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Cursed Mountain Wii

1 rating: 4.0
Cursed MT is a Horror game for the Nintendo Wii and takes place on a fictional Buddist temple.

Cursed Mountain is a survival horror adventure video game for Wii developed by Sproing Interactive, in collaboration with, and published by Deep Silver Vienna. It was released on August 25, 2009 in North America. The game focuses on a mountaineer searching … see full wiki

1 review about Cursed Mountain Wii

Cursed Mountain Review

  • Sep 9, 2009
  • by
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Hey gamers, its Kwing here with another Game Knights video review. Keeping up with the horror theme this yr in 2009, yet another survival horror game has landed for the Nintendo Wii. Cursed Mt. Now the story for this game revolves around the search of your missing brother, whom has disappeared. He was hired by Ethan Benett to find a special artifact. However; something happened on the top of the Mt and your brother was never seen or heard from again. Players take on the role of Eric Simmons an expert climber who is searching for his brother.

The game like most games in genre requires you to explore the terrain.The player has to Climb latters,Jump across roofs,dodge rocks trying to flatten you like a Pancake and collect lots of books and other useful items! So as you can see some concepts for this game take a page out of Re4, which isn't a bad thing at all. The whole point of this game though is to bust or other wise destroy the ghosts. However; the game goes about it very differently then the rest of the pack. Early on in the game Eric discovers a strange Ice Pick that has the power to kill ghosts. Soon after he learns a technique called the 3rd Eye which allows the player to zap the ghosts. Eric collects a variety of different abilities for his 3rd eye. Like more powerful shooting powers and later in the game being able to grab ghosts. Like most games in the genre you do have some boss fights, but they mainly are hit in run tactics and nothing to stress about. Anyway the over all point of this game is, fight ghosts,find books and locate your brother.

Controls=For the game play of this game Im just going to talk about the Combat. You can harm ghosts's be swinging your axe wildly around. Or you can use your 3RD Eye, you aim by moving the pointing on the Screen with the Wii mote and fire by hitting the B button. When the read circle appears on a Ghost you can do banishment techinque. This is the only real motion controls for this game and frankly they aren't that good.

Bad- Ok now I haven't ranted in quite a while. So Im do folks. First off the having to break open jars to find incense sticks got really repetitive. The gameplay is fine and dandy However; the camera angels are terrible! You have no control on the camera what so ever. This can be a pain when trying to fight off ghosts and dodge stuff. The motion controls in this game utterly fails! It honestly feels like the developers just threw this stuff in to call it a Wii game. Thats just sad! Like when you are trying to dodge a knife to the gut, or walking and balancing off a high beams! Yikes

But as bad as that was the summoning the demon in the shrine was down right stupid.  So, when did this become another lame Waggling Wii title? Heck even the Destiny of Zorro's waggle is better then this garbage. Holy crap is it bad. For some reason the developers decided in order to dispel the ghosts you need to use motion controls. Brilliant NOT! This is where the game litterly starts to fall apart. UGH - But you won't no how frustrating the banishment technique can be until you get the Lag Pa! You would think this device would make busting ghosts easier. Ha wrong again. The final nail in the coffin for this game. Because its a great idea being to kill the ghosts in one hit, but since the motion controls are unresponsive most of the time you will die. So then you are much better off running around swinging your Ice pike and hoping you kill them that way.

Good= The biggest thing going for the game is the Story. The mystery behind the curse is both thrilling and tense and I was very intrigued by it. The voice acting in this game isn't that bad either and helped add to the story. By collecting the little books scattered across a stage, you get different peoples view point on the Curse. While the graphics aren't really pushing the hardware. I think that the Character models like great, the Snowing effect was awesome and most of the levels were pretty plain. The thing that I was really impressed with, was particle effects for the Ghost's though.  The Ghost's would disappear into  the shadows and pop right behind you. The game isn't that scary at all and you always know when a ghost is coming because the screen will turn black and white. The ghost's can't hurt you most of the time until it appears behind you. The game allows players different ways of killing ghosts, me I preferred to run around hacking them to death. Eric doesn't use health kits in this game. Actually he heals himself by using these mini shrines, smashing those pots is actually essential if you wish to heal your self. But it does get stale after awhile. The actual combat for this game for most part is pretty solid but bad camera placement and motion controls really seem to drag this game down.

Well Up until then this game was at least a rental and I did enjoy the Story alot, which usually isn't the case for games like this. Still what ruins this experience is the motion controls!  When you fight harder ghosts and must use the  3 or 4 part banishment spell,it doesn't always work. This then leaves Eric wide open and the ghosts drain your health very quickly. Cursed Mt has an incredible storyline,exploring the world is fun,Fighting ghosts is fun,3RD aiming and shooting ghosts is great,visuals aren't to shabby,the music is decent,sound effects are spot on. But the motion controls are a joke and ruined this game. So Game Knights' gives Cursed Mt a 5.5/10!

Again up until the longer banishment spells the game was really fun. However once I started yelling at my Tv during the failed attempts to banish ghosts, the fun factor turned to hatred. Anyway if you guys can look past that aspect of the game, you may enjoy it.Well thanks for watching another Game Knights video review, keep it locked here for more trailers,Interviews and our Radio program every week. This is Kwing saying Good bless and happy gaming until we meet again.

- Kwing

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Cursed Mountain
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