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Hustler White

1 rating: 4.0
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Hustler White is a 1996 film by Bruce LaBruce and Rick Castro. It stars Tony Ward and LaBruce in an addition to the Queer Cinema canon, which is also an homage to classic Hollywood cinema. In a plot reminiscent of Sunset Boulevard, Hustler White transposes … see full wiki

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White Stands For Purity

  • Sep 12, 2009

Inspired by Billy Wilder`s classic Sunset Boulevard, Hustler White explores the sordid lives of various characters throughout the threshold of Santa Monica Blvd. While I can certainly appreciate the homage to classic Hollywood cinema, I am actually glad that LaBruce decided to take a completely different direction in this controversial low-budget flick.
One may be more reminded of early John Waters or Paul Morrissey films with all the shady going-ons, quirkiness & explicit montages. Viewers who are easily offended or gravitate towards the mainstream cinema should steer clear of Hustler White for a number of reasons. Be for warned: HW reeks of post-modern sleaze as it delves into the seedy underground of male hustling, johns, & pornography. There are several VERY graphic scenes of illicit activity which feature full-frontal nudity, a amputee sex scene, & a gang rape.  Sadly, not the typical film you would introduce to your fellow Sunday school members nor likely the flick to play for dear old mom or dad but an interesting work indeed.

The film opens up with Monty Ward narrating the story as he appears to be laying face down in someones jacuzzi. He gives his word of honor (if you're buying into his story at all)  that his confessions are the truth, the whole truth, & nothing up your butt. Naturally, we are lead to believe the two-bit hustler is already dead which sets the stage for the next 80 odd minutes of human depravity in it's most campy yet utterly raw form.  You should be full aware that all bets are off & you're in for one hell of a ride. Contrary to what one a reviewer suggested on the liner notes of  the DVD, this is NOT a light-hearted romantic comedy to place beside the Julia Roberts vehicle.

Monty Ward AKA Montgomery Ward is a street smart hustler who obviously has been around the block a few times & could tell you just about anything regarding the sleazy world of hustling if offered the right amount of money.  But make no mistake, Ward is certainly no angel by any means & doesn't exactly have a heart of gold. Within the first few minutes of HW, he steals a john's wallet & then proceeds to make quick getaway by stealing the man's vehicle. While obviously in a hurry & needing to make a quick dash, he then proceeds to run over another hustler's leg by accident. In this hilarious montage, he drives over the poor guy's leg numerous times before managing to evacuate the parking lot.

Jurgen Anger (no relation to Kenneth Anger) has just arrived on the scene & immediately sets his eyes on Montgomery after seeing him shirtless on Santa Monica Blvd . Anger is a self-absorbed writer who has made the journey to Cali in hopes of writing a novel on the life of hustlers. After spotting Monty, he desperately tries to scope the boulevard in hopes of returning a bloodied t-shirt found tied to a fence & discussing the possibilities of purchasing Monty's services for one afternoon of complete research. As one can easily predict from the beginning, Jurgen is totally infatuated with the hustler & will stop at nothing until their paths cross.

As luck or fate might have it, the two eventually meet & Monty agrees to help Anger after being offered a lump sum of $1000 for his wealth of knowledge. It would seem that fate has smiled upon the two & things should run fairly smoothly from here. Right? So how did Monty end up face down in the jacuzzi after all? I'm not telling. 

Perhaps more than just about any film I've experienced up until, HW is one of the more bizarre if not insanely funny trips. If you're not somehow offended after viewing, there may not be much help for you at all. On the other hand, have at it if you're in the mood for really deviant post-modern sleaze which carefully examines the hedonistic lifestyle that some live on a day-to-day basis. 

A few bizarre (or fun) montages: A street hustler's services are purchased by a local mortician. The mortician proceeds to dress in drag while mummifying our hustler completely with duck tape. Another young hustler arrives on the scene of an all-black male escort service for an interview & is raped by nine endowed black males within 30 minutes.  The leader of the organization proceeds to tell the young man, "that was not a rape. merely an exercise in black power." Perhaps the razor blade scene with the "Versace Model"  made me cringe the most however.

Again, this is NOT a film for all tastes. Having said that, do yourself a huge favor & look for something else if you're seeking the next Oscar caliber film. Cheers!

White Stands For Purity White Stands For Purity White Stands For Purity White Stands For Purity

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December 10, 2010
Like the early John Waters films huh, ""that was not a rape. merely an exercise in black power."", priceless line.
December 12, 2010
Yeah, very much like early Waters or Paul Morrissey's film. Very typical behavior of unscrupulous or deviant humans in trash films. It's hilarious though. Thanks Alex!
September 26, 2009
Whoa. I love the way Woop saw full frontal and immediately saw "women" where there were none! =) I dunno, Maybe, maybe not. OTTO though is definitely working its way up the list.
September 26, 2009
Yeah, I thought that was kinda funny myself. Woo never fails to make me laugh. Hehe. Otto is by far the better of these two films so I can hardly wait to see what you think of it. Perhaps you will grant me a review of Otto? ;-)
September 26, 2009
I'm really in a Bollywood phase right now so I'm not sure when I'll be seeing it...I'm sort of looking forward to your review of SLASHERS. It's even lower budget than END OF THE LINE was and a completely differnt type of film, but it is Devereaux and I love it.
September 26, 2009
I went ahead & put it down on my wish list but I'm not sure when I will be purchasing "Slashers". I am definitely curious though & Devereaux has certainly garnished my attention. ;-)~ I can't definitely relate to the movie phase. I go through those phases as well.
September 26, 2009
Too bad you don't have netflix. I get my moneys worth out of them.
September 26, 2009
I have seriously considered it I never know when I will the time to watch rentals so I usually shop for bargains on the films I think I will like on ammie. I'm still contemplating Netflix though...I'm a procrastinator for sure if there ever was one. lol
September 26, 2009
Well there are no late fees at netflix. Although they do remind you if you've had it for a while. What I like is the fact that I can get stuff there that I just haven't been able to find for rental anywhere around here. It's also a nice way for me to decide whether I want to buy something. I can't just up and buy something on pure speculation anymore.
September 26, 2009
The impulse buying or making purchases based solely on speculation can lead to unnecessary spending. So far, I've been mostly successful in making sound choices but still do come across some duds here or there. Netflix is sounding better & better. I have heard there is a lot of stuff avail which you simply can't find anywhere else & that's definitely all teh more enticing to the freak like me who thrives off the obscure stuff he can find. I may end up signing up after all. ;-)~
September 26, 2009
My plan is all I can see for less than $9 a month. I get in a minimum of 2 movies a week, sometimes if I can return them early enough on the same day I got them, I can get 3 movies a week. Not bad.
September 14, 2009
You had me at your descriptions of full frontal female nudity, amputee sex scenes! A Character named Monty Ward?? This sounds deliciously twisted! Thanks for sharing this with us! all hail Ceno!
September 15, 2009
Hey Pakman!! I am glad you liked the review but I'd better clarify a few things before you buy this or rent it. This is a gay hustler's film which might remind you of early John Waters of even Dallesandro's work with Paul Morrissey. There is full frontal nudity & an amputee sex scene but I don't recall seeing any women. Mony Ward is played by Madonna's ex-paramour Tony Ward. I'm glad you liked the review but I didn't want the aberrant gay culture to be dumped in your lap. Other than that, it has all the bearings of a true midnight movie or a cult film right up there with Pink Flmingos or something along those lines. This had been recommended by a close friend who knew I like Otto; Or Up With Dead People so I thought I'd give it a whirl. If you don't offend easily & are fairly open-minded, you may find it worthy of a viewing.
September 15, 2009
uh-oh. It won't be for me...no nikid women to balance things out? But I may just try it out since it sounds utterly twisted...I don't offend easily. I saw a simiilar one that took me by surprise. "Frozen Flower".
September 15, 2009
Hey Brother Woo, Thank you for yet another recommendation & I will be sure to seek out "Frozen Flower". Yeah, I think HW is still worthy for it's overall campinesss & utterly bizarre yet deviant material. For some reason, I think you will probably like the film overall even though are there are no niki women to balance things out. It's really a hoot & you tend to have warped sense of humor so I would still recommend it as a rental. Heh. I don't offend too easily for the most either. The sex scenes are rather graphic by mainstream standards but there is nothing TOO explicit per se. I will enclose a clip should that help out man. Talk to ya soon bro.
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Hustler White
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