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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 13

1 rating: 2.0
The Thirteenth Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua

The six remaining castaways receive a visit from loved ones.

1 review about Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 13

"Flippers, Liars, Cheats, and Backstabbers"--Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13

  • Dec 18, 2010
  • by
We have only two episodes left until this season of Survivor finally comes to a close. Only six players remain and it looks as if things are getting very intense. The end  is on the horizon and the remaining contestants are looking for ways to ensure themselves a spot in the final three. It looked as if Sash and Chase were both doomed last episode when the other members of their tight knit five person alliance left the game. However, both Sash and Chase found new allies in Holly and Jane. This new four person alliance has taken off like a rocket and they seem to be running the game right now. At the last tribal council, the allaince of four showed their unity as a group when they banded together and voted Benry out of the game. With Benry gone, Dan and Fabio are the only two contestants not part of the dominant alliance and all indications seem to be that one of these two individuals will be the main alliance's next target. Will Dan or Fabio become the main alliance's next victim? Have Sash, Chase, Holly, and Jane secured themselves a spot in the final four? We'll find out the answers to these questions and more as we review the 13th episode of Survivor Nicaragua.

Fabio-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13The episode begins with the Libertad tribe returning home from their last tribal council. Fabio is stunned that his best friend Benry has just been voted out of the game and he asks Sash why they went after him. Sash straight up lies to Fabio by telling him that Benry was trying to vote Fabio out of the game and therefore, he had to go (Sash is a good liar, I have to hand it to him, lol). Fabio then thanks Sash for having his back in the game by taking care of someone that was a threat to him. Later, we hear Sash say in a confessional that he is in control of this game and that Fabio has to be the next person voted out. Sash is very confident that he can get the votes necessary to take out Fabio and he adds that as long as Fabio doesn't win the next immunity challenge, then it'll be almost certain that he'll be the next to go. In the next scene, Fabio speaks privately in a confessional and he says that he likes it when people think that he's gullible. He then says that he thinks it's funny that people are underestimating him in the game because later, he'll reveal to everyone that he's not as stupid as people think he is. Sash and Fabio's comments here are interesting because they come from two completely different positions within the game. Sash's confidence about getting Fabio out comes from a position of power and authority while Fabio's comments come from the underdog, all odds are against me position. These two seem to be playing and manipulating each other very well. However, the simple fact is that Sash has the numbers and Fabio doesn't, which means that Sash will most likely get his wish and send Fabio out the game. Has Fabio's time in this game come to an end? Stay tuned and we'll find out what happens to him.

Chase and Fabio-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13The next day arrives and our remaining contestants discover a cell phone in their treemail box. There is a message on the cell phone which says "To fill your belly and quench your thirst, today you'll have to be the first. This reward today is a major score, it will take you places you've never seen before. Go to videos, a surprise awaits". When the contestants go to look at the videos on the cell phone, they discover that there are video messages from each of the Survivor's loved ones. The contestants are all moved to tears when they see these videos from their own family members. Their loved ones wish them luck in the game moving forward. Later, Chase and Fabio talk privately away from camp. Fabio asks Chase who he will take with him should he win the next reward. Chase says that he would like to take Sash and Fabio with him on the next reward. Fabio agrees and he says that if he wins the next reward, he will take Sash and Chase with him on the reward also. Chase and Fabio both agree that if either of them win the next reward, they will take the other person with them on the award. This scene is awfully similar to a scene that occurred last episode (which can be read here: http://lunch.com/t/5s3t )where Sash and Chase agreed to take each other on the next reward, but Chase stabbed Sash in the back and took someone else on the reward instead. Could the same exact thing occur in this episode as well? Is Chase going to stab yet another contestant in the back by not taking him on the reward like he promised? Let's get to the reward challenge and find out.

Reward Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13We have now arrived at this week's reward challenge and Jeff has a surprise for our contestants. Their family members are here today to greet them. Fabio's mom, Sash's mom, and Chase's mom all come out to greet their sons. Dan's son, Jane's daughter, and Holly's husband come out to meet their loved ones as well. It's an emotional reunion for everybody. Sash says that he and his mom didn't have a lot of money growing up, but they had love. aaawwww, that's nice. Holly says that she missed her 25th wedding anniversary to do survivor, so she's happy that her husband came out to be with her today. It's nice to see the Survivors spend time with their loved ones. However, we have a reward challenge to get to and the loved ones will be a part of it. The contestants will jump into a pool to receive two bags of puzzle pieces (one at a time). After a contestant has retrieved both bags, that contestant's family member will take the puzzle pieces out of the bag and try to form a phrase with those pieces. The first family member to correctly spell out the phrase "Family Comes First" will win this week's reward, which is a trip on a private yacht and a lunch that consists of sandwiches, champagne, chips, and more. The reward challenge gets underway and after it's all said and done, Chase and his mom win the reward challenge. Jeff now gives Chase the opportunity to pick two other contestants (and their loved ones) to go on the reward with him. After thinking about it for a bit, Chase chooses Sash and........Holly to go on the reward. Uh-oh, Chase has just broken a promise yet again. He promised to take Fabio on the next reward and just like what he did with Sash last episode, he betrays that promise and screws Fabio over. Fabio is not happy with Chase right now, that's for sure. Chase has been doing a lot of things lately to make the other contestants mad at him. Chase's days in the game may soon be coming to an end. Chase may very well be the next Survivor contestant voted out of this game.

Jane-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13The contestants who were not selected to go on the reward with Chase must say goodbye to their loved ones and head back to camp with nothing. Fabio is very upset at Chase for not taking him on the reward. Fabio says that he and Chase had a discussion earlier about how much their moms meant to each of them and he's extremely angry that this bond wasn't enough for Chase to keep his word to him. Fabio also adds that he only gets to see his mom twice a year, so that makes him even more upset that he wasn't picked for this reward. But Fabio isn't the only one mad at Chase, Dan and Jane are also quite ticked off about not being selected to go on the reward. Dan is very close with his son and he calls Chase a scumbag for not taking him on the reward. Jane is not happy about it either and says that her daughter is going off to college in the fall, so this was one of the only chances she had of seeing her before she leaves. Jane also says that she feels as if she is the least important person in her alliance and that she may be the next to go. I have mixed feelings about the contestants' reactions here. I completely understand why Fabio is upset with Chase. Chase made a very important promise to Fabio and he flat out broke it, so Fabio's anger is completely justifiable. However, Dan and Jane are really overreacting here. Even though I can sympathize with how painful it is to not be able to spend time with your loved one, Chase had to pick two people which means someone was going to be left out. Plus, we never saw Chase flat out promise to either Dan or Jane that he would take them on this reward (although it is possible that he made a promise to them off camera and we didn't see it). To add on to this, Chase took Jane on the reward he won last episode, and that makes Jane's complaining and whining about not being taken this episode seem a little childish and petty. You can't have it all, Jane. Deal with it. However, Jane's comment about feeling like the least valuable person in her alliance  is very interesting. Could Chase, Holly, and Sash betray Jane sooner rather than later? We'll see what happens.

Chase, Holly, and Sash-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13Now let's join Chase, Holly, and Sash as they enjoy their reward along with their family members. They board the yacht and begin to chow down on some sandwiches. Chase is worried that he has lost Fabio's jury vote by not taking him on this reward and he is not looking forward to having to confront him back at camp. As they are eating, Holly comments that the three of them (herself, Sash and Chase) have a tight alliance and that they (along with Jane) are committed to going to the end together. Chase does not want Fabio to win immunity and disrupt those plans, so Chase wants to do everything he can to prevent that from happening. After the contestants take some photos of themselves and their family members on the boat, they say goodbye to their loved ones and head back to camp. When Chase and company arrive back at the shelter, Fabio confronts Chase and he doesn't hesitate in speaking his mind. Fabio tells Chase that he is really upset at him for not taking him on the reward. Chase apologizes to him for it, but Fabio still remains upset about it. Fabio then gives a confessional where he says he'll try and get over what Chase did, but he won't be able to completely forget what happened. I understand that Chase is simply trying to play the game and I did like that he seemed to be sincerely sorry for what he did to Fabio. But still, I think Chase burned one too many bridges with Fabio by doing this and now, it seems like a sure thing that Fabio will never trust Chase ever again from here on out. Chase seems determined to get Fabio out and he also has the means to pull this off. Fabio's only hope of surviving to the next round is to win immunity and that will prove to be extremely difficult to pull off since he is competing against four other people (and Dan somewhat) for the necklace. Can Fabio save himself by winning immunity this episode? Let's get to the immunity challenge and see.

Immunity Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13We have now arrived at the immunity challenge for this episode. The six contestants will be blindfolded and they'll have to make their way over and under some hitching rails in order to get to a platform for each of them on the other side of the course. On this platform is a shield with some symbols on it. The contestants (who are blindfolded) must use their hands to feel the shield and memorize where each item is placed on the shield. Once a contestant feels that they've memorized the order of the items on the shield, they must grab a bag from underneath the platform and walk over and under the hitching rails again to get back to where they started. At the start platform, there is another shield for each contestant, but this shield doesn't have the symbols in place like the other one did. The contestants must take the symbols out of their bag and put them in the correct spot on the shield. The first person to put the symbols in the correct order on the shield will win immunity and be safe from tribal council tonight. The contestants who don't win will be eligible to be eliminated. The challenge begins and ironically, Chase and Fabio break out into the lead. Only one of them will win immunity. Who will it be? Well, after it's all said and done, the winner is.....Fabio!!!! Fabio has saved himself from being voted off next for sure and now, Fabio will advance to the final five. However, the other contestants are not so lucky and one of them will be the next to go home. I tend to enjoy the challenges where contestants are blindfolded the whole time and this one was pretty good. This is more of a mind over matter challenge than anything else and I congratulate Fabio for being able to pull it off so well here. It was a great challenge and I enjoyed watching it.

Chase and Fabio at Campfire-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13The contestants return to camp and everyone praises Fabio for winning immunity. However, Sash is not in a praising mood at the moment. The plan all along has been to vote Fabio out next, but now that he has immunity, things are going to have to change. Dan is now the next target to go home. He's not in the main alliance and he doesn't have immunity. Dan has coasted along and he has gotten further in this game than anyone thought he would. But tonight might finally be the night where Dan's game comes to an end. Chase and Fabio talk privately for a bit about the plan to get Dan out. Chase says that Dan is tired and that it's time for him to go. However, Fabio has another suggestion. Fabio tells Chase that Jane should be the next one voted out instead since Jane has a really good chance of winning if she makes it to the final three. Chase seems a bit hesitant to go along with this plan and this frustrates Fabio to no end. However, Fabio's idea has planted a seed in Chase's mind and he goes off to talk to Sash about it.

Jane pouring water on fire-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13Chase and Sash meet up in the woods to discuss whether to vote out Dan or Jane tonight. After some discussion, they both come to the conclusion that Jane is too dangerous and she must be voted out immediately. Holly joins Sash and Chase and she also agrees that Jane needs to go next. Finally, Jane herself joins the gang of three and Jane asks them if the plan to vote out Dan is still solid. The three of them say nothing to Jane and have nervous looks on their faces. Jane wonders what is going on and then Jane asks them if she's going out instead. The three of them confirm her suspicions by telling Jane straight to her face that she will be the next to go. Jane is extremely upset to hear this news and gives them all the middle finger. Jane then calls them all "flippers, liars, cheats, and backstabbers". She criticizes Chase by saying that he better not show up in north carolina (their home state) again. She also criticizes Sash by saying that his mother raised a liar and a cutthroat. But the real clincher is what she does right before the tribe heads off to tribal council. Jane takes a big bucket of water and pours it all over the tribe's campfire, extinguishing it. After she commits this act, she says "I started that fire and I finished it." This is the moment where I completely lost all respect for Jane. She is acting like a complete baby all because she might be voted out tonight. I understand that she feels hurt and betrayed by her alliance turning on her, but that's no excuse to put out the campfire and call other people names. Jane needs to learn that this is Survivor and that people get backstabbed and voted off all the time. I'm not saying she has to like it, but that's the way it is. Jane, you are not more entitled than everyone else to win the money just because you're older and you work harder. You also seem to believe that anyone who works against your best interests is evil in some way. Jane, grow up. There are other people playing the game besides you and those people are going to do things that benefit themselves, not you.  Jane is truly a deranged and old lunatic in every sense of the word. Are Jane's days in the game about to come to an end? Let's get to tribal council and find out.

Jeff Probst-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13The Libertad tribe arrives at tribal council and Jane quickly begins to stir things up. She tells Jeff Probst that the tribe is going to vote her out and that her alliance betrayed her. Seeing as how Jane is Jeff Probst's favorite contestant this season, there's no way that our "fair and impartial" host (note the sarcasm) can just sit there and let things play out naturally as they should. No, Jeff Probst is instead going to do what he always does which is....you guessed it.....interfere with the game in order to produce the results that he personally wants. Jeff forces Chase, Holly, and Sash to admit that they have an alliance together and then Jeff gets them to admit that they will vote out Dan and Fabio next if Jane is the one to leave tonight. Then to top all of this, Jeff offers a STRATEGIC SUGGESTION (I'm not making this up, folks) to Dan, Fabio and Jane by suggesting that the three of them team up to take out Chase, Holly, and Sash. Jeff Probst has once again crossed the line in his role as host. Jeff clearly doesn't want Jane to get voted out and he's doing everything he can to make sure that she stays in the game. This is a blatant display of bias on Jeff's part and it shows how irresponsible he is as host of this show. I have had it with Probst. Who the hell is he to form new alliances and offer up strategy suggestions to save his favorite player? This moment right here is the sole reason why I rated this episode a +2. Jeff Probst is a terrible host and he is single handedly ruining everything I love about Survivor by trying to influence the outcome of the game on a regular basis. I'm really starting to wonder if I'm even going to watch this show next season. Jeff has crossed too many lines this season and I'm really getting sick and tired of it. Luckily, Jeff's plan to save Jane here doesn't work. Jane votes out Sash, but everyone else votes out Jane. Jane is now the seventh member of the jury. The country girl from north carolina tried to make it to the end, but ultimately, she failed.

Jane-Survivor NicaraguaFor the majority of this season, I really liked Jane. She seemed well prepared for the outdoor elements of being on survivor (such as fishing, starting a campfire, being competitive in challenges, etc...) and strategically, she seemed to be in a good spot all throughout the game. She aligned with Jimmy Johnson back on the old Espada tribe, but after he was voted out, Marty took control and Jane looked to be in danger of being the next to go. Then the tribal switch happened and Jane became friends with the young kids on La Flor. The kids kept her safe from being voted off for a while and all seemed to be going good for her. Then after the merge, Marty treated Jane horribly and tried to humiliate her on a number of occasions. Marty then tried to form a group to get Jane out, but it didn't work and Marty was sent packing instead. She then joined Holly in blindsiding Brenda out of the game and they both formed a new alliance with Chase and Sash. But Jane didn't last as long as she thought she was going to with that alliance. Chase, Holly, and Sash turned on her and voted her out, and Jane acted like an immature baby after finding out that she's leaving. I have done a complete 180 on Jane now that I've seen her whole game. I used to like Jane, but now, I have no respect for her. She is someone who bullies and intimidates others when things don't go her way. I never thought I'd say this, but she really is no better than Marty. Maybe that's why the two of them clashed so much in the game because they're more alike than they think and don't realize it. Did the tribe make the right call in voting Jane out? The answer is kind of no, but mostly yes. As much as I hate to say it, Marty was right about her chances of winning the game. If Jane made it to the end, she would have had a great chance of winning. Jane comes off as a nice person (even though she's not), she's older (which gets her more sympathy), and her husband's death could also make jurors feel more sorry for her. She could have also won the final immunity challenge as well which would have caused a problem for people who want her out at that point. So overall, it was best to get rid of her now. The only bad thing about getting her out now is that the jury might not like the fact that Chase, Holly, and Sash betrayed her and this might ruin their chances of winning should they get to the end. But still, I think the tribe made their best move tonight. I also believe that Dan and Fabio made a good call in taking her out. Even though not aligning with Jane makes it much harder for Dan and Fabio to get to the finals, they know they can't win against her, so it's best to take her out now while they have the chance. Anyway, I won't miss Jane. She's a whiny, spoiled 56 year old who acts more like a 5 year old. I'm glad she's gone. Good riddance. Go away and never come back.

That concludes my review for Episode 13 of Survivor Nicaragua. The next episode will be the season finale. We only have five contestants left. Chase, Holly, Sash, Dan, and Fabio. One of these five will leave Survivor a million dollars richer. Who will it be? I'll be back to review the season finale and the reunion show. Till then. :-)

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December 20, 2010
I love it when family gets to visit contestants on these types of reality game shows. I really feel like we get to see a different side to the contestants based on how they react to their family's presence. Nicely written!
December 21, 2010
Yeah, there has been a family visit episode on every season of Survivor and it usually occurs in the second to last episode of the season. It's nice to see contestants get reunited with their family members and we do get to see a different side of them. The contestants become pretty emotional when they see them and that makes sense given that fact that they've spent 30 some odd days in the wilderness struggling to survive while at the same time strategizing against each other. That has to wear you down a lot, so I understand why Survivors are usually so emotional when they see their loved ones. It's a nice gesture to have them there, though. However, I've seen the 'family' episode so much on Survivor that I kind of get sick and tired of it after a while. But that's just coming from my perspective as a viewer. But when you're actually out there going through the game, seeing a family member is a great experience, so I can see why they have the contestant's family members come visit every season.
December 22, 2010
Ooo! That means I should get to view a reunion episode soon....if I ever get to the last few episodes here. J has me watching tons of Christmas shows and movies right now to get us in the spirit, lol!
December 23, 2010
Yeah, Episode 13 of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains is the family visit episode and I don't think you've seen that one yet. But yeah, they have the family episode every season. It's hard to believe Christmas is around the corner. The year goes by so fast, lol. :-)
January 05, 2011
Yeah, I think that is the next episode I'm on. I'm just super slow. Jason doesn't want to watch the remaining episodes with me, so I watch them by myself. Yeah...Christmas came and went super fast! We need to talk again soon! Changes afoot at the Downtown library. Not sure if Shel told you about it yet or not.
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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 13
Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 13
Original Air Date: December 15th, 2010
Description: The Thirteenth Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua
TV Show: Survivor
Genre: Reality
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