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Time Will Tell (Warehouse 13 episode)

2 Ratings: -0.5
The Season 2 premiere episode of the Syfy Channel Series "Warehouse 13"

MacPherson frees H. G. Wells and escapes the Warehouse with the aid of Leena. The agents track down MacPherson and Wells back to the warehouse.

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"Macpherson is playing the long game"--Warehouse 13 Season 2 Premiere

  • Jul 12, 2010
  • by

Last summer, the television program "Warehouse 13" debuted on the syfy channel. The show mainly centers around two detectives (Pete and Myka) who are hired to work at the mysterious Warehouse 13 in order to keep an eye on mysterious artifacts located within the Warehouse itself. These detectives must also leave the Warehouse on occasion and capture artifacts that may prove to be damaging to the public if they fall in the wrong hands. Last season, we were left with a cliffhanger at the end of the final episode of season 1. Now, the premiere of season 2 is upon us and I must say I enjoyed this first season 2 episode quite a bit. If you don't want to be spoiled by the ending of this episode, then you should probably stop reading at this point since I'm going to talk about the whole episode pretty much. I'm not going to go into detail with this review as much as I would like to since I couldn't find any good pictures from this episode to post into this review (and let's face it. Reading long reviews without pictures in them can get pretty boring at times), but I'll just go ahead and give a general recap of the episode and what I thought about it as a whole. Here we go.....

During the season finale last year, many things occurred. Macpherson stole the phoenix artifact from the warehouse and attempted to sell it, but Pete and Myka prevented him from doing so. Macpherson was then imprisoned in the bronze sector, but Leena secretly freed him and he escaped the Warehouse, but not before blowing Artie to smithereens while he was trapped inside the tube connecting the front door to Artie's office. The season premiere opens with Pete and Myka attempting to find Artie amongst the debris of the tube. Finally, they find that Artie is alive and well. They wonder how Artie was able to survive the explosion and that's when Artie reveals that he had the phoenix artifact in his pocket the whole time, which protected him from the blast. As a result of using this artifact, someone else has to die and that person ends up being Mrs. Frederic's driver, who crashes the limo he's driving into the Warehouse, but not before Mrs. Frederic herself jumps out of the car before the crash. Later, Mrs. Frederic is taken to the hospital and tells Artie that Macpherson is "playing the long game". Artie is confused by what this means, but he must put that to the side for now. Artie's main goal at the moment is to find Claudia, who is believed to be the traitor that let Macpherson free from the bronze sector. Meanwhile, Pete and Myka discover that Macpherson freed someone else from the bronze sector as well and his name is H.G. Wells. The two detectives head off to H.G. Wells' home (which is a museum) and discover that H.G. Wells is actually a woman. She slips by the two detectives and steals the imperceptor vest, which allows her to move so fast that she can't be seen by the naked eye. When Artie finally catches up with Claudia, she tells him that she is not the traitor and Artie believes her (the traitor is actually Leena who has been brainwashed by Macpherson. Mrs. Frederic undoes the brainwashing by removing the pearl from Leena's ear that is brainwashing her). They go to see Claudia's brother, Joshua, who they believe Macpherson will get in contact with and they find Macpherson tricking her brother into stealing antimatter. Macpherson gets away with the antimatter, gets back in touch with H.G. Wells, and they use the antimatter to power the impercptor vest so that H.G. Wells can use it to get into the Escher Vault (located in the Warehouse. The escher vault house items that belong to people that are imprisoned in the bronze sector of the Warehouse) and steal something, but we don't know what that "something" is. Pete, Myka, Artie, and Claudia catch up with Macpherson at the vault, but shockingly, H.G. Wells kills Macpherson and runs off. When Artie and Mrs. Frederic check the vault to see what H.G. Wells took from there, they find that her locket and a few other items are missing, but they have no idea why she took those items and neither do the viewers. This concludes my VERY brief recap of this episode.

Overall, I enjoyed this opening episode of the second season. It was very well done. I wasn't surprised at all that Artie survived the explosion cliffhanger from last season. Many fans even suspected that he would have the Phoenix with him at the time of the blast. Plus, this show would NEVER have the guts to kill off one of its main characters. Fans in general react very badly to offing main characters in any tv series, so I knew Artie would be alive in this premiere because of that. I also liked the H.G. Wells twist as well. Revealing that the great H.G. Wells is actually a woman in this series could make for some very interesting episodes down the road. The one thing I was slightly disappointed by is how Leena was handled in this episode. I think it would have been much more interesting had Leena actually been a real traitor instead of being brainwashed by Macpherson. I would have liked to have seen an episode down the road where Leena is committing all these evil acts and showing that she's more than just a little hotel keeper, lol. Oh well. I guess that idea will have to remain on the cutting room floor for now. I also was a little disappointed that Macpherson dies in this episode since he was such a great villain for the few episodes of this series that he was in. The Macpherson character had the "super evil devil" look down to a science, but I guess H.G. Wells will have to take Macpherson's place now and be the series' new main villain from here on out. It'll be interesting to see how that goes.

Aside from a few minor issues, I thought this premiere was very well done and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. I might review more episodes as the season goes on, but we'll see. Until next time. :-)

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July 19, 2010
Interesting television show. Not sure if I will ever watch it, but I enjoyed your review.
July 21, 2010
Yeah, it's a pretty unique show with a good cast of characters and a complex plot. I was going to make this review more detailed, but I had trouble finding good episode photos, so I had to settle for the cliff notes version, lol. I don't know if I'll review every episode this season, but I'll try to review the ones that stand out or have a major development in them. But overall, I really enjoy this series. :-)
July 21, 2010
The main reason I can't watch these shows is because I don't get SyFy (cries). I'm sure J could download them if I asked, but he's been on a "Futurama" craze since the new season started on Comedy Central.

Yeah, I had trouble finding good pictures sometimes for my reviews too. Then, my reviews change too. Why reference a specific point if you can't include a good graphic with it? 

Looking forward to more of the episode reviews! Now that my notifications are turned back on, I can follow your newest reviews easier. :)

Btw: Try to give me a call tomorrow. It's been ages since we've talked! I had some questions to ask you about the event next weekend at Maidu.
July 22, 2010
Yeah, I'll try and call you either tomorrow or sometime this weekend. One of the really great things about the survivor and amazing race reviews I did before was that I could find some really great photos of the episodes online and use them in order to make my reviews more interesting and specific. I really wanted to do that here too and I looked HARD for good photos, but I had no luck. Oh well. Yeah, Syfy has some great programs that I love watching. I'm glad the notifications are back on also. Makes things a little easier. :-)
July 22, 2010
Great! I work tomorrow from 8am-12pm. We are coming down the weekend of the 31st for the Maidu writing thing. Are you attending the event? Yeah, some shows are more popular than others, so it makes it easier to find the photos for reviews.
July 23, 2010
I can't go to the event since I'm working that day (not at Maidu, at Riley). But the event sounds fun, though. I hope you have a good time. :-)
July 23, 2010
Well, maybe I can stop by Maidu to say hi in between some of the talks. I think Shel is still going to make it.
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2 Ratings: -0.5
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Original Air Date: July 6th, 2010
TV Show: Warehouse 13

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