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Universal Health Care

80 Ratings: 2.0
A government program designed to cover all residents of a political region.

Universal health care is health care coverage for all eligible residents of a political region and often covers medical, dental and mental health care. These programs vary in their structure and funding mechanisms. Typically, most costs are met via … see full wiki

24 reviews about Universal Health Care
review by . September 11, 2009
Conceptually, I'm in favor in providing health care to everyone, however I'm also concerned about the costs associated with such a universal benefit.  As part of the cost benefit analysis i started thinking about some new social pressure it could create.  Here's what i mean.        We know that living a certain way creates a higher likelyhood that you will be healthy.  For example, if you don't smoke and aren't obese the odds are that you will live longer/healthier …
review by . August 08, 2009
Last night we had dinner with our daughter Elin and her partner Emmanuel: she's just back from teaching at a week-long shindig in Chicago for viola da gamba players.  One of the stories she told concerned a fellow gambist from Canada who was recently diagnosed with a leukemia-like disease and who underwent some cutting-edge treatment this spring in Ontario.        He was diagnosed and treated in his home city in a timely fashion and is doing well, it seems.  But …
review by . July 17, 2009
Health Care !
With all due respect Sir,  I firmly believe that this time the American people should hold your feet to the fire.  During your campaign for President you made a number of promises to us.  First and foremost your promised transparency.  The days of backroom deals would be over.  Bills would be posted on the White House website for at least five days so that the general public would have an opportunity scrutinize them.  There would be no earmarks.  Your …
review by . January 23, 2010
Universal Health Care Debate in this country...
One of the biggest concerns in this country to date is the health care reform and universal health care.  Why do countries like Canada, England and Sweden have it AND why do we have millons of Americans who are uninsured and underinsured?  These people make such difficult choices as whether to go to a doctor and pay for medicine when sick or buy food, pay utilities, etc.   In a country as wealthy and powerful as ours,  this should have to be an issue at hand.   …
review by . July 17, 2009
 I am a 65 yr old anesthesiologist/physician-a medical doctor on Medicare and this subject of health care is so complex. Do we have the finest medical care in the world? Not by outcome measurement. Do we have the fattest, laziest, sickest population in the world? Do we spend too much on end-of-life care (money down the drain)? Do we spend too much for insurance company profit? Does everybody want the finest care, the finest physicians, no waiting, nurses on call and somebody else to pay for …
review by . October 16, 2009
I don't know why people are against a single payer health care.  This country needs some form of basic health care coverage for it's population.  The argument I always hear is taxes.  You have these plants in some of these town hall meeting jumping up and down about saying "We pay enough taxes, we don't want to go in debt."  Where were these same people when we threw away billions upon billions of dollars at Bush Jr.s War in Iraq?  Do they care that we have spent …
Quick Tip by . August 22, 2009
Here's some common sense: http://www.theonion.com/content/news/congress_deadlocked_over_how_to?
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
Nooooo! Don't do it! Taxes will increase to make up the ever increasing deficit. DEBT KILLS
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
A much worthier place to spend money than dumping trillions into black hole, incompetent banks, but sadly, I doubt the gov can pull it off
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
IMHO, universal health care is a right, like free speech and public education. I would like to see universal, affordable health care.
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
Its gonna be a huge waste of money, but its better than the way they'll eventually blow our tax dollars. Lesser of 2 evils.
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
It'll be costly, slow, & inefficient, like other government programs. Keep health care privatized & reform the insurance industry instead.
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
Seems like a step in the right direction although I'm still inclined to be skeptical about the quality of healthcare that will be available
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
We should offer health coverage to everyone, but what to cover and how to offer the coverage is key. See http://lunch.com/t/hd8
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
I am all for ANY company making a profit and a TRILLION $$ program is not going to fix any health care concerns for US CITIZENS.
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
It's a law to have insurance as a driver - but not as a human being? I think something needs to happen...
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
America's health care doesn't prevent illnesses,it masks pain.In other countries, people aren't afraid to go to the doctor's if they're ill.
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
I favor health care for everyone, but I am skeptical that the US Government can be the right provider. Their track record is not very good.
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
There is a lot of corruption in the health care system right now. Fix the corruption first to lower premiums, then fix health care.
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
It looks like a different solution to the rapidly increasing health care costs. Interesting to see how it will be implemented
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
Lack of insurance and rapidly increasing costs are national problems. I am cautiously optimistic that we can come up with a solution.
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick.
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
We need to examine the pharmaceutical and insurance companies, first. I don't want my insurance premium going towards someone's Cialis!
Quick Tip by . August 20, 2009
well we have to try SOMETHING, right? not perfect, but it's a starting point. the $ will be spent on something, why not nation's wellness?
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