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About JS Surfboards, aka "Tractor Boards" or just "Tractors" fortheir distinctive logo of a tractor somewhere on the board, aremanufactured in NSW, Australia on the Gold Coast minutes away fromfamous world class surf breaks such as Snapper Rocks, Greenmount, Kirraand Duranbah. It's really no wonder why JS has been able to refine hisshapes to be considered some of the best in the world by many pros andamatures alike. "JS" (Jason Stevenson) shaped for DHD (Darren Handley)before going solo and starting JS Surfboards.

 JS skyrocketed in popularity and respect in the early 2000's as asurfboard-shaper when many top pros on the WCT began requestingcustom-shaped JS Surfboards. Among the first were Andy Irons, BruceIrons and Dean Morrison. Many other pros began requesting his shapes,despite being sponsored by other surfboard companies. It was a commonsight in the popular surf magazines to see a Lost, Channel Islands, orLocal Motion surfboard with a tractor logo somewhere on the board andit still is. The official JS surf team today includes Joel Parkinson,Bruce Irons, Mark Occhilupo, and Luke Egan. Andy Irons surfs Billabongsurfboards which are shaped by JS. Joel, Bruce, and Occy each havetheir own signature JS model surfboard.

    JS offers an array of different models for differing surf conditionsand surfers. Here are most of the surfboard models available from JS:Fly Boy, Fat Fish 2, Combat, 300KW, Bruce Irons, Parko, Occy, Paraletic

The "Fly Boy" model JS Surfboard
    A super high-performance shortboard. Ideal for good surfers in goodwaves; no extra thickness or width. Really for surfers who fit thephysical mold of a pro - relatively light for how tall they are, ingood shape, quick on a wave and have progressed well past the beginnerlevel.

    The Fly Boy is a direct result of JS conducting R&D with his toppros in the best waves. A typical Fly Boy is 6'0" in length, 18-1/4" inwidth and 2-1/4" in thickness. The tail is a smooth squash tail. Movingup the board... JS employs soft, "non-stick" rails. The concave issingle to double with a modest amount of rocker. Nothing crazy here.Just a perfect harmony of all the most important elements of ahigh-performance shortboard.

    Best conditions for a Fly Boy: a fast, hollow, 6 to 8ft wave like Snapper Rocks or Rincon.

    If the Fly Boy were a woman, it would be: Kate Olson - Skinny!Intolerate of any kind of thickness. Built for speed, and beautiful inthe eyes of some. However, some guys may like a little more meat. AChunky dude would be a down-right mismatch for her.

The "Fat Fish 2" model JS Surfboard
    Yes, there was a Fat Fish 1, but the Fat Fish 2 ate it! 1 is good, butthe Fat Fish 2 is better. A high-performance surfboard for small waves.Extra width and thickness, flatter rocker and a swallow tail all makefor a mush-buster, but this small-wave destroyer can handle the crapout of a nice bowl section.

    A typical Fat Fish 2 may be 6'0" in length, 19" in width, and 2-1/4" inthickness. Give or take an 1/8" to 1/2" on the width and 1/16" to 1/8"on the thickness. The FF2 really gets its extra flotation fromincreased width in the middle of the board. For a fish, the nose andtail remain relatively narrow. The rocker is signifigantly flatter thanthe Fly Boy, but the nose still retains enough to pull a verticaloff-the-lip in a bowly section. Swallow is the typical tail to go withhere. It gives enough width, freedom and looseness to manuever throughsmall mushy waves where you want to avoid getting bogged down. JS alsoshapes the FF2 with a squash tail to tighten-up the turning a bit. Thisis good for someone who wants a Fat Fish 2 that can handle a bigger,more powerful wave or maybe just dislikes swallow tails.

    Best conditions for a Fat Fish 2: a soft, 3-4ft wave with someflat sections - anything from a mushy Jersey beach break in the summerto a decent day at Lower Trestles.

    If the Fat Fish 2 were a woman, it would be: Drew Barrymore -Cute! Actually, not really fat at all, just shorter and wider. The bestpart is she's fun loving and forgiving. She knows she can do better,but doesn't care as long as you can show her a good time.

The "Combat" model JS Surfboard
    The Combat is the Fly Boy with a little extra foam (i.e. width andthickness). A 6'0" Fly Boy is usually 18-1/4" x 2-1/4", whereas aCombat might be 18-3/8" x 2-5/16". If you're unsure as to whether a FlyBoy might float you enough, be safe and go with the Combat. A littleextra flotation ALMOST ALWAYS does more good than harm.

    Best conditions for a Combat: Just like the Fly Boy, a fast, hollow, 6 to 8ft wave like Snapper Rocks or Rincon. Most people's dream wave.

    If the Combat were a woman, it would be: Scarlett Johansson -Sexy! Perhaps a bit more curvy, but definitley in the right spots. Youdon't have to be a Calvin Klein girly-man man to date her, but you dohave to know what you're doing.

The "Quad" model JS Surfboard
    A high-performance shortboard with 4 fins instead of 3. There's a lotof buzz surrounding quads right now and for good reason: They work! Andthey work well. By doing away with the center fin, quads gain anincrease in water flow, which makes them fast. The only thing they loseis a tiny bit of control. So they're good for small to medium sizedsurf or those real flat, mushy days.

    Best conditions for a Quad: The Quad can handle a big size rangefrom small wave (2-4ft to over-head plus). Where it starts to struggleis waves that are fast and hollow where you don't really need the extraspeed. Best for mushy waves. It will really out-perform a tri-fin on aflat section.

    If the Quad were a woman, it would be: Paris Hilton - Fast! Shegets around - most of the time in the sloppiest of conditions. Butsurprisingly, she's thin and attractive. Good for guys who like to datearound a lot (analogy: "try different boards"). Keep around for whenyour dream girl fails you and you're desperate. Probably don't want tomarry her though, she's unpredictable and can get out-of-control.She'll never replace your dream girl.

The "Bruce Irons" signature model JS Surfboard
    Very close to the Fly Boy. Where Bruce's board may differ is the rocker- a little more flatness to get that extra speen required for 6ft airreverses

    Best conditions for a Bruce: 6-8ft and perfect with plenty ofbarrels and air sections. What else is there? 4 consecutiveMick-Fanning-WCT turns? Screw that!

    If the Bruce Irons signature model were a woman, it would be:Angelina Jolie - Independent Dreamer! Doesn't care about conforming tothe other girls. She doesn't have to. Only cares about what's importantto her ideals, everyone else can screw off. (analogy: "free surfing,huge airs")

Special Note: Click here to see an article from Transworld Surf on the Bruce JS.

The "Parko" signature model JS Surfboard
    Very close to the Fly Boy here too. The Parko is slightly more doubleconcave and more volume, straighter hip squash then flyboy. There isalso more curve overall in parko and slightly fuller in outline.

    Best conditions for a Parko: Glassy, 6-8ft and perfect with plenty of barrels, air sections and a curvy open face for mind-bending carves.

    If the Parko signature model were a woman, it would be: JessicaAlba - Super hot! Thin, but nice curves. Her latin heritage gives her asmoothness you just don't find in other girls. Confident and cool,she'll only date you if you've got style.

The "Paraletic" model JS Surfboard
    Hand-shaped, stringerless epoxy, with carbon-fiber-wrapped rails.Something new from JS, invented for small waves. More coming soon...

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