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Disney Buys Marvel Comics

6 Ratings: -2.5
The deal that surprised the comics world....
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  • Sep 4, 2009

Upon hearing the news of Disney’s intentions to buy Marvel for a cool $ 4 Billion dollars, provided it gets approved by share holders, I had very mixed feelings. Some comic book fans were overjoyed that Marvel will now have access to Disney’s deep pockets while others were a little concerned that Marvel would lose their intricate storylines and lean more towards profitable kid-friendly movies and comics. Disney-Pixar have a good partnership and it works. Disney may see this situation as “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and may leave Marvel comics alone in the publishing of their magazines or they may get involved. I really do fear the influence of Disney in the production of Marvel movies though. Comic Book movies never had any respect in the 70’ and the 80’s. Time will tell if Marvel will experience a make over or not. 

Based on the assumption that Disney may indeed get involved I thought I may throw out some possibilities and dumb ideas…remember the “Amalgam of comic books”? Please keep in mind that this is all for fun and is NOT based on fact.
Peter “Duckling” the Spectacular Spider-Duck
Instead of the x-factor ‘the madder HULK gets the stronger he gets” it becomes “the Kinder Hulk gets the stronger he gets”.
Snow White and the Four Horsemen of Apocalyse
Deadpool in Wonderland
When Thor transforms back to Blake, the hammer becomes an iphone.
Capt. America’s ‘wings’ on his mask become ‘BEES”
Wolverine wears Mickey Mouse hats and has candy canes instead of claws.
WALL-E is revealed as ULTRON's son
The Little Mermaid will be seen as a Mutant and joins the X-men.
The Beast (Hank McCoy) and the Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) competes in a dancing contest.
many more...
Odin (in Odinsleep) and Sleeping Beauty meet in the World of Dreams
Cyclops goes “UP” in a sequel
Doc Doom becomes Doc Love
Xavier’s institute for gifted “CARS”
Mickey Mouse becomes the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet
Donald Duck replaces Jarvis as butler
The Wasp and Ant-man starring in “A Bug’s Life 2”
Goofy is revealed as the resurrected Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)
The Avengers tries to “Find Nemo”
The 7 Dwarves seek out the “Rings of the Mandarin”
Aladdin becomes the Sorcerer Supreme (replacing Doctor Strange)
Cable and Mulan together
Dumbo joins the New Mutants

Pocahantas moves to hell's kitchen; meets Daredevil 
World War DUCK (instead of Hulk)
The Junior Woodchucks invade Asgard

Hey, this can happen….(Let’s just hope Marvel rolls back their prices to $ 2.50)
Again, this WRITE UP is meant ONLY for entertainment.
Mickey Avengers Alice in Wonderland X-men

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September 08, 2009
I'm already concerned because Disney is involved with the production of the bio-pic of SECRETARIAT--i CAN IMAGINE THE GREAT RED RACE HORSE COMING OFF LOOKING LIKE MY LITTLE PONY NOW!!!! I had envisioned it being direceted by someone like CarrollBallard who direced NEVER CRY WOLF, FLY AWAY HOME, and of course, THE BLACK STALLION. Let's hope that Marvel will remain safe at least as long as Stan lee is alive. Of course at 86 he's no spring chicken!
September 10, 2009
I do hope. I shiver at the alternative....
September 10, 2009
He's a pretty shrew guy. It can't be all about the money to him at this stage in his life. So I'm thinking that he must have done SOMETHING to protect his legacy.
September 04, 2009
How did I miss this? Look, I like Disney, despite how much old uncle Walt was a red-baiting racist, and the reason is that they are the only single film company that makes films almost exculsively for children and their families. Now, my question here is what the fuck will happen with my favorite characters, the Marvel Knights? Are they going to turn them into fuzzy little animals and start calling The Punisher the "Harsh Disciplinarian" and Blade the Vampire Slayer (Spike the Monster Man). No, this is a terrible thing for everybody. Disney and Marvel fans alike. I voice my dissent: Fuck 'em!
September 07, 2009
I think it would be safe to say at least for now, Disney would leave the comics untouched but I am almost certian that they would be involved in the future. I am more worried about the movies--I have a feeling that Capt. America (had intentions of portraying the holocaust realistically) and the Avengers may be watered down.(if they ever see production) There are speculations that Thor's budget may be cut in half. Watered down Marvel movies here we come!
September 08, 2009
As far as I'm concerned, they were already getting watered down, what with "X-Men: The Last Stand" and "Spider-Man 3". So the idea of the films becoming even more commercial and losing even more of the stuff that we fans love from the comics is disastrous, in my opinion. However, I was talking to a friend last week, and he thought that this might actually be a good thing. I'm not sure why, but his attitude was that when Disney bought Pixar and ABC, that it only helped them, so the same could be true for Marvel. I remain skeptical, as always.
September 10, 2009
Me too. I'd rather be surprised pleasantly than be surprised for bad reasons. This would put Marvel in the same level as DC being owned by "Time Warner" but then, I am never really impressed with DC comics...
September 10, 2009
Me too. I'd rather be surprised pleasantly than be surprised for bad reasons. This would put Marvel in the same level as DC being owned by "Time Warner" but then, I am never really impressed with DC comics...
September 10, 2009
As far as I'm concerned, having DC under the Time Warner umbrella was a good thing as it hasn't affected the actual artistic integrity, though there are a few exceptions. My problem is that Disney can be notoriously right-wing and I dread the idea of sanitized versions of the Marvel Knights. If Ghost Rider gets renamed Bone Man or some stupid shit like that, I'm going to rethink my pacifistic philosophies.
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6 Ratings: -2.5
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Disney Buys Marvel Comics
Disney Buys Marvel Comics
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