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Chang (tlhIngan Holcheng) was a Klingon General and chief of staff to Chancellor Gorkon in 2293. He was a part of the Khitomer conspiracy that sought to prevent any lasting peace treaty from being signed between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Chang was very fond of the writings of the poet William Shakespeare, although he preferred to read the works in the "original" Klingon languageversion. One of his favorite quotes was from Hamlet: "taH pagh taHbe'" (in English, "To be or not to be!").

At a dinner in Gorkon's honor aboard the USS Enterprise-A, Chang proclaimed that the Klingons needed "breathing room," which, as Captain Kirk pointed out, was an unintentional paraphrase of a similar claim made by Earth dictator Adolf Hitler in 1938.

As part of the Khitomer conspiracy, Chang commanded a prototype Klingon Bird-of-Prey that had the ability to fire its weapons while it was cloaked. Chang's ship fired on the IKS Kronos One while it was under escort by the Enterprise-A, making it appear as if the latter ship had fired upon the Klingons, violating the terms of the truce. This attack made it possible for co-conspirators Burke and Samno to board Kronos One and assassinate Gorkon.

When Enterprise officers James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy boarded Kronos One to provide assistance and to prevent a full-scale conflict from developing, Chang ordered them arrested and charged with Gorkon's assassination under the rules of interstellar law. He also served as the prosecutor for the state at Kirk and McCoy's trial, where he was successful in obtaining a conviction by forcing Kirk to admit that, as captain, he was responsible for the conduct of the crew under his command.

However, Chang was surprised that, because of the impending peace talks, the Klingon judge did not order the customary death sentence, but instead sent the pair to Rura Penthe. In order to put Kirk and McCoy away permanently, Chang had the commander of the prison camp arrange for Kirk and McCoy to attempt to escape, so that they could be killed without explanation. However, they were rescued in the nick of time by theEnterprise-A.

With time running out before the Khitomer Conference, Chang ordered his Bird-of-Prey to intercept and attack the Enterprise in orbit of Khitomer. His ship initially had a huge advantage in being able to fire while cloaked, causing massive damage to the Enterprise-A, despite attempts by the late-arrival of the Excelsior to distract Chang (even though they could do little more than be "something else to shoot at"). However, Enterprise first officerSpock and Dr. McCoy were able to modify a photon torpedo by fitting it with an enhanced sensor unit, thus allowing it to track Chang's ship by homing in on the plasma exhaust from the impulse engine. Chang and his bridge staff were killed when the modified torpedo struck the bridge of the Bird of Prey. The Enterprise and the Excelsior quickly destroyed the ship after the torpedo hit caused it to decloak. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

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