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Transformers: The Score

1 rating: 5.0
An album by Original Soundtrack/Steve Jablonsky

Steve Jablonsky's dynamic score to the 2007 big-budget, big-screen version of the TRANSFORMERS cartoon show (and classic toy line), proved so appealing to fans of the film that an online petition was actually put into place to push for release of … see full wiki

1 review about Transformers: The Score

Steve Jablonsky - the man behind the Transformers music

  • May 14, 2008
Pros: It rocks beyond words.

Cons: Cons do not exist in this CD.

The Bottom Line: People everywhere were getting insane for this soundtrack – I was one of them.

After Transformers came out, a huge number of people were scanning Best Buys, Wal-Marts, and Amazon.com for the soundtrack, created by Steve Jablonsky. We all knew his name, we all wondered just where the hell the soundtrack was. Sure, there’s a score, but that doesn’t even hold a candle to the awesome power of the movie’s true music by Jablonsky. In short, we were going nuts. In fact, I’d never seen a scramble for a soundtrack like this before. I was impressed. I’d like to think that Jablonsky felt pleased and flattered.

Finally it came out, and what a nugget of joy it was and still is. Strangely enough, 11 of the tracks have marks (*) by them to indicate that a different version is in the film. But you know what? I do not even care. Whatever the differences are, I don’t remember, I can’t tell, and the versions here are just brilliant enough as it is. The last time I was this infatuated with a soundtrack was when Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest by Hans Zimmer came out.

1.) Autobots* – 2:33 This, my dear friends, is only a taste of what is to come. Your main, awesome Autobots theme here, with some deep, powerful horns as the strings dash back and forth behind them. They grow louder just as the chorus steps in, and what a chorus it is.

2.) Decepticons* – 3:52 Slow, dark, sneaky, and pretty quiet the entire time. The chorus echoes with sinister intentions, a few drums hammering out Decepticon power. But they haven’t risen up yet.

3.) The All Spark* – 3:35 Another main theme, perhaps the overall Transformers theme. GOD I love this CD. Ok, sorry, I’m just excited. The soft chorus is go gorgeous, and though the majority of the track is slow, it does kick up a notch near the end, taking on a few of the qualities we’ll hear in future tracks; the lone cello, the beautiful sweep of the strings, and the overall theme.

4.) Deciphering the Signal* – 3:09 A simple, echoing track that bounces around, wondering, low, semi-threatening. Not much else to it, except that it doesn’t sound very happy…heheh.

5.) Frenzy* – 1:57 More dark tones, slowly rising and falling with very faint chorus in the background. It makes an abrupt rise to the top and terminates.

6.) Optimus* – 3:16 My little sister’s favorite. I think she loves the flute that sort of wisps around at the beginning. Then everything slips in. It’s got a strong, noble feeling to it, exactly what Optimus is like. A little chorus is even thrown in, very soft, but still easy to hear. Solid track.

7.) Bumblebee* – 3:58 Very similar to “Autobots,” starting out quiet and slow before growing stronger and eventually bursting into a fully-fledged Autobot theme, complete with grandeur and male chorus, until finally fading away again.

8.) SOCCENT Attack – 2:07 One of the tracks that ranks right up there on the favorites scale. I love the vibrating dong! the song has, along with the deep chorus that just smacks of fast danger. It’s fast and pounding – great for running I tell you.

9.) Sam at the Lake – 2:00 An abrupt change, light on its feet, very summery. Simple percussion with peppy

10.) Scorponok* – 4:57 I freaking love this track. Beyond words. The only way to really do this song justice it so tell you that it is bad ass. I play this in my car cranked up so loud I need the windows down and I have to force myself to not drive fast. It hammers, it rocks, and it rules the universe. It’s destruction with music notes. I will go deaf on this song, and it is fantastic to write battle scenes to. Get it, listen to it, love it.

11.) Cybertron – 2:46 Since Cyberton isn’t around anymore, this track has a sad ring to it, a remembrance of the past. Along with the deep chorus, it shows that it doesn’t have the best past either (hence the absence of the planet).

12.) Arrival to Earth* – 5:27 I have never been so infatuated with a cello in my life. This track very nearly eclipses my love for Scorponok’s track, though I love them for different reasons. While I rock out to Scorponok, I completely immerse myself in this one. I’ve never heard celli take on such prominent roles and the way they just sing is beyond words. Add to that a fantastic chorus and heart-skipping melodies and you’ve got yourself one incredible song.

13.) Witwicky – 1:57 Light instrumentation in the style of “Sam at the Lake” but definitely darker, a little sneakier maybe with gentle chimes tapping throughout the heavier vibrations of low strings.

14.) Downtown Battle – 1:33 Another awesome, albeit short, track. Reminiscent of the attack on SOCCENT with the deep gonging noise and multiple percussion instruments. It drives up, fast and fierce, and then drops off suddenly.

15.) Sector 7 – 2:05 More quite like the above, same style, fast pace, heavy on the danger and the action. Pile it on!

16.) Bumblebee Captured – 2:17 Actually, that track slips right into this one, a more melancholy version of the Autobot theme (if that’s actually possible – I think knowing the action in the movie gives it that feeling).

17.) You’re A Soldier Now – 3:28 Going back into the fast lane! Back into that military sense from SOCCENT with similar sounds and styling and speed. A few slower pieces Autobot style get things ready along with a quick pep talk from an actual soldier. Gotta love the trumpets here! Get ready for a massive fight, because here it comes, from Megatron himself this time.

18.) Sam on the Roof* – 2:03 Cue the massive chunks of destruction! Run with the All Spark and try not to get killed in the process. Drums beat everywhere, danger lurks around every corner,

19.) Optimus vs. Megatron – 4:00 Don’t let the first few seconds fool you. Chorus, drums, horns, and strings unite! Another fantastic song to write to when in a battle scene. The speed of these songs just keeps on going and culminates here in brazen Transformer theme glory. The title really does say it all.

20.) No Sacrifice, No Victory* – 2:58 A slow, after-the-battle song where every takes stock of the damaged and the dead. It is hopeful though, and contains the Autobot theme with plenty of gleaming horns, full chorus, and all in all, a triumphant finish.

In a short review, I would say, “It’s an awesome soundtrack. Buy it.”

In this review, I still say, “It’s an awesome soundtrack. Buy it.”

Honestly, I haven’t known a single person that was disappointed by this soundtrack. Just yesterday I was talking to someone over the Internet I didn’t even know and we ended up raving about how amazing Steve Jablonsky is with this soundtrack. This isn’t his first one either. He’s done The Island and a few others, but still, when you compare his soundtrack work to other composers, his list is pretty small. That’s going to change with this soundtrack, I’m willing to bet money on it. And you know what? I’ll be there when he gets picked up by other moviemakers, dang skippy I will. He keeps up this kind of stuff, he'll give Hans Zimmer a run for his money.

Steve, I sincerely hope you plan on doing the music when Transformers 2 comes out in 2009.


You know what? I have to listen to “Scorponok” again, just before I go...


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Transformers: The Score
Label: Warner Bros. Records (Record Label)
Release Date: October 09, 2007

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