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Kitty Kamode

1 rating: -3.0
Toilet Training Device for Cats

Kitty Kamode is a potty training device that attaches to a human toilet and teaches cats how to use the toilet instead of a litter box. The training device is made of two parts, a bowl & a rim insert. Bowl: The rim insert holds the bowl. The bowl … see full wiki

1 review about Kitty Kamode

High hopes lead to disappointment – The potty training system that managed to un-train my Kitties

  • May 11, 2009
  • by

The Discovery

I had high hopes for my cats, Max & Ollie. They know how to sit, wave hello, beg for snacks, come inside, and give me kisses, so why wouldn't they be able to be potty trained to use a human toilet? Sure they are gifted with feline intelligence, but could they tackle the seemingly impossible? My answer was yes.

While at the OC fair last month, I spotted the Kitty Kamode, a pet potty training device that attaches to a human toilet and has been proven to potty train cats. Their semi-professional booth featured plasma TV's, which showed off cats carelessly doing their business on the toilet. Meanwhile, the staff laid claim to how easy it would to train my own, that all cats pick up on it. Hating nothing more than cleaning out my cats litter box twice a day, I jumped at the offer. I willingly shelled out 25 bucks, anticipating how much less poop I would be forced to scoop, and how much I could save on my high cost green tea leaf litter.

The Introduction

I arrived home, eager to try the device and came across the following, BASIC, poorly written instructions:

1.       Remove old litter box from premisescheck!

2.      Pick up the toilet seat, set the rim down to hold the rim insert which holds center piece. Place and adjust insert. Put bowl in Center – check!

3.       Fill bowl approximately half way with your favorite litter – check!

4.        Set your cat on the KITTY KAMODE, make sure he or she can see the litter (see & touch) – check!


My trial ends here, but the rest of the directions are as follows:


5.     Reduce the amount of litter daily by about a handful. Each day reduce litter in bowl. Make sure you clean the bowl each day.

6.      Once the cat has used KITTY KAMODE, approximately 6 or 7 times then remove the litter bowl. Cat should return to toilet and use without liter bow.

7.       If this does not work, go to step 6 and repeat again…


The Trial

 My impulse buy seemed simple enough…

Unfortunately, we didn't make it past step 4.

After a few hours of the Kitty Kamode introduction, my kitties were helplessly pacing around the bathroom, meowing in search of their litter box. I repeatedly showed them to the kitty kamode, scratching around the litter to get their attention, but they were less than interested. At about 6 hours past its setup, the kitty kamode was yet to be used. I went to bed in hopes that I'd find it used in the morning, but to no avail. It had now been over 15 hours since my cats had gone to the bathroom, or had it? I was headed to the gym minutes later and was disgusted to find my gym bag & its contents soaked. Well, it didn't take more than a few seconds to realize that my bag had magically transformed into my cat's litter box overnight…

The Disappointing Conclusion

After continually directing my cats to the kitty kamode throughout the day without an ounce of luck, I decided it was time to ditch the device and bring back their original litter box.  Unfortunately, now that Max thought it was ok to pee throughout my entire house during the kitty kamode training, the scent was now causing him to continue, despite the fact that the old litter box was back. Not only am I out 25 dollars, but I continue to lose hours of life cleaning areas of the house that Max now thinks he can pee on, like the kitchen & bathroom floors, my hamper, clothes, his cat bed and my gym bag, yet again.

The Good & Bad


1.        In the event that the device works for your cats, the 25 bucks it'll cost you is nothing compared to the tremendous payoff you'll get in not having to purchase litter

2.        No more scooping poop … enough said :)


1.        Made of a rather cheap plastic, with nothing to secure the device to the seat, cats are forced to balance through the wobbliness in training (unless it happens to fit perfectly on your toilet seat)

2.        The instructions lack detail and troubleshooting tips on how to effectively use the product

3.        You're out 25 bucks if the device doesn't work for you, as they only accept returns on unused products

4.        May result in cats urinating all over your house – leading to additional expenses (as noted above)

5.        If you only have one toilet, be prepared to wait in line behind your furry companion and expect a gift lurking in the water

In the event that the device works, you can expect the following results:

Kitty Kamode Max & Ollie sleeping

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May 25, 2009
I hope my story of Twiggy didn't in any way lead to your misery. Not all cats are cut out for this although I have no doubt she would have if only we'd thought of it back then--she'd have flushed too! I'm not sure how many older cats are willing to be taught new tricks. I think also that when you're changing them over to something like this its probably bes to do it when you're likely to be home a lot so that you can keep an eye on them. Do you need to know the name of a good carpt deoderizer by any chance? I used to get it from the vet and it was pretty expensive but it worked. Its called Equallizer. My poor Persian Minya was nerotic and she'd express her lonliness that way. I couldn't get her anyone for company though because she had feline leukemia and was contagious even though she tested negative for the 'last 10 years of her life.
May 28, 2009
I actually bought the product because I do know a few people who have had success with potty training, using devices similar to kitty kamode. My main problem with the company is the lack of help and instructions they were willing to provide. The booth staff literally just handed it to me and told me it would work great for my two cats (which I knew was easier said than done). After experiencing problems, I spoke with customer service who said its hard to train two cats on the system and gave me totally different recommendations than the booth staff. Point being, it would have been great for them to include a little 'how to' guide in the first place, and make sure their staff actually knows what they are talking about. Anyways, I've moved on and now back to good old litter boxes. I love your advice on the Equallizer and will put a call in to my Vet to see if I can pick some up. Although he's getting better with using the litter box, he's far from perfect...
May 28, 2009
I'm surprised that there wasn't a set of instructions that went with it, and even more so that the staff wasn't on the same page! The Equallizer is expensive but its worth it. After you get it under controll there are other things you can use that will be less expensive. Too bad that it NEVER removes the odor as far as cats are concerned. They will always know that its been used before as an alternate litter box.
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1 rating: -3.0
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Kitty Kamode
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