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Kill Bill - The Whole Bloody Affair

18 Ratings: 3.5
Uncut Japanese Versions and Re-edited Version of Kill Bill volumes one and two
1 review about Kill Bill - The Whole Bloody Affair

The NC-17 UNCUT Japanese Versions of Tarantino's Homage to Asian Cinema...

  • Sep 4, 2009

Tarantino is a fan of Asian cinema; samurai films and martial arts seem to have taken a hold on the acclaimed filmmaker. Kill Bill volumes 1 & 2 is his tribute to Asian cinema, even the Shaw brothers logo shows up in the beginning of the films. The MPAA in the U.S. forced Tarantino to cut down the blood and violence to gain an "R" rating. I had to buy the Japanese region-2 releases to see the uncut NC-17 version. Finally, "KILL BILL: The Whole Bloody Affair" is set to be released on dvd with the Japanese version in one dvd set that includes a version where footages from volume 1 and two are edited together.

Volume 1- Four years after taking a bullet in the head at her own wedding, The Bride (Uma Thurman) emerges from a coma and decides it's time for vengeance! Having been gunned down by Bill (David Carradine), and his deadly "viper" squad of assassins, it's a kill or be killed fight that she is determined to finish.

Uncut version includes:

1) Almost 6 minutes more of additional footage. More action and mayhem.

2) Extended Oren-Ishi origin (animated)

3) The Showdown in the "House of Leaves" is in full color, displaying its whole bloody glory. While the theatrical cut's Black & White footage seemed stylish and cool, it was originally intended to be seen in full color.

4) Extended fight footages; scene with the Bride lopping off limbs and heads of a "crazy 88" member. The Bride also cuts a member in half (vertical dismemberment, I'm making up terms).
5) Includes an extra ‘first’ encounter with the young Yakuza member

6) Gogo Yubari's (Chiaki Kuriyama) stabbing of the pervert in the bar is shown in all its bloody details.

7) The continuity issue with Sophie Fatale; The Bride cuts off both her arms. In the theatrical release, the Bride didn't cut off the other arm, which is why I wondered how come Sophie Fatale didn't seem to have arms when she rolled down the hill of dirt.

Volume 2- After crossing off two names in her death list, The Bride takes aim at Budd (Michael Madsen) and Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah), the remaining survivors from the squad of killers who betrayed her four years ago. It all leads up to the climactic confrontation with Bill, The Bride's former master and the man who ordered her execution.
However, Bill has an ace up his sleeve...
Uncut version includes 1 minute of additional footage. There is an extended cantina scene after the end of the film and the Japanese version has more blood and gore in the encounter with Elle Driver.

This 4-disc set is expected to include a re-cut version that includes footages from both volumes edited together. I guess Tarantino listened to some fans and critics that the film shouldn't have been cut in two parts.

The first volume of the Kill Bill franchise is actually a commentary on how Tarantino loves Asian cinema, Spaghetti westerns and maybe even Japanese Anime. While volume 1 definitely feels more like a chambara film with stars of Chinese Wuxia mixed in (Gordon Liu), Sonny Chiba and legendary fight director; Yuen Woo-Ping (Fearless, Kung Fu Hustle). Kill Bill is more a melting pot of everything you love about Martial Arts Asian films. The Soundtrack taken from Asian greats; such as "The Green Hornet", "Lady Snowblood" and many others. (I could write an essay on this)

Volume 2 feels more like a Tarantino film. The raw attitude, dialogue and grittiness of the proceedings exudes coolness. It also explores the rivalry between The Bride and Elle Driver as well as her relationship with Bill. Tarantino's films may be a bit "talkie" at times but it didn't really hurt the film either. I wonder how he draws the line in the amount of references he puts in a movie.

The only complaint I have with "Kill Bill" is that the finale isn't as climactic as I wanted it to be. The encounter with Bill may carry a lot of emotional sense but the showdown isn't what it was built up to be. Thankfully, the bloody fight with Elle Driver saves the film for me. Anyway, with this minor complaint, Kill Bill is a near-excellent outing for Tarantino. I don't care if you like volume 1 better than volume two or vice versa. Kill Bill may not be Tarantino's best, but I'm really happy that the uncut versions is finally set for U.S. audiences. (I do hope that this will be the last postponement, originally scheduled for Christmas 2007)

I will update this review once I see the re-cut edition. (I guess this is more of a shout-out than anything else!)


Fight scene-Japanese colored version:

Import Dvd Uncut Japanese Versions volume one poster

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April 02, 2012
Great breakdown WP.
July 04, 2010
Sounds really good. I really hope to see this one day. I heard it was going to be released. Maybe in a couple of years we'll see the official release of this for a 10 year anniversery. Awesome.
July 04, 2010
Thanks! I've already seen the NC-17 cuts and truth be told, Volume one had more significant added scenes. I am however, real curious as to how Tarantino will edit the two movies together. That should be real fun!

By the way thanks for moving some of your reviews to our community!
September 04, 2009
Nice job. Will you be updating the whole review if the American release comes out or just adding in a few details? I've been waiting years for the director's cut of this and Miramaz keeps announcing that it's an upcoming American DVD release, but then they pull out at the last minute. Twice now this has happened. If you find out anything concrete, do let us all know because "We the people demand..." Kill Bill!
September 05, 2009
I'll be reviewing the whole re-edited version when the dvd drops. The re-edited cut is a combined feature of both volumes. I posted a link about what QT had to say about the repeated delays in Trashie's comment. I also plan on reviewing Kill Bill volume one soon. (I'll post its references to Asian cinema)
September 08, 2009
September 04, 2009
Sweet man! I would love the see the UNCUT versions of both volumes. So when can we expect this? I will gladly put aside some milk money for this package. Awesome review.
September 06, 2009
Dude, there'are imports floating around in Hkflix. Tarantino seems to be procrastinating with the re-edited cut, but he did talk about finishing it after the completion of "Basterds"; the extended animated "Oren-Shii" sequence is done. They should just release the NC-17 versions if Tarantino can't get his act together.
September 08, 2009
Does HKflix have imports which are playable on most North American DVD players? If so, I would love to have this. I agree with you. The NC-17 versions would suffice as far as I'm concerned. In the digital world, anything should be possible though so I don't see why the hold up.
September 10, 2009
Yes they do. Actually you may have a region-free player in your house, look it up in videohelp.com and type in the model #, the hack codes should be available for newer models. It should be very easy to get this out in this digital world.
September 10, 2009
Very nice. However, I feel I'm a bit challenged here. Once you look up the codes online, how do you use them? If so, I'd be more than happy to throw out a few bucks & get some imports for my collection. I was able to view Nick Palumbo's Nutbag which is supposedly an import on my portable DVD player so the Kill Bill one might just work for me after all.
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18 Ratings: +3.5
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