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Create Space Online Service

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A book publishing website.

There are a lot of steps that you have to go through to get your book published but they are very easy and if you take them one at a time you will not get flustered. This is a free site and you do not have to pay anything to join. Once you join, just … see full wiki

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1 review about Create Space Online Service

Want your book published go to Createspace.com

  • Dec 15, 2010
  • by
If you are having trouble with finding a publisher just like I was, then all you have to do is accidentally open your mouth and say something like I did on epinions. The people on epinions  were looking for me and I just happen to mention that I was having trouble with finding a way to get my novel published. This novel is called "Death of a Family" took me ten years to write this book and I was with the Writers Literary group for the last two years. There were doing nothing for me except taking my money. On www.createspace.com they will help you self publish your book in as little as one month. The biggest price you have to pay it to have a professional edit your work for you. I had to 4 cents a word for a total of $1,700.00 for the whole book. But, when you get past this point it will be smooth sailing.

Createspace has a lot to offer, they can offer you a whole line of publishing help from start to finish and whenever you need help or even have the smallest of questions then all you have to do is call them and they will do the best that they can do to walk you through their system. There is a lot of information that I am going to tell you about, hopefully I will not bore you.
Even though my book "Death of a Family" is now published, I still need help with the marketing and sales aspects. This site has a team of people that will help you through all of this, instead of trying to find an agent. The agent will take a % whenever you make a sale. This site will help you get started and get published, they also have a way to preview your book with a preview gallery and show case. If you have questions on what to do, they also have a special community and resources that you can confide in.

Easy Steps
There are a lot of steps that you have to go through to get your book published but they are very easy and if you take them one at a time you will not get flustered. This is a free site and you do not have to pay anything to join. Once you join, just like any other site you will have to create a profile and preview, if you need the services of an editorial and illustration services they have that also. Since my book was already edited I was a step up on all of this. No editorial service is perfect, mine cost $1700.00 because they charge per word.

Once you have completed the initial process of creating an account for yourself then you are ready to  begin with the setup. The setup includes things such as title information, physical properties, they will issue your book a ISBN number, then you can choose the interior and cover of your book. Then you will have to wait until all of these areas are checked green to complete your setup of your book. You will get to choose what the cover of the book is going to look like, by either designing your own cover or just choosing one of their premade covers that they have on file. You will also be able to choose the size and price of your book. You will also be able to put illustrations and pictures in your book, and of course this is when the price comes in. Depending on the pages and size of your book will depend on how much of a royalty that you will be getting. 

Once you have completed the setup part of this process then you will have to submit and wait for the file review to be reviewed by their staff. After each step the staff will do a file review to let you know if there is any action that is required to go further. Just so you know, there are four different types of icons that they will be using, and they are a green check mark for complete, a red circle with a white line in the center for incomplete, a yellow triangle for action required, and a clock shape for an in process action. When you follow up with the action required and fix whatever is wrong, then they will put a green check next to that area letting you know that you can move on to the next step. If there is no green check and you see a red circle with a white line in it and you cannot figure out what is wrong then just give the customer service department a call and more than likely they will be able to help you out.

Completed Book
When everything is done and you have submitted your files for review it will take 24 to 48 hours to notify you that you can order a proof copy of your book. Depending on how fast you need or want your copies that will depend on the cost of the shipping. Usually it only costs five dollars to ship you five books in ten days. The most important thing to remember is that if you decide to make any changes to your book you will have to start the whole process over again. I know this because I accidentally hit the wrong button and had to start the process over again.

Once you get your proof copy then you can look it over and see if there is any corrections that need to be made. Yes, of course I had to make changes the first time I did it, but after that it went smooth. The same day that I approved the proof copy my book, it went up for sale on www.createspace.com and within 5 days it went on sale at www.amazon.com then after two weeks it went on sale in the digital platform at Amazon for the Kindle books area.

Each of these different areas will of course give you a different amount of royalties, depending on where you make your sales. The most important thing is making sales no matter where you do it at, but of course you would like to have them purchase your book at www.createspace.com. when you are done submitting your book they will attach a number to you book which you can attach to the website address bar that way it will take anyone directly to your book without doing a whole lot of searching for it; such as www.createspace.com/3496449 will take you straight to my book. But, if they prefer to find it on Amazon they will have to go to amazon.com and do an author search to find your particular book until it has sold enough to be considered a top contender.

There are so many different custom ways that you can publish your book, that Create Space will help you out by just making different categories that are already in their database, such as total design freedom standard, essentials, advanced, and marketing pro. There is also a standard values called authors express and advantage. This website also has a children's book solutions, with and without illustration.

If you need any help getting your book edited then they have a full line of editing help such as basic editing, comprehensive editing, and comprehensive copyediting plus. They also have editorial evaluations and promotional text creations. Along with editing they have a interior layout and design options. These include interior PDF, authors advantage book interiors, total design and freedom custom book interior, total design for children's books, and Kindle ready file conversion. This website also has custom illustration for any animation that you may want.

You may need help with the front and back cover designs on your book and this website also has a cover PDF and an advantage book cover, a unique book cover, signature book cover, and a illustrated book cover, along with this they also have book scanning to offer.

When you get to this point you are going to need a helping hand and some extra cash to  go any further. This website will offer you several different way for you to get the word out about your book. Some of them would be a press release with distribution and creation. Then there is the review services from Kirkus Discoveries review and Foreword Clarion reviews. You will also have the option of getting your book assigned with an LCCN number. The other things that they offer are video book trailers, a publicity kit, bookmarks, business cards, postcards, posters, and sell sheets. All of which cost different amounts of money from $199.00 to $499.00. For instance 500 business cards with a full color picture on the front of the card, and a short book and contact info on the back (2"x3.5").

This may be a lot of info to take in at one time but if you have been going what I have for the last two years and are getting nowhere, then it is time to give www.createspace.com a try. Within four to six weeks, you could have your book published and be making sales as I have been doing. The most important thing to remember is that this is a self-publishing site and you will be expected to do all of the foot work yourself. You will get help with the web site and if you want editing and marketing help you will have to pay for it. You will not have to pay any agent a percentage out of your royalties. In short I guess that you can that this website is your agent. You will get your royalties directly deposited into your bank account at no charge. I am so excited to see my first royalty deposit, this usually will take about two months to see your first deposit. You will not go wrong with the help that this site will give you to get you going. Five stars for this site.

Want your book published go to Createspace.com Want your book published go to Createspace.com

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February 10, 2011
Sounds like a priceless website for all those looking to be published. Excellent review!
February 06, 2011
Very thorough and well done review! Thanks...if I ever finish my novel, I may look into this!
February 01, 2011
I am thinking of writing some green parenting and homeschooling books in the future, this looks like a great option for me! Thanks for the thorough review!
December 15, 2010
My book was published via Booksurge which has recently merged with Createspace.  I had a decent experience but I don't like their approach to hardbacks.  In the future I will probably go with Lightening Source.
December 15, 2010
Thanks I hope it will help some else. Pass the word about my book Called "Death of a Family" you can find it at www.createspace.com/3496449
December 15, 2010
Wow, this sounds so cool, Harold! I know a writer who's trying to get published. I'll definitely let her know about this option. Thanks so much for this really informative review!
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