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Contra Rebirth

1 rating: 5.0
Contra Rebirth is the 12th Contra vidio game by Konami.

Contra ReBirth is a 2D run and gun video game developed by M2 and published by Konami for WiiWare. It is the twelfth original installment in the Contra series. It was released in Japan on May 12, 2009, North America on September 7, 2009 and was released … see full wiki

1 review about Contra Rebirth

Contra: Rebirth Wii Ware Review

  • Sep 8, 2009
  • by

The Review script in edited is below this video, enjoy.

Hey gamers its Kwing here, bringing you another exciting video review. Retro gamers REJOICE! The 12th Contra game Rebirth, finally comes to the States. The Story takes place in the yr 2633 AD, 3 yrs before The Alien Wars. Neo Salmander force travels back to 1973 to invade the earth.With the Earth surrounded by the Zelos Force the Galatic President decides to despatch to Lance Bean to save the world. However; something happens to Lance and Bill Rizer is awoken from his cryogenic sleep.

Contra Rebirth is 2D running and gunning action game. Very similar in appearance to Contra's 3 and 4. Although you will notice no top down or 3D perspectives in this game at all. Players can play as Either Rizer or Neo contra's Cybrog Samurai Jaguar! Players can play solo or play the entire adventure with a friend. The game has a total of 4 difficulties Easy,Normal,Hard and Nightmare which can be unlocked.

This time around 3 guns have returned! The Lazer,Missles and Spreader gun! Yeah baby! A love this GUN! The point with all Contra games is not to get shot, the game like the rest of series has no health bar and if you get shot you lose a life and your equipped gun. Unless you're playing on easy difficulty, in which case you will re spawn with your weapon. The goal of the game is simple really,run and gun through the 5 levels,kill everyone and anything in your path,don't get hit and defeat the bosses and punish the Alien scum stupid enough to take over your planet, while you were a Popsicle.

The game follows the same formula from Contra games of yore and allows for 3 different control options. Wii mote held NES style,Classic controller and even the game cube controller. To get best experience possible you need to play using the classic controller. The Y button shoots,The R Button Aims and the B button will jump. To change weapons hit the X button. Rebirth has Simple pick up and play gameplay. Plus its fun. The following is just a few nick picks and issues I had with Rebirth.

First the game is only 5 Levels! That's it. Even Contra 4 had more of then that. Plus they didn't even bother to add the top down or 3rd person viewed stages. How can they call it Contra without one or the other. Its a series staple ya know? Next this game has no Super Bombs! Nadda, this would have made harder difficultly less nail biting. The game doesn't allow you to use 2 guns at a time like in Alien wars. On the last part of the final level the Music replays the 3rd stages theme. UGH!!! I hate WHEN GAMES DO THAT! Sorry but I do. Up till then the Music was awesome and fit the mood of the stages perfectly. Sure its a Wii Ware game, but its no excuse,if they are doing arrangements of previous Contra games, they have more then enough music.

 Lance dresses in Drag, what are you kidding me? sometimes I really don't understand how the Japanese mind works. Guess Nintendo doesn't sensor games very well anymore. This to me, was more disturbing then funny. The games price is $10! or 1,000 Wii Points. Wow Konami. I mean is it worth it. Well yeah MM9 was the same price but it was like a new Nes MM game and just as long, if not longer. The final complaint again this Minor complaints, why in the world is Jagur in this? How could he be in cyro sleep if he is Bill's Partner in 4444AD? How do you explain the continuity now Konami? Unless you don't want to count Neo contra, which I would be fine with actually.

However; this game has so much good things going for it. One the game has insanely high Replay value. I kid you not. 4 Difficulty settings each one harder then the last. Just like the Contra games of old, this is a game you will want to play over and over again. Just you can master it and savor every second of replaying it over and over. Ive already beaten the game 10 times! Just like Alien Wars in Japan, this game has Unlimited continues! Because the developers knew this game would school people over and over again. Especially playing the game on Hard and Nightmare! So once you die and you will you can continue to your hearts content. Im not use to this option but because of it I was able to introduce my Wife to the Contra series! This feature fits in perfectly for a Wii ware game and made this game even more fun, if that's even possible! The graphics for this game are amazing too. Just like Capcom did a revamp of the Nes glory days of MM. Konami decided to base the games style after Contra
s 3 and 4. Its a perfect tribute to the Snes during its Prime. However; Snes can't handle Rebirth. The mode 7 effects this games has, the explosions,lighting effects,amount of enemies attacking, Plus everything in this game is incredibly detailed and the art direction fits perfectly.

 The Music was wonderful to - although it felt more like an old late 80s Arcade game then 16 Bit game. But hey it was still radical! Because this game is modeled after the golden yrs of gaming, new players may not understand the lack of levels,simple pick up play gameplay and the fact you're dead in one hit. But I challenge them to play it before they even think about calling it lame.
Rebirth really does separate the Men from the Boys. And no matter if your a Contra vetern or not this game is still hard as nails and will have any gamer crying for their mommy! It has unlockable characters,perfect gameplay you die its your fault,great 2D visuals,Epic replay value but most of all it is wicked Addicting and fun!
So Game Knights entertainment gives Contra Rebirth, a 9.4/10
I hope other companies making Wii Ware games follow Konami's example and by no means are 2D games ancient History anymore.

 Games today have a different vibe compared to the good old days, you gamers 23 to 35 will get my meaning. Im happy to say that Rebirth although you can speed through it in 12 minutes or less, you Retro gamers will be replaying this for yrs to come. This one of those gamers where you need not be ashamed of high scores. Well thanks for taking the time to watch another game knights video review. Keep it here to see more trailers and interviews too. Please don't forget to listen to our radio program every week. This is Kwing saying God bless and happy gaming, until we meet again gamers.



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Contra Rebirth
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