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100 Million BC

1 rating: -3.0
A movie directed by Griff Furst

A team of time-travellers journey into the past and unwittingly bring back a bloodthirsty dinosaur to modern-day Los Angeles. As this prehistoric menace roams the city streets, the feeding frenzy begins. Michael Gross (FAMILY TIES) stars in this low-budget … see full wiki

Director: Griff Furst
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about 100 Million BC

100 Million B.C. - 2008

  • Dec 27, 2008
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The Bottom Line:
"The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death"
~Pink Floyd

I've been around for a long dang time and I think I've watched movies about every critter there is imaginable, and some that are beyond the imagination.  There have been really good ones, mediocre ones, bad ones, and really bad ones.  I must admit I am a bit of a critter snob but after watching probably over 3,000 critter movies in my lifetime, I think I've earned that honor.  Back in the dark ages when I started watching movies, I expected my critters to be rather weak, technology being what it was at the time.  Of course, I wasn't aware in that time frame that technology would someday be what it has become, but it was hinted at even back in those old movies.

Naturally, when I see a new critter movie has been released in 2008, I expect the standards of integrity of the critters to equal the technology that is available today.  See, that is where I set my own standards too high because 100 Million B.C. sure didn't live up to what one would expect.  Of course, this is a rather low budget movie and it stars Michael Gross.  What the frig did I expect?

Gross plays the part of Dr. Frank Reno.  He headed a little project in 1949 that was called The Philadelphia Experiment.   Unfortunately, as you know if you have ever seen that movie, things didn't go quite right.  Reno came up with an idea that he could send a crew back to another time frame but because they didn't want to mess up the karma of the universe, they decided it was appropriate to send them so far back that they couldn't manage to run into any of their ancestors and alter the continuum of time.  The group, 21 in all, were sent back to 60 million B.C. but, oops, things once again went bad.  Included in the group were Reno's wife and his older brother.

Now, 60 years later, he decides he wants to try to go back once again only this time a little before the group was supposed to arrive.  This way, his new team could save the old team before the old team became in danger.  Of what a tangled web we weave ...  This time around Reno will go himself, accompanied by a team of Navy SEALS.  Might I bring up the small fact that the SEALS are fully trained, fit, and ready for combative situations, whereas Reno is a potty old fart that has gone bald and can barely stagger around under his own steam.  He won't be a detriment to the group, now will he?

My own personal feelings aside about the dexterity of Dr. Reno, they make the trip back.  Now the reason they chose the area to go to [now Argentina but it was called something else back then, like dinosaurs could talk or something] was because some explorers had found a cave with carvings on the walls.  Two distinct messages were left:  ‘Frank it wasn't your fault' and ‘Rita Hayworth was Gilda' certainly led Dr. Reno to believe his brother and troop had inhabited that area at one time in the distant past.

Naturally, they meet up with the brother, the wife, and another couple.  Only four left of the original 21 in the first mission.  Why is quickly explained as we meet up with several dinosaurs that have dinner on their mind, especially one they call Big Red.  Big Red is a T-Rex who, for some reason not explained, is a glorious shade of red.  I guess anything is possible.  After all, we are to believe that these people lived through the time travel and had managed to survive for several years with only a spear and bow & arrow.

Despite all that, they meet up, half of the SEALS get killed off, and the remaining group returns to the portal to go back to the 21st Century.  Of course, in order for all things to go right, someone has to stay behind to close the portal ... ho hum ... and Dr. Reno takes that chore upon himself.  Naturally, things don't go correctly and the portal remains open long enough for good old Big Red to make an appearance through time to Los Angeles.  Not that they would notice anything strange wandering their streets anyway.

Now we have a T-Rex in LA, downtown LA on top of that, and, having never watched any Godzilla movies apparently, the Army once again resorts to tanks and machine guns to try to off the beast.  Who will be successful?  The remaining SEALS, the rag-tag bunch brought back from the first experiment, or the good old Army?   Like I'd tell ya.

This little piece was directed by Griff Furst, carrying an R rating for language.  Why they bothered with that I have no idea because it was made for TV and what few words they might have uttered were simply erased so all you have is someone's mouth moving with no sound.  From what I could lip read, they weren't saying anything you don't hear on normal TV any day of the week.  If you are waiting for the awards listing, don't hold your breath.  As far as acting abilities, well I have nothing to say about that either.  Critter involvement was incredibly poor.  It was like they shook out some kids' bag of dinosaurs and tried to animate them.  Apparently the concept of CGI was beyond their comprehension.   One of them, some alligator looking water creature was clearly made of cheap rubber, hell, it might have even been PlayDoh. 

Another stellar release on the Sci-Fi Channel, thank you very much.



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100 Million BC
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