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White's Tree Frog

1 rating: 5.0
A tree frog native to Australia and New Guinea

The White's Tree Frog is a species of tree frog native to Australia and New Guinea, with introduced populations in New Zealand and the United States. The species belongs to the genus Litoria. It is physiologically similar to some species of the genus, … see full wiki

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1 review about White's Tree Frog

The Perfect Pet for A Busy (Or Lazy) Person

  • Dec 14, 2008
Before moving to Japan a few months ago, my friend left me with his beloved 10 year old White's tree frog, Ferdinand, and well, I've been in love ever since.  Not only does he sit around looking adorable all day (see my flickr for proof), but he's also incredibly easy to take care of.  He just makes an all-around great pet!

I had put off getting pets because I'm away from my home a lot and didn't feel like it would be fair to leave a pet all alone at home all day, but when Ferdinand came into my life, I knew he would fit right in.  The only thing that is really crucial in caring for Ferdinand is that his water tray should always be filled.  Other than that, White's tree frogs only need to be fed live crickets every 2-3 weeks (my Ferdinand eats 25 large crickets about every 3 weeks, kind of like he would find food sporadically in nature!), and their cage can be cleaned out maybe once or twice a year.

White's don't really need too much attention.  They're nature's content loners; they can do with or without a companion, so you don't need to get a whole tank of fellow tree frogs.  I rarely ever take him out of his tank.  Though I do love holding him, I've been told that it's actually more fun for me than it is for him when I do.  Another thing is that I have to be really careful when I take him out of his tank.  I have to rinse my hands (not with soap) to remove any lotion or body oils that I may have on me, and if I wanted to place him on any surface, I would have to scrub that down with water as well, just in case there's any Windex or Lysol, etc, on it.  Frogs drink through their pores, so all that junk may be toxic to them!  So the easiest thing for me to do is... Just leave him in his tank.  He's more of a pet to look at than to play with.

White's are very chill creatures.  Nocturnal and not very active, though I still love staring at him even when he's not doing anything.  Understandably, the only time he ever really moves around is at night or when he knows it's feeding time.  I love watching him eat his crickets, even though it usually ends up being pretty anticlimatic.  I also swear that Ferdinand only moves like, twice a day.  But give him a break -- he's over a decade old and who knows how much that is in frog years!

Unlike dogs, White's don't require walking, nor do they need a lot of attention or care; they're just there, chillin' in the tank, being all cool and stuff, making them the best pet ever.  Having a White's tree frog for a pet is like having a goldfish.  Only more awesome :)
Ferdinand Ferdinand and Devora

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September 24, 2010
You must have kissed him right, - I mean just to see what happens.
September 24, 2010
We really have kissed before! I still think he's a little prince :)
March 26, 2010
He is adorable. Ten years is a long time for any type of  frog to live. He doesn't  look that old (not that I know what a ten year old frog should look like!). Do you  know what the life expectancy of a Green Tree Frog is? Thanks for the new knowledge!
March 26, 2010
Thanks!  White's tree frog can live to about 25 years in captivity.  Ferdinand is 11 or 12 now, and I thought that that was totally old until I read this article last week about a 21 year old frog.  Talk about amazing! :P
March 26, 2010
That was a good article. It comes from the same state that I'm in and I never heard about it until now. How funny I had to hear about it from someone in California!! Thank you..
February 01, 2010
I would LOVE to have one of these, but I have four cats, and they love anything that moves around in a cage. I once had a fish and a hamster as well, and the cats would always try to knock over the fish's tank, as well as stick their paws inside of the hamser's wire cage and swat at him! Not a very safe environment for a frog at the moment. Adorable review!
February 02, 2010
Aw, thanks! Best, most easy to take care of pet, ever! I was about to say that even I can barely move my frog's tank since it's so heavy, but then I remembered that cats are smart and sneaky, so they'd probably be able to open or tear through the screen! ...Duct tape the tank? :P
February 02, 2010
Yep, that's true. They aren't declawed, and they like to tear at the carpet, so I wouldn't out it past them to tear off the screen :)
October 27, 2009
I honestly think you need a column in the New York Times. Great stuff...
October 27, 2009
Aw, thanks, James! Does this mean I have a recommendation? ;P
October 18, 2009
great pics of ferdinand!
October 18, 2009
Thanks, lady! :)
October 15, 2009
I actually think I need to buy a tree frog. HE IS SOOOOOOO CUTE.
October 18, 2009
Do it! Easiest pet to take care of as well as a great, low key companion! :)
September 11, 2009
Wow, thanks for the link to this. He really is adorable. Are they legal as pets in the U.S. and do they hop like other frogs?
September 26, 2009
Thanks, Sean! Yes, they're legal as pets in the U.S. and they hop like other frogs if you give them enough space. Ferdinand's really quiet though, not so much croaking!
September 11, 2009
love your title, Devora! "...I love watching him eat his crickets" LOL! poor crickets! Devora likes watching them get tortured! bwahahaha! entertaining write up!
September 11, 2009
Haha, this reminds me, I have to get crickets tonight! I also need to add more of my Ferdinand pictures to this review. Thanks for your comment, Woo! :)
September 12, 2009
you're welcome.
May 28, 2009
A few years ago my mom gave me a Dwarf African Clawed Frog from Aquababies. I kept him in my bedroom & he (or she) would sing at night, which was cool. Unfortunately, I never could get him to eat, so he did not live very long.
May 28, 2009
That's very strange that you couldn't get your frog to eat. Ferdinand goes crazy when he sees crickets in his tank! He doesn't sing though. He actually rarely ever makes a sound. I would love to read a review of the Dwarf African Clawed Frog, sounds like an interesting pet!
December 24, 2008
Definitely one of the cuter frogs I've seen
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White's Tree Frog
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