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Child Harness

2 Ratings: -4.0
A safety restraint for walking with small children.

A child harness (alternative: child tether, British English: walking reins) is a safety restraint for walking with small children. The device is primarily used with toddlers and children of preschool age, and typically consists of a shoulder harness … see full wiki

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1 review about Child Harness

Child Harnesses

  • Dec 18, 2009
  • by
 Some might say that I am not a mother therefore I do not yet understand the difficulties of raising children, but I do not need to be a parent to know that child leashes are not only unnecessary but also down right mean. I have had a lot of experience working in preschools, babysitting, working as a full time nanny and being surrounded by many younger cousins. While the job can be a rough one, never have I once felt the need to strap a harness with a rope attached onto any of these kids.

            Now my thoughts on kid leashes did not just spring from the idea of them, but from one on one experiences. No I was never a kid on a leash, my parents just dressed me in overalls and held on to the straps. I was actually in the airport not too long back and there was a child on a leash. He was about 1 1/2 years old and he had one of those leashes that have a cute little monkey backpack to try and distract you from how cruel they really are. At first the mom was walking the kid around and then she handed the leash to the dad. After the dad was over walking the kid he handed the leash to the little sister who couldn’t have been more than 5. It was like this human toddler was the pet for the family and everyone had the chore to take it on a walk.

            Later the dad hurried by me not walking the kid on the leash but literally dragging him. He eventually pulled so hard on the leash that the kid fell over right on top of my bag. I looked up at the dad to see if he noticed, which he did, yet all he said was “Oops”. He then let go of the leash and walked away. He just left his crying child, on top of my bag! After I realized the dad had no intention of helping his own child to his feet and consoling him, I picked up the boy. Of course at that moment the dad turned around and instead of saying “Sorry” or “Thank you for tending to my kid” he said “You know if you touch him you have to bring him home”. Looking back on this event I wish I would have said “OK” and actually took him because I am sure I would be a better parent than that imbecile. However, at the time I was so submerged in shock that I just stared at the man.

            What so many people do not realize is that kids are supposed to be fidgety, loud, annoying and, most importantly, are supposed to run around. I have heard so many adults complain about how a child just would not sit still or just would not shut up. However, if they took one second to reflect on their childhood they would realize that they were the exact same way and that they would have been mortified to have their parent walk them around on a leash like an animal. Every time I see a kid on a leash I want to walk up and untie them and scream “Run!!! You’re free!!!”

            While the parents think leashes are a great idea so their kid wont go running off into crowds, what they do not realize is that their child will be the one that completely rebels during their teenage years. After so many years of being tied up they will finally break free from their parents and the leash they were connected to and become that kid at the party who has done 10 keg stands and thinks it is a good idea to go streaking through the neighborhood. 

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July 11, 2011
These are interesting perspectives.
March 21, 2011
Hmm. Well, I guess ... if you say so. I'm no parent, so I'm not one to judge, but I do agree about that whole thing of "let people who live in glass houses throw stones" or however it goes. If a parent needs a leash on a child for whatever reason, I guess I don't have any problem with it. Maybe the parent is the problem ... a bit absent-minded maybe ... so the leash is as much for the parent as it is the kid. Is it the best solution? Probably not. But, like I said, who am I to judge? Now, if somebody takes a hand to a kid in public, THAT I always have a problem with. I'm not judging anyone, but I'm far more inclined to walk up and ask if that was absolutely necessary to be done in public. I haven't been hit yet, but my wife tells me I get really close to it.
November 16, 2010
I'm sorry you felt the need to put up such a judgmental review. I'm an extremely attentive mom to an extremely "active" 3 1/2-year-old who has managed to outrun me time and again. She has run into parking lots, she has run ahead of me into a crowd, she ran in front of a hayride tractor because she was afraid it wouldn't stop for her, and she has run onto an amusement park ride that she was much too small for. My screaming "stop" has no effect on her. She's wonderful and well-behaved in other ways, but not in this way. We go lots of places with crowds (fairs, festivals, shows, etc.) and as much as we both love it, it's also scary to have these close calls. I don't use a harness; I bought one, used it twice, and it didn't work for us. However, I'd never judge someone who does. I know what it's like to do your very best and still have the terror of watching your child run into a dangerous situation and be helpless to stop her. Keeping a firm grip on her hand is not very different from keeping a harness backpack on her-- the harness actually gives her MORE freedom. And where in the world are you getting your data to back up the idea that children who wear harnesses are going to hate their parents and do keg stands? Trying to keep kids safe from physical danger doesn't mean the same thing as being overprotective or Puritanical. Do you feel kids who are put into strollers or baby carriers are also being oppressed? You're not even a mom yet and you're already engaging in "Mommy Wars," and so are the other non-parents here. This makes me sad.
October 10, 2010
I couldn't agree with you more! I get really bewildered when I see kids on leashes and dogs in strollers...isn't that a bit backward? Thanks for your awesome review! I'm also one of those that doesn't have a kid, but I'm an auntie and never thought of putting a leash on a kid. It's called hands and you can actually have physical contact with your child, it's OK....use the hand and actually parent them so that they'll heel lol...
February 02, 2010
Too basd they did not have these when my kids were growing up. Thanks.
January 23, 2010
Excellent review. Although I am not a parent I heartily agree with your take on this issue. There are some very limited circumstances where I can see something like thie being useful but certainly in only the rarest of instances. I reviewed a new electronic gizmo on Lunch called "Little Buddy Child Tracker" which for me raises the same kind of issues for older kids.
December 30, 2009
Interesting topic! I have an almost 3 year old, and really can't fathom using a leash, even in the most exasperating of situations. That said, we've yet to venture anywhere that she could get taken/lost like an amusement park or huge concert, so I guess I should never say never. While I really agree with your take, I'd also love to mention that the #1 lesson I've learned since becoming a mom is that I'll NEVER again judge another parent, especially one I see in public. It's the greatest joy of my life, but can also be harrowing beyond anything that you can imagine until you experience it personally. Bottom line, you just never know what people are going through. While the airport dad sounds like a douche beyond all douches, that family could've been experiencing anything from death, divorce, cancer, job loss... you name it. I'd love to see our society become more able to be empathetic with one another rather than so judgmental. For that family's sake, I really do hope it was an extenuating circumstance, as it's horrifying to think that's just their status quo parenting style. Thanks for the thought provoking review!
December 18, 2009
Great review, Michelle.  Thanks for tackling this topic!  I'm not a mother myself, but I've actually had several conversations with my friends about child harnesses before, and I still have mixed feelings about them.  On the one hand, it seems cruel, but on the other hand, it'd be handy in really crowded places, and if someone like an older, slower relative, were babysitting my child, I'd feel a bit more at ease knowing that there was this restraint.  I'd stop using it once my child started remembering things, though.  I think it just depends on the parents.  The example that you pointed out, though, I agree, seems ridiculous, and unnecessarily cruel to the child.

Have you ever heard of those children GPS trackers?  You should check out this review where @drifter51 sounds off about the Insignia "Little Buddy" tracker.  That's another somewhat controversial parenting topic!
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2 Ratings: -4.0
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