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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 14 (Season Finale)

1 rating: 4.0
The Fourteenth Episode And Season Finale Of Survivor Nicaragua

Five castaways remain, but two more will be voted out before the jury decides who will be the winner of Survivor and one million dollars richer. 

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"Pick Up Your Swords!"--Survivor Nicaragua Season Finale

  • Dec 30, 2010
  • by
After a full season of intense gameplay and a lot of strategizing, we have finally reached the end. 20 people began this season with the hope of winning a million dollars. They came from all walks of life and they each had their own strategy for how they would make it deep into the game. Initially, the tribes were divided into old vs. young. Anyone 40 and over became a member of the Espada tribe while anyone 30 and under became a member of the La Flor tribe. This twist to the game lasted for a while, but eventually, the two tribes merged and it became every man and woman for themselves. 15 people tried to outwit, outplay, and outlast, but ultimately, they were voted out of the game. Now only five contestants remain. Chase, Holly, Sash, Dan, and Fabio have outlasted all the other Survivors in order to make it this far. Two more of them will be eliminated before we get to the final tribal council, where the final three contestants will plead their case to the jury as to why they should receive a million dollars. Who will make it to the final round? Who will the jury vote for to win the game? It has all come down to this. Let's review the Season Finale of Survivor Nicaragua.

Fabio-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleThe final episode of Survivor Nicaragua begins at the Libertad camp on Day 37. Jane was voted out of the tribe at the last tribal council and now, Dan and Fabio are worried. They both know that Chase, Holly, and Sash have a tight three person alliance to get to the end and unless a miracle happens, those three will be gunning to get both Dan and Fabio out of the game as soon as possible. Dan and Fabio talk privately with each other about what they can do to help their situation. Fabio wants to break the three of them up in the best way possible. At this point, Holly approaches Dan and Fabio at the shelter. Dan and Fabio both ask Holly if she would consider going to the final three with both of them, but Holly hesitates and doesn't answer the question. Fabio continues to try and save himself by talking to Sash next. Sash tells Fabio that he wants to go to the final three with him and Chase (which is a complete lie). Fabio seems to be a little skeptical of Sash's comment here (as he should be), but he'll go along with it for now. Later, Sash and Chase talk privately. They both say that Fabio is a nervous wreck and that he absolutely has to be the next person voted out. Right now, things are not looking good for Fabio at all. The three person alliance is dead set on voting Fabio out next and Fabio is powerless to do anything about it. Fabio's only hope is to win the next immunity challenge in order to have any chance of staying alive in the game. Fabio won immunity last episode (which kept him safe from elimination) and now, he'll have to do it again if he wants to have any chance of making it to the end. Can Fabio pull off a second immunity win in a row? Let's get to the next immunity challenge and find out.

Final Five Immunity Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleOur final five contestants arrive at the next immunity challenge and this one is no joke. When Jeff yells "Go!", each of the contestants must run up to three different podiums and answer three different questions about life in Nicaragua. Once the contestants read the questions, they'll have three answers (which are also on podiums) to choose from. Two of the answers are wrong, but one of the answers is correct. The contestants must choose which answer they think is correct and pull a bag of puzzle pieces from underneath that answer and bring that bag back to their starting podium. If the puzzle pieces in the bag are all black, then they have chosen the wrong answer and must run back out in order to try and answer the question again. If the puzzle pieces are in color, then they've selected the correct answer. Once the contestants have correctly answered each of the three questions, they must take the puzzle pieces and arrange them to form the Survivor Nicaragua logo. The first person to form the puzzle will win immunity and be guaranteed a spot in the final four. The other contestants who don't win will be eligible to be eliminated. Let's get right to the results. The competition is pretty close for a while, but eventually we get a winner. Fabio has once again done the impossible by winning immunity for the second time in a row. Fabio seemed destined to be the next person voted off of the tribe, but now, he is in the final four and will live to fight another day. The other four tribe members are not so lucky and one of them will be the next to join the jury. Who will it be?

Sash, Dan, and Fabio-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleThe Libertad tribe arrives back at camp and everyone congratulates Fabio on his victory in the immunity challenge. However, the alliance of three (Chase, Holly, and Sash) now have to readjust their plans. Fabio was supposed to be the next person voted out, but now that he has immunity, the alliance of three must now set their sights on eliminating Dan. Dan has surprisingly made it very far in this game, but tonight may finally be his swan song. However, Dan is still very determined to do whatever it takes in order to make it to the next round. Dan tells Fabio that the two of them should talk to Sash and try and convince him to vote out Holly. Fabio likes this idea and the two of them try to sell the Holly plan to Sash. Dan tells Sash that Holly is a nice girl from a small town and that could get her jury votes at the end, which is why Holly needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. Fabio also adds his two cents when he says that Chase and Holly are tight, so it would be in Sash's best interest to eliminate Holly in order to break those two up. Sash hears what they're both saying and he seems to be seriously contemplating the idea of taking out Holly. As this is happening, Holly approaches and asks if the plan to take out Dan is still solid. Sash and Fabio both say yes, but privately, Holly is worried that Dan and Fabio are trying to get her out and this makes her very uncomfortable. Either Dan or Holly will be going home next and it may all very well depend on how Sash votes. Who will be the next person to leave the game? Well, once we get to tribal council, it all becomes clear. Dan votes out Chase, but everyone else votes out Dan. Dan is the 16th person to leave the game and he is also the 8th member of the jury. Dan tried to hide below the radar for as long as he could, but eventually, it caught up to him and now, he's gone.

Dan-Survivor NicaraguaI have to hand it to Dan. He went MUCH further in this game than anyone could have possibly imagined. Dan seemed destined to leave this game very early. He was by far one of the oldest and weakest players in the game. He performed terribly at the challenges and seemed to be an extreme liability to whatever team he was a part of. But thanks to his friend Marty, Dan was able to survive the first few tribal councils for the Espada tribe. Then when the tribe switch happened, the young people targeted the older contestants that were physically fit and this allowed Dan to hang around the game even longer. When Dan finally made it to the merge, he was in a great position. Typically, the stronger contestants are voted out once the merge happens and this allowed Dan to slip through the cracks yet again. He remained an invisible, non-entity for as long as possible. However, Fabio's immunity win and the alliance of three working together ultimately sealed Dan's fate once and for all. A lot of people seem to be upset at how far Dan got in the game, but you have to remember that his nothingness is a valuable commodity in this game because it doesn't pose a threat to anyone. Also, Dan is very likable, he doesn't make anyone mad, and he'll vote whichever way you tell him to vote. When you add those things together, it becomes very easy to see how Dan made it as far as he did despite all the odds being against him right from the start. Did the tribe make the right decision in voting Dan out? I would say yes. Dan may not have done much in the game, but that still doesn't mean that Dan could not have won jury votes at the end. He never had to backstab or lie to anyone. He never had to make anyone mad and this alone could have given him the win had he made it to the final tribal council. Also, the alliance of three would've all looked really bad to the jury had they decided to turn on each other, so voting out Dan really was the only option. Dan does seem to have a fiery temper at times, but he kept it in check for the whole game. He just hid in the background while the other contestants went after each other and regardless of what anyone says, that is a good strategy. Overall, I would say Dan played a good game. He did nothing, but he understood that doing nothing will get you far in this game and I have to give him credit for that. Dan overcame the odds and went very far in a game where people like him would've been voted out at the first opportunity. Love him or hate him, Dan did very well here and he will be missed.

Nighttime Fabio-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleThe four remaining Survivors return back to camp after having just voted Dan out of the tribe. Everyone hugs each other and they all are happy to have made it to the final four. Fabio says that he felt comfortable at tonight's tribal council, but he then says that he's going to have to win immunity again if he wants to have any shot at making it to the final tribal council. Fabio then speaks with Sash and Chase privately. He asks the two of them if they're willing to take him to the end and Sash says that he definitely wants to do that. However, Sash then says privately that Fabio must be voted out next because he poses the biggest threat to Sash's endgame plan. The next day arrives and we see Chase and Holly talking privately. Chase and Holly both agree that Fabio must be the next person to go. But if Fabio wins immunity again, then they both agree to vote out Sash next because they both feel that he'll get jury votes at the end to win the game. This segment concludes with Fabio then coming up and asking Chase if he'll take him to the final three and Chase says yes (which is of course a complete lie). It's pretty obvious that Fabio is a dead man walking at this point. The other three clearly want him out and they're telling him that he's safe, even though he's really not. Fabio's only chance is to try and win immunity for a third time in a row. Fabio got very lucky with his last two immunity wins. Can he do it for a third straight time? We'll find out what happens in the final immunity challenge, which will be happening shortly.

Sash, Fabio, Chase, and Holly-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleBefore we get to the final immunity challenge of the season, we must first take a walk down memory lane. The Survivors receive some treemail which tells them that they must go through the "rite of passage", which is a walk through a field where they see the torches of the Survivors voted out of the game. The final four will go to each of the 16 torches (which represent the 16 people who have been voted out of the game this season) and make brief statements about what they remembered and liked about each of them. A small shield will be attached to each of the burnt out torches and that shield will have the name of the former survivor whom that torch represents. The final four will grab the shields off of each of the burnt out torches as they're walking through the field of rememberance. Once they get to the end, they will put all of the shields in a firepit and burn them. Of course, this is nothing new. They always pay homage to the former survivor contestants in this fashion every season, so the concept itself is nothing new. However, there is one thing I must point out about this segment. When they get to Naonka and Purple Kelly's torches, there is a big gray X on each of their shields (because they both quit the game). Seriously, this show has been ridiculously over the top in regards to this quitting situation. I've said it before and I'll say it again. QUITTING A REALITY SHOW IS NOT THE MOST EVIL, MALICIOUS, REPULSIVE, SINFUL, THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!  I really want to punch Jeff Probst in the mouth sometimes. He's embarrassed these two girls quite enough. Let it go, Jeff!!! LET IT GO!!!!! Jesus Christ.

Final Four Immunity Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Season Finale
We have now arrived at the final immunity challenge for Survivor Nicaragua and this challenge is brilliant in its simplicity. Our final four Survivors will each be given a long sword and three bowls full of coins. With one hand, they must point the sword blade first into the ground. With the other hand, they must grab one coin at a time from one of the bowls and place the coins on the handle of the sword. Each Survivor will continue to stack coins on the handle of the swords for as long as possible. If someone's stack of coins falls over, that person is eliminated from the challenge. This will continue until only one stack of coins is still standing and that person will win the final immunity challenge and be guaranteed a spot in the final three. It's a very simple challenge, but it's also very interesting to watch. I can see why the producers chose this challenge to be the final one, lol. Jeff then says to the contestants "Pick Up Your Swords!" and the challenge is now underway. Our final four begin making huge stacks of coins right off the bat. Holly is eliminated first when one of her coins falls off of her stack. Chase is the next person to be eliminated when his entire stack falls over. It's now down to Sash and Fabio. Who will win the final immunity challenge and be guaranteed a spot in the finals? Well, when it's all said and done, the winner of the final immunity challenge is.......FABIO!!!! Somehow, someway, he pulled off the impossible. He has won his third straight immunity challenge in a row and now, he is guaranteed to make it to the final tribal council. Fabio needed this win. He was definitely going to be the next person voted off if he didn't win here and the underdog has done it yet again. That's three straight times that they've tried to get Fabio out of the game and three straight times that they've failed. Wow. Great job, Fabio. Now that Fabio has won, the alliance of three must now turn on each other and vote one of their own out of the game. Who will be the next to leave the game? Let's find out.

Sash and Fabio-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleThe four remaining contestants return to camp and everyone congratulates Fabio on winning immunity yet again. Fabio then says that it'll be fun watching the other contestants scramble like cockroaches in a desperate attempt to save themselves, lol. Fabio approaches each of the other three contestants privately and he gets their thoughts on who they want to see voted out next. Fabio talks with Sash first. Sash tells Fabio that they should vote out Chase because he'll get jury votes should he make it to the end. Fabio then asks Sash if he would've voted him out if he had not won immunity today. Sash tells him that he wouldn't have voted him out (which is a HUGE lie) and that he sees Fabio as one of his best friends in the game (again, this is another HUGGGGEEE lie. If Sash had Pinocchio's nose, it would be as long as a football field right about now, lol). Fabio is not buying Sash's story, so he decides to talk to Chase next in order to get to the truth. Fabio tells Chase that Sash wants to vote him out next and this makes Chase very upset since Chase and Sash had an agreement to go to the end together. Then Fabio asks Chase if he would have voted him out next had he not won immunity and Chase says yes. Fabio has caught Sash in a lie. Fabio then says that he can see through Sash and that he'll say anything to anyone in order to get himself far in the game. Fabio then talks to Holly next. Holly tells Fabio that Sash has played very well and that's why he needs to be the next to go. Fabio says that he trusts Holly the most because she's the only one left in the game who hasn't lied to him. But then, he also says that this makes her a threat because her honesty might get her jury votes in the end to win the game. It seems as if Chase, Holly, and Sash are each pitching their arguments to Fabio here about who should leave the game next. But only one of them will be voted off. Who will it be? Well, at the next tribal council, it becomes clear. Holly votes out Sash, but everyone else votes out Holly. Holly is the 17th person to leave the game and she is also the ninth and final member of the jury. Holly got very close to the end, but ultimately, she fell short.

Holly-Survivor NicaraguaHolly seemed to play this game fairly well. She was originally a member of the older Espada tribe and she got off to a rocky start. She quickly formed an alliance with Wendy which didn't work out since Wendy became the first person voted off of this season. After her alliance partner left, Holly had a nervous breakdown, stole Dan's shoes, and put them in the ocean. Then Holly was on the verge of quitting the game, but Jimmy Johnson talked her out of it and she decided to hang in there. Holly was saved by the tribal switch which allowed her to align herself with some of the younger tribe members in order to take out some of the older ones. When the merge happened, Holly realized that an alliance of five was running things, so she (along with Jane) orchestrated a plan to get Brenda out and it worked. Then she formed an alliance with Chase and Sash and got as far as she could. However, Fabio's immunity win ultimately prevented her from making it to the final round of this season. She seemed to be a pretty tough contestant who never gave up and I definitely respect her for that. Did the tribe make the right decision in voting Holly out? I would say yes. Holly has the whole innocent mom like vibe going for her and if she had made it to the end, she definitely would've gotten a lot of jury votes to win. She is very likable, so it's best to get rid of her now and not have to worry about her sweeping the competition in the final tribal council. I'm surprised at how far Holly got in this game. She seemed doomed very early on, but she quickly recovered and made it all the way to 4th place. I have to hand it to her. Holly played a good game. She must hate the fact that she came so close to the finals and didn't actually make it there, but that's what happens in this game. She tried her best, she gave it her all, and I can't hate on her for that. Holly will be missed.

Sash, Fabio, and Chase-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleOur final three contestants return back to camp for their very last night out in the wilderness. Chase, Sash, and Fabio all congratulate each other for making it all the way to the finals. On a scale of 1 to 10, Fabio says that he is a 10 right now and couldn't be any happier. Privately, Sash says that both Chase and Fabio don't deserve to be in the finals with him because they have not played as good of a strategic game as he has. The next day arrives and our three finalists find a plethora of food waiting for them at treemail. All three of them have made it to Day 39 (the final day of the game) and for their efforts, our three finalists are rewarded with a rich meal of eggs, orange juice, and sausage to celebrate the end of the game. As the three finalists are eating and enjoying themselves, Chase realizes that the game is not over yet by a longshot. He is determined to try and get in the heads of the other two finalists in order to increase his odds of winning. When Fabio asks the other two guys who they think will win the game, Chase responds by saying that he believes that Fabio will win it and Fabio agrees with this assessment. Chase believes that if he can make Fabio feel overconfident about winning, he'll trip up at the final tribal council which will allow Chase to take advantage and pull off a win for himself. It's a good idea, I must admit. Later, our three finalists watch the Nicaraguan sunset for the last time. Then they burn down their shelter to signify the end of camp life. Once the shelter is burned down to the ground, our three finalists head off to the final tribal council of the season. It's all come down to this. Let's find out who will win this thing once and for all.

Final Three At FTC-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleThe final three contestants arrive at the final tribal council. The nine jury members arrive shortly afterwards. Jeff Probst will allow the final three Survivors to make an opening statement to the jury as to why they each feel they should win the game. Chase is up first and he tells the jury to bring on the questions. He knows that people are pissed at him because he's been wishy washy in the game (due to changing alliances multiple times), but he's more than willing to explain his actions and show each jury member why he did what he did in order to survive in the game. Fabio is next and he says that he is an open book. He says that throughout the game, he was laid back, but he asserted himself at the end by winning three immunity challenges in a row. He concludes his statement by saying that he never backstabbed anyone and he feels that he deserves to be here in the final 3. Sash is the last of the finalists to make an opening statement. Sash says that he played the game very differently than the other two because he was a much more strategic player than they were. He wants the jury to remember that he outwitted and outplayed everyone to get to where he is. He concludes by saying that he apologizes for backstabbing people in the game, but he hopes that people will still be friends with him after the whole Survivor experience is over. I liked each of their opening statements. I think that each of the finalists made the best argument they could as to why they should win the game. But it's still up in the air. It's anybody's game at this point.

Chase at FTC-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleNow it's time for the members of the jury to come up one at a time and ask our three finalists some questions. Chase receives some interesting questions during this exchange. Brenda asks Chase why he voted her out even though Chase told her many times that he trusted her. Chase responds by saying that even though he did vote her out, he was the first one to tell her that people were plotting against her (which is true). Chase concludes by saying that he would've liked to have saved her, but once everyone made up their mind that she would be the next to go, there was nothing more that he could do for her. Next, Holly steps up and she asks Chase what does he feel was his best strategic move in the game. Chase responds by saying that his best move was voting Shannon out of the game on Day 6 because it allowed him to align with the core five and begin to play the game with people he could trust. Brenda and Holly were nice with their questions, but Marty decides to take a different route with his question to Chase. Marty decides to verbally attack Chase by asking him to pick one person to be the recipient of the "Dumber Than A Bag Of Hammers" award (and of course, Marty is implying here that Chase himself is "dumber than a bag of hammers"). Chase does not fall for this trick and he refuses to answer the question (good for him). Marty then gets frustrated and walks off, but in the middle of Marty's pathetic rant, Marty says that he himself can not be a recipient of that award because he has played a great game. Wow, Marty is so full of himself, isn't he? News flash, Marty. You suck at this game. You always have and you always will. Now sit down and shut up, old man. The viewers have had it with you, so be quiet, lol. Overall, I think Chase answered these questions pretty well. He was assertive and never waivered once in his defense of his actions. I definitely have a lot of respect for that.

Fabio at FTC-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleFabio also receives numerous questions and comments from the jury. Benry congratulates Fabio for making it this far in the game. Benry also congratulates Fabio on winning three immunity challenges in a row. Benry's comments are no surprise since he has been close with Fabio throughout the whole game. I don't think it's all that hard to figure out who Benry will vote for to win the money, lol. Next, Alina comes up and she decides to be a little harsh with Fabio. She says that Fabio is a surfer boy, but she doesn't want to cast her vote for a "boy", she wants to cast her vote for a "man". Chase and Sash take advantage of this and they both tell Alina that Fabio had no idea what was going on strategically in the game because he didn't outwit anyone. Fabio defends himself by saying that he knew more than he let on and that he at least outplayed everyone by winning so many challenges (that's a good comeback, I must admit, lol).   Later, Naonka steps up and questions Fabio for a bit. You would think that Naonka would have something nasty to say to Fabio considering that the two of them have hated each other the whole season. But surprisingly, Naonka is polite to him. Who da thunk it, lol. Anyway, Naonka asks Fabio if seeing his mom a few days earlier gave him the gasoline he needed to get to the end. Fabio gets real emotional at this point and begins to cry. He says that his mom definitely allowed him to focus at the end and survive. The jury begins to cry also after hearing Fabio's comments here and Naonka even says that she appreciates Fabio crying and showing his softer side. Fabio did a good job here. He defended himself well and his genuine emotions seemed to have really touched the jury. But will it be enough to get Fabio the title of sole survivor? We shall see.

Sash at FTC-Survivor Nicaragua Season FinaleSash is also questioned by the jury, but he doesn't have the same experience that Chase and Fabio had with their jury questions. Sash's questions are much harsher and many people on the jury seem to have bitter feelings toward him. However, Purple Kelly seems to be one of the few jury members that isn't outright mean or dismissive of him. She asks Sash to explain how he outwitted all of the other players. Sash responds by saying that he should have been voted out at the merge, but he wasn't, so he decided to make numerous alliances in order to survive. He regrets that he hurt so many people by making all those alliances, but he's trying to own up to it tonight and be truthful about it. Purple Kelly appreciates Sash's honesty in answering her question and she then sits back down. But when Jane comes up to have her turn at Sash, all the niceties go right out the window. Jane calls Sash a "new york city river rat" and she tells him to go crawl back into his hole. Ouch!!! Jane won't be voting for Sash to win, that's for sure, lol. Later, it's Dan's turn to talk and his attack on Sash is even worse than Jane's. Dan calls Sash a liar and a phony. Dan also says that Sash made promises to him and never lived up to them (we didn't see Sash actually make empty promises to Dan on camera, but knowing Sash's personality and approach to the game, I'd bet that Dan is absolutely correct in his assessment of him). Dan concludes his verbal tirade by saying that Sash is spineless and that he hates his fake smile. He then adds that Sash should go to the eye doctor and get his winking eye fixed (this is an attack on Sash's ability to smile and wink his eye when he's pretending to be your best friend, even though he's really not). Sash did not come out of those questions and comments looking very good. Sash has backstabbed too many people and now, he seems to be paying the price for it. Dan and Jane were very immature with their comments, but it doesn't change the fact that the jury as a whole seems to have a very negative view of Sash. It will be a miracle if Sash can pull off a win here. Can he do it? Well, let's get to the results and find out who will be the winner of Survivor Nicaragua.

Final Three At Reunion-Survivor Nicaragua Season Finale
Now that the jury members have finished asking questions to our three finalists, it's time for the jury to vote for a winner. In the previous tribal councils that happened this season, the players had to vote people out of the game. But at the final tribal council, the jury will be voting FOR someone instead of against them. Each jury member will cast their vote for the person that they would like to see win the game. The person with the most votes will be crowned the winner of Survivor Nicaragua. All nine jury members go and cast their vote. Once all the votes have been placed in the urn, Jeff collects the urn and heads back to the front. Jeff Probst then thanks the contestants for their time in the game, but he says that the votes will not be revealed until the live reunion finale in Hollywood. Jeff then takes the urn and walks away from tribal council into the Nicaraguan forest. We now fast forward a few months later to the CBS Television City Studios in Hollywood where our three finalists and the jury are sitting on stage in front of a large crowd of people. Jeff Probst then walks out with the urn to a big round of applause from the crowd. Jeff once again thanks the contestants for a great season and then, he proceeds to read the votes. Jeff Probst pulls out the first eight votes. Four of them are for Fabio to win and the other four votes are for Chase to win. There is only one vote left. It all comes down to this. The winner of Survivor Nicaragua is...........FABIO!!!!!!!! The crowd goes wild!!!!! Fabio is a major hit with the audience and the 21 year old is taking in every bit of it. He cheers very loudly after his win is announced and he then goes out into the audience and hugs his family members, who are sitting near the front stage. We later get a shot of Fabio's hometown and everyone there is ecstatic over Fabio's win. Fabio really was the underdog for the last few episodes. His odds of winning were very slim, but he somehow managed to pull it off. Great job, Fabio!!!!

Sash-Survivor NicaraguaSash got off to a great start this season. He formed a five person alliance very early in the game that consisted of himself, Brenda, Naonka, Purple Kelly, and Chase. As the leader of that alliance, Sash called all of the shots and made all of the plays. He made the decision to vote Shannon out on Day 6. Then when the tribal switch happened, his tribe of young people still had control and they managed to vote out Kelly B. and Jill before the merge. Once the merge hit, Sash seemed to be riding high. He worked very closely with his right hand Brenda and they both managed to take out both Alina and Marty. But shortly afterwards, Sash ran into some bad luck. Brenda was voted out next and then two of his closest allies (Naonka and Purple Kelly) quit the game. It looked as if Sash was doomed, but he managed to form a new alliance with Chase and Holly. He got all the way to the end, but ultimately, he made too many deals behind people's backs and he lost the win because of it. Sash played a good game to get to the end. He looked to be untouchable for a while and I was almost certain that Sash would end up being the winner. However, his main problem was that all the people that he lied to got together and compared notes. They all eventually found out that Sash had promised them all the same thing. He promised one person final three, he promised another person final three, etc.... When these conflicting promises all came out into the open, there was nothing that Sash could do to save himself. He became public enemy number one and the jury let him have it. It's extremely ironic that he went from being a person in complete control of everything to a guy that lost it all right when he got to the end. Sash did a good job of lying in the game, but he forgot that sometimes, you have to tell the truth in order to get people to respect you. Sash failed to do that and lost the game because of it. I have mixed feelings about Sash. He's a good player, but he also comes off as kind of a rotten person. Oh well. Sash got third place. He should at least be happy with that, lol.

Chase-Survivor NicaraguaI liked Chase as a person right from the get go. He seemed to be very easygoing and likable. He aligned himself with Shannon at the very beginning of the game, but after Chase began to realize how much of an idiot he is, he promptly voted him out. Chase then joined Sash's core alliance and he seemed to be in a very good position for the majority of the game. However, his good fortune began to turn sour once people started to realize how wishy washy he is. He says that he trusts Brenda and then he votes her out. He promises to take Sash on a reward and instead takes someone else. He then promises to take Fabio on a reward, but instead, he once again chooses someone else. Also, he betrayed his good friend Jane by voting her out. All of these broken promises definitely caught up to Chase at the final tribal council. He had hurt a lot of people and it looked as if he was going to get no votes at all to win the game. But lo and behold, somehow Chase got FOUR votes to win and he only needed one more to pull it off. I've been thinking about how Chase was able to get that many votes and I attribute that to his likability. Some people have an inate likability about them where people will still end up liking them even after they've been screwed over by such a person. Sash does NOT have this quality and that's why he ended up getting zero jury votes. However, Chase does have this quality and luckily for him, some of the jury members looked past his hurtful actions and voted to give him the win. But at the end of the day, none of this changes the fact that he didn't pull off a victory. Had Chase not been up against Fabio in the finals, it's very likely that Chase would have won this game. Chase is the guy you love to love, so that alone gave him an advantage that most other people would not have had. I think Chase played an average game. He was too wishy washy, he broke too many promises, and I think that contributed heavily to his downfall. Chase could have done a lot better, but I don't think he played a terrible game either. But overall, he does appear to be a good, decent person and I like him for that. He got all the way to second place, so he should be proud of how well he did. Good job, Chase!!!

Fabio-Survivor NicaraguaAnd now we have arrived at our winner this season, Fabio. To tell you the truth, I honestly didn't think that Fabio would win this. The kid had almost nothing going for him throughout the whole game. Early on, he seemed to be in a quasi-alliance with Shannon, but that ended when he was voted out. He was not a member of Sash's core five alliance which meant that he could be voted out at any point. Naonka verbally attacked Fabio on a regular basis, which might've ruined his standing in the game (luckily for him, that didn't happen). Then when the tribal switch happened, he decided to lay low and luckily, Sash and his buddies targeted Kelly B. and left him alone (they could have gone after him instead if they really wanted to). Fabio was kept around to serve as an extra vote for the core five, but once the merge hit, that all changed. Marty brought Fabio into his alliance in an effort to try and get out Jane, but that plan went kaput when Marty was sent packing. Now with no real alliance, Fabio decided to lay low once again and not make a stir. He witnessed Brenda being voted off, he witnessed Naonka and Purple Kelly quit the game, and it seemed as if he would be ignored long enough to make it to the end. However, that all changed when Fabio's best friend, Benry, got voted off. Fabio realized he was definitely going to be the next to be voted off and this is when he kicked his game into high gear. Fabio amazingly won three individual immunity challenges in a row and bought himself a ticket to the final tribal council. The man who had been a major target of the other players for the past few rounds competed his butt off to make it to the finals. His impressive immunity wins, along with his extreme likability and genuine emotion, won him the game. Fabio's story is the ultimate underdog tale. He overcame all the odds in order to pull off a huge victory. Not bad at all. Did the jury make the right decision in handing Fabio the win? I would say yes. Of the three finalists, it was clear that he had played the best game. It wasn't a brilliant game by any means, but it was truthful, genuine, and full of hard work and determination. When you have an honest, competitive player up against two people who have lied a lot, it's obvious that the truthful player will have a better shot at winning. Fabio knew that being honest would get him the win and he was right. I tip my hat off to Mr. Fabio. He is the youngest Survivor winner ever (at 21) and I wish nothing but the best of luck to him in the future. Great job, Fabio!!!!! Well done!!!! :-)

Well, that concludes my review of the Survivor Nicaragua finale. I'll be back to review the Survivor Nicaragua reunion show and finally, we'll finish this season out once and for all. Till then. :-)

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January 21, 2011
Another powerful review, Pard. Dan definitely sounded like a nice guy, so I'm surprised people were annoyed that he went as far as he did. 

I can't believe Jeff had the gray X for the two girls who quit the game...so weird...and actually really disrespectful to their memories. That's a shame.

I'm surprised that Fabio ended up winning. I can't stand that name, lol, and he's too much of a pretty boy for my tastes. Alas, it did seem like he played the game well all things considered.
January 25, 2011
Yeah, a lot of people were annoyed with how well Dan did in the game. I didn't mind, though. I think sometimes the audience has a certain perception of who a winner should be and if they see someone who doesn't fit that (especially if it's someone who is not physically fit), they tend to not like that person. I liked Dan. He was pretty nice most of the time and I think he played a good game by being quiet and not making too many waves.

The gray X thing just really annoyed me. Jeff needs to let it go. Seriously. I especially dislike it when the producers pick on Purple Kelly in particular. At least with Naonka, her arrogance and obsession with herself guarantees that she won't be hurt emotionally by any of this. Purple Kelly, on the other hand, seems to be a really sweet girl and I hate to see Jeff and company pick on her just because she quit a reality show. When Purple Kelly went up to ask her jury question, the producers played "gomer pyle" like music in the background implying that she's an idiot. It's just stuff like this that is really ridiculous in my book. I didn't like it at all.

I'm surprised Fabio won too. I didn't think he'd pull it off. Actually, Fabio isn't his real name. His real name is Judson, but Shannon nicknamed him "Fabio" in the first episode and the name stuck. Yeah, he is kind of annoying since he does have that pretty boy image. I was actually hoping he'd get eliminated before the finals, but once he won that last challenge, I knew he had the game unfortunately. Fabio wasn't my favorite, but he did play a good game toward the end and I'll give him credit for that.
January 28, 2011
Yeah, I agree with you about the audience and having preconceptions about what a "winner" looks like. I picked this up from the one season I watched.

That is so mean of them...I wouldn't like that either...

Yeah, I forgot about that. Still...lol! Yeah, I guess he was really good at playing the game, which is why he won.
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