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100% Gluten-free
We ask for written guarantees from all our suppliers testifying to the gluten-free-ness of all our ingredients. (Except for produce, like the carrots. But we wash those thoroughly.)

We buy our flour from Authentic Foods (except for a few things from Bob’s, from their gluten-free line.) (Oh, and we get certified gluten-free oat flour and rolled oats from Only Oats in Canada.)

Our employees don’t bring any gluten-containing food into the premises, not even for a minute.

Kosher-Parve = Dairy/Casein-Free
Everything we use (again, except for fresh produce, like carrots) is certified kosher-parve. That means no meat, poultry, pork, or shellfish. That also means no casein, no lactose – no MILK derivatives of any kind. We use EGGS – they aren’t considered dairy in kosher terms – but we try to keep an assortment of egg-free/VEGAN items at all times.

Base ingredients
All our baked goods start with our base blend of California-grown brown-rice flour and tapioca starch. We may add potato starch, corn starch, sweet rice flour, millet flour, certified-gluten-free oat flour, organic amaranth flour or organic quinoa flakes. We don’t currently offer any rice-free or tapioca-free baked goods, sorry to say.

What about soy?

Earth BalanceInstead of butter we use this really great stuff called Earth Balance margarine. It’s 100% vegan, non-hydrogenated, non-gmo, but it does contain soy in the “vegetable oil blend.” We use it in the cookies, some of the seasonal muffins, and the chocolate cake, the brownies, the pie crust… (in fact, I’m thinking of buying stock in the Earth Balance company!)

We are in the process of switching to soy-free Earth Balance, so we will eventually be completely soy-free. That will take some time, though…we’ll let everyone know when it happens.

Now, some people who are normally sensitive to soy have reported to us that they don’t react to the Earth Balance. I suspect that they are sensitive to the typical, cheap, genetically-modified soy that they get at most American establishments, but that the higher-quality stuff doesn’t bother them. BUT, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. If you or your child is severely sensitive or actually allergic to soy, please use extreme caution!

The cheesecakes are made with soy-based cream cheese made by our partners, Follow Your Heart.

We don’t use any soy flour but we do use organic soy milk in the chocolate cake and the chocolate ganache frosting. If we substitute rice milk, it doesn’t set up properly. We figured, since the chocolate itself contains soy lecithin, anyone actually allergic to soy couldn’t eat it anyway. The alternative is almond milk, but then we’d also condemn the nut-allergic to a world without ganache.

If you’re into chocolate and not soy, you should try the chocolate-zucchini muffins (incredible!)

egg whitesEggs: We use local, cage-free but not organic whole eggs, and egg-whites. We try to have one vegan item per category (vegan = no eggs, no dairy obviously, and no honey or other animal by-products) i.e., our vegan morning-glory muffin, vegan snickerdoodle cookie, vegan gf-oat loaf, and vegan/soy-free pizza (with our signature cashew-tahini “cheese.” Which leads me to:)

Nuts: We are a PEANUT-free facility, but we use tree-nuts all over the place. There’s almond meal in many of the breads. Not the hamburger buns, not the loaves – rice, vegan amaranth, or vegan gf-oat loaf – and not in the vegan pizza crust, but watch out for the cashew cheese on the prepared pizza and in the macaroni and cheese!

We talked about the Earth Balance margarine that we use, above. WE use Canola oil as our main oil, augmented by olive oil.

{Here’s where we hang our heads in shame.} We love sugar. Our favorite is organic evaporated cane juice. It tastes really good, and it gives amazing texture to cakes and other sweets that simply cannot be replicated by sugar substitutes, especially not natural ones. We also use a natural brown sugar. But {the skeleton in the closet!} that’s actual C&H refined powdered sugar in the frosting.

Now, we the bakers are all lucky, we can have cane sugar. Maybe I, for example shouldn’t have it, but I can. So, while I don’t eat sweets very often, and when I do I try not to eat very much, but if I’m going to eat something sweet, I want it to taste incredible. Why even bother if it’s not any good?

On the other hand, we know there are some people who can’t have sugar at all, and if that’s you, you have our sympathy. We’ve been working on sugar-free cupcakes and cookies using blends of agave, xylitol, and stevia, and we’re at the point now where you can special-order a fairly decent sugar-free cake or cupcake with eggs, or a fairly nasty vegan one. (Vegan sugar-free cupcakes must be eaten the day they are made. Therefore our minimum order is 24 cupcakes, pre-paid.)

The breads don’t have much sugar, just enough to get the yeast excited, and the vegan-amaranth loaf is lightly sweetened with agave! Yum!

Yeast: We put yeast into all of our breads. You can’t make a decent bread without yeast.

Corn: We made a valiant effort to remove corn in all of our products, but it was to no avail…corn is simply everywhere, even in places where you would never expect to find it (ie, pure vanilla extract). It would be virtually impossible to remove all traces of corn.

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Love the Sesitive Baker
Who would have known that if you take all the typical ingredients in bakery goods you could still end up with amazing deserts/ For all of you who have sensitivity to certain foods like: gluten, eggs and casein/dairy this is your paradise.       It is great for vegans, and frankly for anyone who cares about eating healthy a little less animal products and a lot more of self-love and there you have it: ready and sweet for you at the Sensitive Baker in Culver City. Try the …
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Gluten free, dairy free and delivious
The Sensitive Baker
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