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   The Awakening      A high school student falls asleep while sitting in class. When he wakes up, all time is frozen, except for him.         Aftermath      When the others … see full wiki

Tags: Movie, Art, Death, Short Films, Coroner, Nacho Cerda, see all
Director: Nacho Cerdà
Genre: Horror
1 review about Aftermath/Genesis

Our Lives Are Not Our Own

  • Nov 21, 2009
Nacho Cerda has been a huge name on the short film circuit for many years for his works which deal primarily with the dreaded subject of death. Perhaps no other director comes to mind when we think of the fascinating topic which has enthralled people from all cultures throughout the course of humankind. It is not uncommon or unheard of to dwell on the various aspects of crossing over or what really happens when we make that traumatic journey from our earthly residence into the unknown. Nacho Cerda has crafted what many should deem to be silent cinema for the new era & his vision is unparalleled in my book.

With only three short films, Cerda has captured the most beautiful yet disturbing images on film by means of a limited budget. Like many great directors who are virtually struggling in the dog-eat-dog industry, Nacho refuses to compromise his style in hopes of any commercial success but rather chooses to illustrate some of the mysteries of death through the use of film. Only the viewers themselves can be a judge of how well he achieves this goal but I'd say the man has surpassed my expectations in nearly every way possible. Personally, I would suggest watching them in order.
The first short film is completely B&W & might even remind one of old Twilight Zone shows on TV or perhaps something more modern like a student film one could come across in college. Although shot on a mere shoestring budget, Cerda really makes the most of every cent here by giving us a chilling view of a young man who awakes to find everyone in his class room frozen. Although the short film does end on a rather somber or tragic note, the viewer is then consoled with the image of a beautiful angel standing in the doorway ready to take the recently deceased into another realm. 

What happens to our bodies when we leave this plane of existence? After all, our bodies are merely just shells that we are only borrowing or renting for a brief time span & one day we will depart from them even though I hate to think of such a hideous notion. The spirit itself will take that final step off the platform we know as life & hopefully make it's way onto a better place. At this point in time, we are no longer in control of what takes place regarding our bodies. Even though our souls may be granted that final destination, the human remains are merely at the mercy of another human. 

Aftermath is a rather gruesome, if not uber-gory short film which seems to be all the rage with lovers of extreme cinema or just plain gore hounds in need of a fix. Within a mere 30 minutes, you will need to brace yourself for some of the most ugly images one could ever imagine as a coroner carries out his grisly deeds on a cadaver after another coroner has already left the building. Mind you, we are subjected to a rather interesting display of what an actual autopsy might be like & the rather unpleasant side of the entire ordeal. I won't go into many specific here of course but I will tell you that the unspeakable acts committed in this autopsy room are not easily forgotten & are almost unwatchable. There is nothing here at the beginning nor the end to provide any solace or comfort unfortunately.

The final short film entitled Genesis is perhaps the most beautiful work of all. Although the end result is anything but what a Cerda fan might expect, it's perhaps my favorite short film of the three. A sculptor tries desperately to deal with the sorrow in his life after recently losing his wife in an automobile accident. Unable to cope with his loss, he begins to sculpt a statue which closely resembles his deceased love. As the sculpture becomes more life-like, the sculptor begins to lose his own life. Although tragic & even a tad shocking, it's a beautifully filmed work of art that was praised by many upon it's premiere at the Montreal’s Fantasia film festival.     

Our Lives Are Not Our Own Our Lives Are Not Our Own Our Lives Are Not Our Own

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October 21, 2010
How did this pass me by, great review.
October 25, 2010
This one may not be for everyone but that doesn't mean to say it's not worth watching. If you enjoy this, you are definitely one of the most open minded reviewers I've come across here beside Woopak or Chris of course. Something tells me you'd appreciate the artistry even if you didnt like it per se.
November 22, 2009
[raising eyebrow-LOL] I saw this sometime ago, and I thought it was a brilliant piece of disturbia. This had several subtle details that takes to viewer to an experience that touches the many foundations of humanity. It's easy to ignore its message (much like SALO) because of the scenes we become privy to. I think you held back a little on your review; I think you may have stopped a little short. I know you got it, but I feel that you could've done so much more with this one. Anywho, nice work!
November 23, 2009
Up until the past few years or so, I had only heard the rumors & couldn't really substantiate how true they were until watching it for myself. Needless to say, I was completely immersed in the three short films & couldn't recommend it enough. Like any other grand piece of art, Cerda's vision perhaps focused on more than the topic of dying or what ultimately happens to every living being at some point or another but each viewer is probably going to interpret it Aftermath/Genesis in a different light. I do believe, however, there are probably many messages hidden underneath the layers of doom or revolting images but the subject of death seems to be most prevalent. I couldn't touch upon any of the more controversial aspects of the film Aftermath though as I'm sure my review would be drawn to the attention of the lunch staff or my account here would be nixed for sure. At any rate, I'm glad that you stoppped by here to check out the review & thank you for your vote of confidence.
November 23, 2009
figured it was something like that. I knew you got it, you gave hints but I can tell you held back (you stopped mid short sometimes) I know you got the film but I had a feeling you were trying to keep everything discussed more shall we say less controversial? Please DON'T think that I think you missed its premise, but I felt you held back; which I can't really fault you, I would've done the same. You have the balls to bring this movie onto this site.  I held back with my ASWANG review just so people won't think I'm a raving supertitious nut. I need to review this myself, but sometimes I can't find the words. Did you get the unrated cover? That uncensored cover art was just incredible!
November 24, 2009
Hmm, I don't think I have the uncensored art work on my copy. I have the Unearthed Films release which shows the coroner standing over the cadaver on the gurney. Pep Tosar gave me the creeps with his facial expressions in this film. I was almost afraid to finish the disc after seeing Aftermath but I was certainly glad that I did. For a film without any words whatsoever, this one actualyl disturbs the hell outta me although I love Cerda's work here. I was almost afraid to bring this one to the forefront of Lunch at all but...I felt I could still write a half way decent review even if I left a few things unsaid. Hell, I like susperstitious nuts. Those are about as good as beer nuts. LOL Or Wasabi cashews of course. Hehe.
November 24, 2009
he-heh. I got the reversible banned graphic cover which I purchased from HKFLIX.com. It has the naked cadaver on it.. http://www.hkflix.com/xq/asp/filmID.534671/qx/details.htm I think I may save my review for this movie for Christmas LOL!
November 24, 2009
Aha! I need to start shopping around HKFLIX.com more often. They have way too much cool stuff man. That naked cadaver cover is pretty gross but cool. Hehe. Be careful. Christy on the warpath & she will eat you alive if you unleash a review for this. ;-) I'm still trying to do my best to recover. LMAO
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