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Toby Ross

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A director
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My Interview With Director Toby Ross 06/26/11

  • Jul 26, 2011
Mr. Ross, thank you so much for taking the time today to speak with me about
your recent works. 
So, first of all – congratulations on the recent release of your film Payton
Collins Serial Rapist & I'm pleased to hear how strong sales have been through
1. How long have you been making films Toby?

Over 30 years
2.How did you get started?

16mm theatrical features x rated when I was 23
3. When you started making films, where you trying to do a specific thing?

I was trying to invent my own style so I can't be compared with anyone else, I also wanted to film images that have a haunting quality, that was achieved through lighting and certain "types', I am a sucker for unusual types.
4. Who would you say has been a major influence for you as a filmmaker?

Andy Warhol, Douglas Sirk, Antonioni
5. Some people hear the name "Payton Collins Serial Rapist" & think it's a
documentary film. Do you have any comments on that or would be interested in
making documentary films in the near future? 
I wanted to give folks the feeling this person was real and is out there looking for victims maybe even the readers
6. What made Brent Collins the right choice for this role? Were there any other
proposed lists or candidates in mind?
 I found something very out of the ordinary about his look, magnetic, his eyes, and his smile. He was the only one I had in mind. I also loved that you could tell he was gay, mostly I prefer straight appearing straight acting, but in his case the tinge of gay (hardly noticeable) appealed to me.  I am generally incredibly fascinated with "gay trade" more even then "straight trade"…I could elaborate on this but it would take too long.
7. Was this film directing experience less stressful overall than previous

If you could do anything differently now, what approach would you
This was like a magical wand touched the making of Payton, from the beginning everything fell into place like it was meant to be. A first. In the future I would like to include a behind the scenes chapter in each DVD, people really responded to that extra feature.
8. What do you want people to take away from Payton Collins Serial Rapist?

 That someone can be a very bad person but the shadow in you would want to have sex with him just because of that. Also there is always an island of good in an ocean of bad.
9. Your recent films through Hornbill have been quite dark yet you maintain the
element of eroticism in your work. Do you plan on incorporating these elements
into your next endeavor? 

No...the next one "Underdog Vigilantes" has little Eroticism. I Live For Sex was very sexual Like a Moth to a Flame a bit less and now I would like to try something with hardly any but still very dark.
10. Are there any actors or models that you are hoping to work with in the near

I'd love to work with Macaulay Culkin, there is a Toby Ross quality there.
11. Lastly, are there any comments that you like to leave with your fans,
friends, or people who are hearing your name for the first time?

My films are not for everybody, it is for a selected group and I hope that group includes you, if it does welcome on board

Very cool. Well, you have lots of fans out there who respect & appreciate the
artistry of your films. I certainly wish you the best of luck with your movie as well as any future projects, and thank you so much again for speaking with me today.
My Interview With Director Toby Ross 06/26/11 My Interview With Director Toby Ross 06/26/11 My Interview With Director Toby Ross 06/26/11 My Interview With Director Toby Ross 06/26/11

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August 01, 2011
Excellent interview, Brian! My only compliant was that it was too short! Sounds like a fascinating person to have spoken with. Great job!
August 02, 2011
Thanks Adrianna! I concur. I had wanted to make it a bit longer but I was afraid he would shy away from lengthy interviews or questionnaires. At the same time, I wanted to give him the floor so that he could express himself. I hadn't realized how hard interviews really are but they can be lots of fun too. He's a really nice guy & we've shared some conversations. How have you been? How is your dad?
August 03, 2011
Ah, I know what you mean. As an interviewer, you have to read your interviewee, so to speak. It's been a good year or two since I've done an interview, but they are always fun, imho. Especially when you find a subject that you are really interested in or inspired by. Definitely agree with you about them being difficult too. I've had some that go on and on because I let the interviewee take over the conversation. Important to maintain some semblance of control with the talkers, lol!

I've been ok. CRAZY busy! We moved a little bit of our things to Santa Barbara and have been staying here while Jason has some interviews. We're hoping this interview tomorrow will be THE ONE!! I have my fingers crossed.

My father has his good days and his bad days. Sometimes he still gets dizzy, and the other day he fell over and broke his toe. He has two bad feet now. He's loosing weight, but he still struggles with his diet. He's seeing a doctor pretty frequently to make sure he doesn't relapse and have another stroke. He just celebrated his 61st birthday, so that is why I put a photo of us up. :)
July 27, 2011
Really cool interview, Brian! Great job and thanks for posting it here first ;p
July 30, 2011
Thanks Sam! I was so excited about the interview & I think posting was almost as fun if not more so. Glad you stopped by to read & thanks for the vote of confidence. How are you doing?
August 01, 2011
Anytime, Brian, anytime! I'm well, same old, same old...no complaints. How about yourself?
August 02, 2011
Sounds good. So I see you're still with the Lunch gang & that's great! I don't get around to posting as much as I once did but I do try to return in my spare moments. I love the photos you just put up. Mkes me want to take mine down & make new ones. ;-)
August 03, 2011
Yep, I've been back since October and am glad to be back. I know how it is with getting too busy too post, been there ;p Thanks! I had to add some fun ones in there somehow. Good to see you back!
July 27, 2011
Very cool that you were able to interview him! It's always interesting to hear how people got started in their art and their inspiration behind it.
July 30, 2011
Thanks Deb. He was a really swell guy too & we exchanged quite a few emails. Interviewing Toby Ross kinda gave me a bit of hope for film-makers & people in general. I really enjoyed talking with him about his work & found the experience quite stimulating. :-)
July 27, 2011
that is pretty amazing you got to interview him, Brian!! awesome!! I saw the link in FB, and thanks for linking it here....
July 27, 2011
Thanks William! I had actually put the review on Lunch first when I was trying to format it for the other website. I had a good time doing the interview & Toby has been most kind. We've been conversing a lot even after he sent me the completed interview. I'm thankful that our paths crossed. :-)
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Toby Ross
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