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Disconnect by Devra Davis

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The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

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1 review about Disconnect by Devra Davis

Precautions to Take Before You Use Your Cell Phone

  • Apr 19, 2011
Disconnect by Devra Davis
Penguin Group  2010

Reviewed by: Dr. Joseph S. Maresca

The author discusses various research studies highlighting
areas where cell phone use can be problematic- particularly
over long time periods. Some phones actually have a notice
" Do not hold closer than 1" from your body."
A number of  insurers refuse to cover cell phone
companies and operators in the event of claims
indicating health damage from long term operation
of these devices.

Invisible radio frequency radiation can alter
living cells and increase the risks of cancer
and neurological disease. The first mobile phone
model makers assumed that radio frequency radiation
has no biological impact or at least
no measurable impact.

Generally, cell signals are weak, invisible and
fast traveling. A key research question involves
the impact of prolonged radio frequency radiation
on the human brain. A related research question
is to make the transition from understanding the
adverse impact of prolonged radio frequency
radiation on rat brains to human ones.

Adlkofer notes that several recent papers
confirm that pulsed digital radio frequency
radiation can damage DNA. Cell phones may
even lower sperm count. Decreasing cell phone
radiation may be accomplished by decreasing
exposure to agents that damage DNA, weaken
the blood-brain barrier or unleash destructive
free radicals throughout the body.

The author provides ways to protect yourself at
the end of the book. Examples are:

o using wireless headsets
o face the keypad of the cell phone toward your body
o text instead of speaking on the cell phone
o put on the speakers and move the cell phone
away from your head

o pregnant women should keep the cell phone away
from the abdomen

o use the landline phone and refrain from cordless
phone use

Detoxification is another way to handle
electromagnetic radiation pollution according
to the following research study.  This research
is not cited by the author; however, the
current implications and possibilities for
future research are interesting.

"What I discovered, what I now firmly, believe
is that most if not all (genetics plays a part too)
illness is caused by toxin overload. 
Electromagnetic pollution is a massive environmental
toxin. But it is just one of these toxins.

I became so electro-sensitive I certainly
couldn't use a cell phone (EMF reduced or not).
I couldn't even use a regular corded phone.

This carried on for years and then one day
the whole toxin thing dawned on me.
Once I'd understood this fact and started to find
and apply solutions,  that's when I really
started to get better.

So how do I detox? Firstly and most importantly
I live and work in an environment where I have
applied the principles of EMF avoidance and
protection to the nth degree.
There are virtually no EMFs in my daily
environment (and certainly not nightly).
I drink the right water , never out of a plastic
bottle, never tap water but preferably
filtered water. I eat organic food, as much
as possible.  I'm careful as to what I put on
my body. I try and apply the rule
"don't put on your skin that which you wouldn't
put in your mouth" so chemical perfumes,
deodorants and chemical soaps and shampoos are
out of the question. I apply the "caveman test"
I say to myself would a caveman have eaten this,
drank this, done this etc. If not, chances are
it's no good for me. "     1)

Enhancements in the patent art have the potential
to reduce exposure to electromagnetic
radiation.  Although not cited by the author,
the following patents are aimed at
addressing some of the concerns in the author's

In accordance with one form of the present
invention, an article for reducing exposure
to electromagnetic radiation includes a binder
having crystal powder and reflective flecks
dispersed therein. The invention uses crystalline
material, reflective material and
fluorescent material, in combination to reduce
the exposure of a user to electromagnetic
radiation. These materials are distributed in a
binder such as a polymer. The binder may be
fluorescent and, in that case, no additional
fluorescent material may be required.
Other elements can further enhance the level
of protection realized.    2)

Tesla describes how his patent invention
manages the various trade-offs involved in
transmissions. Nikola Tesla while speaking
about his pioneering turn-of-the-century
work in the development of the first practical
system for wireless telecommunications said:

    ". . . the apparatus which I devised was an
apparatus enabling one to produce tremendous
differences of potential and currents in an
antenna circuit. These requirements must be
fulfilled, whether you transmit by currents
of conduction, or whether you transmit by
electromagnetic waves. 
You want high potential currents, you want a
great amount of vibratory energy; but you can
graduate this vibratory energy.  By proper design
and choice of wave lengths, you can arrange it so
that you get, for instance, 5 percent in these
electromagnetic waves and 95 percent in the
current that goes through the earth.  That is what
I am doing.  Or, you can get, as these radio men,
95 percent in the energy of electromagnetic waves
and only 5 percent in the energy of the current. 
The apparatus is suitable for one or the other
method. I am not producing radiation in my system;
I am suppressing electromagnetic waves.  But, on the
other hand, my apparatus can be used effectively
with electromagnetic waves.  The apparatus has
nothing to do with this new method except that it is
the only means to practice it.  So that in my system,
you should free yourself of the idea that there is
radiation, that energy is radiated.  It is not
radiated; it is conserved." [3]

Overall, the book is a worthy purchase for
consumers who wish to reduce the harmful
effects of electromagnetic radiation both
now and in the foreseeable future.

A strength of the presentation is that the
author provides real solutions to reduce
electromagnetic radiation for consumers.
The book is priced reasonably for a wide
constituency of cell phone users and
children especially.

There is a very extensive Acknowledgments section
which credits organizations; such as,
o National Research Center for Women and Families
o California Brain Tumor Association
o Radiation Rescue
o EMR Policy Institute and others

1) http://electricsense.com/1661/electromagneti...toxification-detox-cur/

2) United States  Patent 6369765 Issued on April 9, 2002.

3)  Nikola Tesla On His Work With Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, Telephony and Transmission of Power

4)  "The True Wireless"

5)  "The Disturbing Influence of Solar Radiation On the Wireless Transmission of Energy"

6)  Dr. Nikola Tesla -- Complete Patents
Precautions to Take Before You Use Your Cell Phone

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July 11, 2011
The book is worth acquiring. Uncontrolled cell phone use could result in severe health problems and possibly gliomas.
July 11, 2011
Sounds like a very worthwhile read.
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Disconnect by Devra Davis
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