real democratic rights. I want you to stop for a second and think about that. Of those 300 million Arabs, less than one-half of one-percent are truly free, and they’re all citizens of Israel! ...
The tyranny in Tehran brutalizes its own people. It supports attacks against American troops
in Afghanistan and Iraq. It subjugates Lebanon and Gaza. It sponsors terror worldwide...

Prime Minister Netanyahu claims that the truly free Arabs are the ones living under constitutional
processes in the State of Israel.     Iran is the protagonist in the region and only regime change
has any chance of changing the adverse power calculus.  As soon as Iran gives up its nuclear program
and replaces it with alternative energies,  Iran will blossom once again and enter into the community
of nations as a welcome trading partner. Iran sits in a significant earthquake zone and its nuclear
facilities pose a grave threat to itself.  Iran should be building its civil engineering infrastructure in
anticipation of earthquake disturbances which could rock the region as experienced in the past.

I am willing to make painful compromises to achieve this historic peace. As the leader of Israel,
it is my responsibility to lead my people to peace...
We’ve helped the Palestinian economy by removing hundreds of barriers and roadblocks to the
free flow of goods and people. The results have been nothing short of remarkable.
The Palestinian economy is booming. It’s growing by more than 10% a year.

    Palestinian cities look very different today than they did just a few years ago. They have
shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, banks. They even have e-businesses. This is all happening without peace. Imagine what could happen with peace. Peace would herald a new day for both peoples. It would make the dream of a broader Arab-Israeli peace a realistic possibility...
It is time for President Abbas to stand before his people and say… “I will accept a Jewish state.”

Americans know very little about a thriving Palestinian economy. Many Americans hear only
of the poverty of the Palestinians- particularly the misery on the Gaza Strip. There is a functioning
economic model for Palestinian autonomy and this model should be strengthened and applied
throughout the territories. In addition, the Israel Kibbutz organizational apparatus can keep people
living and working locally so that they do not have to travel through checkpoints.  An American
military base can act as a further buffer to guarantee the peace and make deliveries through
checkpoint areas. The concept of victory gardens and growing food locally can provide ample foodstuffs.
Solar energy is another possibility for establishing energy independence.

 Grama and White studied how milk was made in India. Then, they proceeded to blend Grama's knowledge of Thermodynamics with advances in photovoltaics. The pair looks forward to
manufacturing solar powered refrigerators run by simple microprocessors. The solar cooler could preserve cow's milk, yogurt and medicines in villages throughout the world lacking electricity.

It is time for President Abbas to stand before his people and say… “I will accept a Jewish state.
Those six words will change history. They will make clear to the Palestinians that this conflict must come to an end...
 In any peace agreement that ends the conflict, some settlements will end up beyond Israel’s borders.
The precise delineation of those borders must be negotiated. We will be very generous on the
size of a future Palestinian state. But as President Obama said, the border will be different
from the one that existed on June 4, 1967. Israel will not return to the indefensible lines of 1967.
We recognize that a Palestinian state must be big enough to be viable,
independent and prosperous...   As for Jerusalem, only a democratic Israel has protected freedom of worship for all faiths in the city. Jerusalem must never again be divided. Jerusalem must remain the united capital of Israel

The ball is in the Palestinian court right now. Recognizing Israel's right to exist would be a
simple neighborly gesture which could change the history of the area forever.  Israel itself
will be generous in agreeing to a sizable Palestinian future state but this will not include a
return to the pre-1967 borders because these boundaries are indefensible. Israel can
build outward into the Mediterranean Sea utilizing underwater cities
and building man made islands/ infrastructure on top of the water along the 110 mile border
with the Mediterranean Sea. Jerusalem is non-negotiable; however, there are Arab quarters
already in Jerusalem with Arabs living adjacent to both Christians and Jews.   1)

This is the peace I plan to forge with a Palestinian partner committed to peace.
But you know very well, that in the Middle East, the only peace that will hold is a peace you can defend...
In recent years, Israel withdrew from South Lebanon and Gaza.
But we didn’t get peace. Instead, we got 12,000 thousand rockets fired from those areas on our cities, on our children, by Hezbollah and Hamas. The UN peacekeepers in Lebanon failed to
prevent the smuggling of this weaponry. The European observers in Gaza
evaporated overnight...

So if Israel simply walked out of the territories, the flow of weapons into a future
Palestinian state would be unchecked. Missiles fired from it could reach virtually
every home in Israel in less than a minute. I want you to think about that too.
Imagine that right now we all had less than 60 seconds to find shelter from an
incoming rocket. Would you live that way? Would anyone live that way?
Well, we aren’t going to live that way either.     The truth is that Israel needs unique
security arrangements because of its unique size...

Peace can be achieved only around the negotiating table. The Palestinian attempt to impose
a settlement through the United Nations will not bring peace. It should be forcefully opposed
by all those who want to see this conflict end...

Israel is aware quite painfully of all of the non-compliance issues with terrorists of every kind
in the region. The maxim "Trust but Verify" is the order of the day. Otherwise, Israel will have
armed conflict right in its midst. An American military base might help to deflect some of
the conflict along with United Nations troops and other defensive mechanisms.
A monorail system could transport thousands of people over the ground making the
streets safer to traverse.

So I say to President Abbas: Tear up your pact with Hamas! Sit down and negotiate!
Make peace with the Jewish state! And if you do, I promise you this.
Israel will not be the last country to welcome a Palestinian state as a new member
of the United Nations. It will be the first to do so...

President Abbas should make peace with Israel directly as a sign of goodwill aimed
at changing history forever. Take a look at biblical prophecy.
Ezekiel revealed that the Moslem militia will not form the caliphate or global dominance.
Jesus will intercede and disband/ destroy the al Qaeda forces (Ezekiel 38:18-39:6).
Bible prophecy will be triumphant and perhaps the 1000 year peace will follow .

I,  Dr. Joseph S. Maresca concur.

1) http://www.traveladventures.org/continents/asia/jerusalem3.shtml
Middle East Peace Themes

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June 12, 2011
I believe that Middle East peace will be solved well before the beginning of the 22nd century. Having said that, the resolution will be the work of this new century. Prime Minister Netanyahu did much to crystalize the issues. In doing so, he went as far as any Prime Minister can go in offering an olive branch. The ball is very much in the court of the Palestinians right now. I would encourage the Palestinians to settle soon because time is marching on and their youth simply are not moving ahead with their lives and careers. A resolution would place the Palestinian people in a positive mode to advance educationally, culturally and economically.
June 12, 2011
This is an insightful and truthful analysis of a significant mattter. It is important for everyone to support peace and Israel's rights. Thanks for taking the time to do this and for sharing your thoughts.
June 07, 2011
Very interesting takes on the talks. I like that you included analyses of what's been said. Great job on keeping the public educated and discussing!
June 08, 2011
I wish everyone on this website could weigh in on these arguments. Maybe , we could arrive at a unique general consensus or perspective unavailable anywhere else.
June 08, 2011
I know what you mean. A lot of people shy away from political discussions for some reason.
June 07, 2011
Thanks for sharing this with me, Joe. Good to read different takes on what's going on in the world.
June 08, 2011
Lots of things are happening in the world right now. There are significant opportunities, as well as things that undermine progress. I'm hoping that the peacemakers can prevail over time. There are different communications devices on the streets today. i.e. cell phones and new communications devices unheard of just a decade ago.

I believe that the communications revolution will marginalize Islamic extremism and replace it with dialog between nations and peoples everywhere.
June 08, 2011
Very good point.

I was reading somewhere, though, that all these communication devices can actually isolate people from communicating. I'm not paraphrasing the argument as well as it was written. I think it had something to do with people distancing themselves from personal connections around them and instead being engaged in tons of gaming or social network frivolity. 
June 08, 2011
"I was reading somewhere, though, that all these communication devices can actually isolate people from communicating. "

Computer interface with people marginalizes the interpersonal communications of a handshake, a smile, body language and a whole world of communication which is absent in machine interface only. That's why interpersonal skills are becoming harder to grasp. People are becoming too far removed from each other and the result is alienation.
June 06, 2011
---Just one point. There are many more I might mention but I'm too old and tired to rehash much of yesterday's hash. "I am willing to make painful compromises to achieve this historic peace."      ---Such as? Netanyahu has said many times that the borders must be negotiated. On at least two occasions that I recall, Israelis themselves produced maps that provided for a strongly defended Israel state. The first was by way of Ehud Barak, the second by a team of Israelis and Palestinians as part, I believe, of the last gasps of the Oslo negotiations. The top Israeli officers in the IDF have said that the 1967 borders with few adjustments are viable for defense.      ---Netanyahu and his fellow conservatives, I think it's fair to say, are as much interested in controlling the river side of Palestine, in annexing as much arable Palestinian farmland as possible, and in forcing a Palestinian state to be formed in two sections, with transportation and communication links subject to control by Israel, as they are in "defensible" borders.      ---In a 2001 video, Netanyahu, reportedly unaware he was being recorded, said: "They asked me before the election if I'd honor [the Oslo accords]... I said I would, but [that] I'm going to interpret the accords in such a way that would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the '67 borders. How did we do it? Nobody said what defined military zones were. Defined military zones are security zones; as far as I'm concerned, the entire Jordan Valley is a defined military zone. Go argue."      ---Let's hope the neo-cons of Israel don't wind up leading their country to the disastrous actions the neo-cons here led the U.S.
June 06, 2011
Maybe the American military base should be placed square in the middle of the most contentious area surrounding the pre-1967 borders. Someone- I think it was Charley 2 suggested an American military base as an important element for stability in the area.
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An Analysis of Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech to the United States Congress (5-24-11
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