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WWE: The Best of Saturday Night's Main Event

1 rating: 5.0
Best of 3 Disc collection for the WWE's SNME Show

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1 review about WWE: The Best of Saturday Night's Main Event


  • Sep 1, 2010
  • by
WWE: The Best of Saturday Night's Main Event


It feels like it was only yesterday when I was watching this on TV when it was first around, glad the WWE is releasing this box set. How great would it be for a full anthology, of course it would have to be released in volumes but still that would be great. Still the greatest thing about this release is that WWE is finally putting Randy Savage on something, hopefully the feud is ending and we can finally get some Macho Man on some DVD's. Between all the matches there are mini doc's and looks back at some classic moments from the show over the years, plus it is cool they left all the original commentary with Jesse Ventura and others.


1.WWF CHAMPIONSHIP-HULK HOGAN VS BOB ORTON-the first main event from the show I believe and it was a great one even though I am no fan of Hogan at all. Still it was wonderful to see Bob Orton during his prime and run with Piper. This is a highly entertaining match that had Orton taking it to Hogan. Piper, Paul Orndorff and Mr. T get involved towards the end of this helping to hype the clash between these five. This was a great start to the DVD set.5/5

2.RODDY PIPER VS PAUL ORNDORFF-this is more of a brawl between these two here, as these two legends go at it viciously even taking it to the back. Piper who is one off my all time favorites and Mr. Wonderful go from slugging it out in the ring to slugging it out on the outside and even underneath the announcer's booth. This one ends after it goes to the back and Piper escapes.5/5

3.WWF CHAMPIONSHIP-HULK HOGAN VS TERRY FUNK-a great title match between these two as the Texas hardcore legend almost takes the title from Hogan in a great match. Funk is brilliant in this match as he chokes Hogan with tape and covers it up from sight with his arm. Plus Vince's commentary on this match is hilarious because he was selling Hogan so hard.5/5

4.BOXING MATCH-MR. T VS BOB ORTON-much like T and Piper did at one time a little later T and Orton would get it on in a boxing match. The match was all about Piper messing with T and leaving him laid out after they jumped him. The match is good and entertaining and the aftermath is just as good. As far as memorable this is a classic as well.4.5/5

5.SNAKE PIT MATCH-JAKE ROBERTS VS RICKY STEAMBOAT-excellent match between these two as the action goes back and forth. Both show why the are legends of the sport and also shows what Jake used to be. Ricky takes the win as the two face off one with a snake and the other with an alligator [dragon]. Great show for all us fans.4.5/5

6.WWF I-C CHAMPIONSHIP-JAKE ROBERTS VS RANDY SAVAGE-this possibly the best match on the entire set especially in the psychology department. These two were both rule breakers at the time so both went full force. There is some excellent bending of the rules as well as some great wrestling action. Randy Savage is one of my all time favorite wrestlers of all time and this match shows why. Excellent match that is a classic no doubt, especially the wild ending.5/5

7.STEEL CAGE MATCH-HULK HOGAN VS PAUL ORNDORFF-as far as cage matches go this is a really entertaining and suspenseful at the end. The story line at the time was great and all logic pointed to this match happening. Both try like crazy to escape the cage and at one point both hit the ground at the exact same time. The match has to be restarted and both go back at it. Hogan goes on to take this one after he lays out The Brain and Mr. Wonderful. Still can't believe Hogan won this.4.5/5

8.BATTLE ROYAL-this is your typical battle royal that is just there to add a few more wrestlers to the card. The only real purpose of this battle royal is to further the storyline between the great Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan. That was the real story of this match and Andre showed how much more superior he was to Hogan. That alone makes this a good match, Hercules goes on to win.3.5/5

9.2 OUT 3 FALLS MATCH-THE HART FOUNDATION VS THE BRITISH BULLDOGS-talk about two great teams that created nothing but classics when against each other. The first fall goes to the Bulldogs after a DQ but they were going at it like crazy. The match from this point would go back and forth as the teams do battle until The Bulldogs get the pin over Jim Neidhart. Unfortunately for them one of their falls was a DQ so the did not get the titles. Excellent match that is full of action.5/5

10.WWF I-C CHAMPIONSHIP-HONKEY TONK MAN VS RANDY SAVAGE-during Honkey's legendary I-C title reign he would go up against and put the title on the line against the one and only Macho Man Randy Savage. This is a great match between these two that sees Jimmy Hart saving the tile for Honkey on many occasions through out the match. Savage is excellent in this match putting it all on the line but The Hart Foundation come down to give a hand to Honkey Tonk Man. Still the action continues as both give it their all, Savage is amazing as usual. The Hart Foundation hit the ring and attack Savage and cause a DQ. After Tonk pushes her to the ground she runs to the back to grab Hulk Hogan, who comes out to help Randy.5/5

11.RANDY SAVAGE VS BRET HART-this one is a contender for best match on the set as two of the greatest of all time go head to head. The action is fast paced for the most part and The Anvil makes things even more interesting as he gets involved in this. Savage and Hart tear the house down with this classic that leaves Savage's leg injured. Wonderful match right here and a great way to end the first disc, classic.5/5

12.[FIRST MATCH ON SNME]-RICKY STEAMBOAT, US EXPRESS VS IRON SHEIK, NIKOLAI VOLKOFF, AND GEORGE STEEL-this is one of the special features on disc one, the first match ever on the show. This was a pretty good match that had a lot of good wrestlers in it, legends. The action was good and well paced and had some high spots. Steel gets pinned after his teammates abandon him. Pretty good match with historical signifigance.3.5/5


1.[WWF CHAMPIONSHIP] HULK HOGAN VS KING KONG BUNDY-this is a good match up as these two big guys go at it with Andre the Giant in Bundy's corner. The action is back and forth for the most part with Hogan coming out on top most of the time. Until Andre becomes the equalizer and constantly helps Bundy gain the advantage. Still even after a new ref comes out and it looks like Bundy will take of course Hogan gets to Hulk up and get the win with that silly little leg drop. Regardless it is a good match and very entertaining especially with Andre out there choking Hogan like crazy, multiple guys try to get him off and they can't until Hacksaw uses his 2x4. I love the image of Andre with the title while a beaten Hogan is carried to the back5/5

2.[WWF CHAMPIONSHIP] HULK HOGAN VS ANDRE THE GIANT-this is one of the most historic matches in the history of the business, the day The Giant won the title and sold it to Ted Dibiase. Any time Hogan looses it is a good day and a good match this was one of those days. I remember watching this and being extremely excited that Andre had won the match and the title. This still to this day is the most watched match in the history of wrestling I believe is what they said. Andre dominates for the most part and gets the pin fall after a nice slam, still I hate that every time Hogan lost he had to kick out or get an arm up just so it looked like a didn't loose as bad [just watch the end of his Wrestlemania match with Warrior closely during the 3 count]. This was one of the greatest days ever win Andre won, I also love the Million Dollar Man so that was cool to. But of course they couldn't let it be so neither man got the title.5/5

3.MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE VS THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN TED DIBIASE-two of the all time greats and two of my all time favorites go at it in this classic. The action in this one is not surprisingly excellent with a great and quick back and forth pace. For a while Savage starts to get the best of Ted until the ref gets knocked out. That is when Andre gets involved and costs Randy the match as he dominates Savage on the outside, then afterwards Andre, Dibiase, and Virgil attack Savage until Hogan comes to the rescue setting up the mega power connection.5/5

4.HULK HOGAN VS HARLEY RACE-Harley Race is one of the all time greats with out a doubt and here he is going up against Hogan. Of course Hogan gets the win with that leg drop again but he also cheated to get the win. He attacks Race before the bell and also chokes him with tape from his taped up hand. Still it is a good match and Race shows why he is so good in this match dominating at one point and selling for Hogan.3.8/5

5.[WWF CHAMPIONSHIP] MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE VS ANDRE THE GIANT-oh yeah Savage is back in action up against Andre with the world title on the line, naturally you know this one is good. Things start off well for Andre as he takes the lead and puts it to Savage wearing him down. Things turn in Savage's favor when Jake the Snake comes down to ringside and hides the snake under the ring. Things get real interesting after The Brain is thrown from the ring and Andre gets caught in the ropes. He is so scared of the snake and makes a quick get away.5/5

6.[I-C CHAMPIONSHIP] ULTIMATE WARRIOR VS HONKEY TONK MAN-this is a pretty good match that sees Honkey trying to get his title back and start a second reign as I-C champ. The action is good and it works out much like all of Warrior's other matches. Warrior takes this one after a little while.4/5

7.TWIN TOWERS VS MEGA POWERS-the match that ended it all for the Mega Powers and started one of the most historic feuds of all time, one that went into real life. This is a great match with the Powers in control for the first part of the match taking it to the Towers. But once it is turned around it stays there for the most part. Then Savage is thrown into Miss Elizabeth and Hogan takes her to the back and leaves Savage to fend for himself. Savage continues the match until Hogan comes back out at which point Randy slaps Hulk and leaves him there to finish the match. Of course Hogan gets to Hulk up and gets the win after a leg drop. Afterwards Hogan goes to check on Elizabeth and is destroyed by Savage, I loved it.5/5

8.[STEEL CAGE-WWF CHAMPIONSHIP]HULK HOGAN VS BIG BOSS MAN-this match helped hype up Hogan's movie at the time with Zeus so of course Zeus was there. But as for the match its self it was a good one with some good action. Cage matches are always interesting even these ones with the old blue style cage, in fact I kinda miss those. Hogan wins this one after cuffing Boss Man to the ropes.4/5

9.[BEST 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS] THE ROCKERS VS THE BRAIN BUSTERS-two of the greatest tag teams off all time do battle in this one here. Two of the original Horsemen vs my favorite HBK and his partner at the time Marty Janetty. This match is strength and technique against speed and athleticism. The Rockers pick up the first fall fairly quickly after Marty pins Tully. After that we are treated to some of the best wrestling action of the time as the Rockers hit all kinds of double team moves. But it is the Brain Busters that get the pin fall. Then we are treated to even more great action with The Brain Busters controlling most of it this time, still the Rockers get the pin fall and the win after HBK lands a high flying cross body block on Arn Anderson.5/5

10.DUSTY RHODES VS BIG BOSS MAN-this match saw the debut of Sapphire when she comes into the ring as "a fan" to help Dusty dance. The match is pretty good with Boss Man taking the early advantage and controlling the pace. Dusty still pulls out the victory though with Pokka dots and all.3.5/5


1.HULK HOGAN & THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR VS MR. PERFECT & THE GENIUS-Hogan and Warrior dominate most of the beginning of this match over powering their opponents. That is until the Genius gave Perfect a metal scroll to nail Hogan with. At one point Perfect had Hogan beat with the perfectplex but he let Hogan up, which led to Genius being dropped by Warrior. Then catching an awkward leg drop from Hogan since he had to get the pin. Afterwards Hogan and Warrior go at it after a misunderstanding.4/5

2.HULK HOGAN VS MR. PERFECT-this is actually one really good match although it shouldn't be a surprise since Mr. Perfect is in it. But the surprise is that Hogan actually does well in this and even sells for Perfect [a rare thing for Hogan]. This is a great back and forth battle that sees both men looking good at one time or another. Hogan brawls and goes for power moves while Perfect out wrestles him. It is no surprise that Hogan wins this match but for him this is a classic.5/5

3.ROCKERS VS HART FOUNDATION-oh yeah two of the greatest teams of all time go at it in the early days of Bret vs HBK. My boy Shawn and his partner Marty Janetty were up against my brother's favorite wrestler Bret Hart and his partner Jim Neidhart. There is a lot of good double team moves and some great back and forth quick action. After a while tag champs at the time Demolition come down to ring side and eventually interfere in the match. The match ends in a double DQ but still it was a great match.5/5

4.[WWF I-C CHAMPIONSHIP] MR. PERFECT VS TITO SNATANA-this is a great back and forth battle for the I-C title that sees Tito get many near falls. Still Perfect pulls through with a great small package. These two showed why they are two of the greatest to ever grace the ring. Tito looked like he was going to pull this one out at various points but it was not meant to be.4.5/5

5.20 MAN BATTLE ROYAL-I like any one else enjoy a good battle royal every now and then and this one was an entertaining one. When I was watching this back then of course I was pulling for HBK or Mr. Perfect and was thrilled when Hogan was eliminated. Of course the two people I was going for gave the best showings in the match and both made it to the final four. Of course I was excited when Perfect won the battle royal, excellent in deed.5/5

6.BRET HART VS TED DIBIASE-we are treated to another great match that pits two more legends against each other. Two great technicians went against each other in this great battle were Roddy Piper would play a funny role in it. Still the match ends in a double count out when both men brawl on the outside.5/5

7.HULK HOGAN & SID JUSTICE VS THE UNDERTAKER & RIC FLAIR-this is full of star power with four of the biggest stars and legends in the business, yes that includes Sid. Taker and Flair actually control most of the match working over Hogan most of the time, but it is when Sid feels betrayed by Hulk that things get real interesting. After refusing to tag in Sid leaves the ring and walks to the back. At this point Flair gets disqualified after throwing the ref.4.5/5

8.[WWF I-C CHAMPIONSHIP] BRITISH BULLDOG VS SHAWN MICHAELS-oh you know I love this one and consider it a classic since it is the first time HBK won a singles title in the WWF. This is a great match between these two rivals that has some great psychology in it. Notice that the entire match HBK works on Bulldog's back setting up that toss into the exposed turnbuckle. Bulldog's back can't take it any more and gives way when he attempts a superplex. Shawn wins the I-C title on the last episode of Saturday Night's Main Event.5/5

9.[STREET FIGHT] SHAWN MICHAELS VS SHANE MCMAHON-this is when the show returned to the air after something like 13 years. While it did now feel like the same show from this on it still was a cool live event that all fans enjoyed. Before HBK and Vince did this at Mania a little later his son Shane would go at it with Shawn in a street fight. This was a pretty good match and while not a classic still a fun match, the highlight of course is the suplex through the tables. Shane wins with a bogus submission victory ala Bret Hart.4.5/5

10.DX VS THE SPIRIT SQUAD-this match happened during the DX reunion tour as I like to call it and was part of their feud with Vince and the spirit squad. At times it was ok and at times it was great, this match fell in between the two. This isn't a classic wrestling match per say as much as it is like the last one, just fun. After every member of the squad is eliminated they get locked in a cage, even Vince ends up in there.4/5

11.[WWF CHAMPIONSHIP] EDGE VS JOHN CENA-I am a fan of both of these guys and think that their feud was probably the best going during that time period. This turned out to be a good match but they had much better compared to this one. Still there was some good enough action in this with a DQ win for Cena. The FU through the table of the steps saves this one a little.4/5

This is an excellent set that every wrestling fan should own, really this could be the best set that WWE has released. Matter of fact I believe that it is now we need that Randy Savage set.


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September 01, 2010
This sounds like an excellent dose of nostaligia written all over--I am in!
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WWE: The Best of Saturday Night's Main Event
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