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Dragon Ball Z - Babidi: Box Set

1 rating: 5.0
A movie

A four-volume set of the popular DRAGON BALL Z anime series focusing on the character Babidi. Includes the episodes: "Battle Royal," "Descent," "Rivals," and "The Dark Prince Returns." See individual titles for … see full wiki

Release Date: 2001
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Dragon Ball Z - Babidi: Box Set

The Dark Prince ReturnsÂ…

  • Feb 8, 2005
Pros: Oooh Vegeta is evil again? Good times.

Cons: Do I really care about the tournament now? (No)

The Bottom Line: Ready to see Goku and the boys wiping the floor with the bad guys again? Then check this out!

Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie''s plot.

Note to readers: This is not a movie, but a set of tapes with episodes of the Dragon Ball Z show on them.

Runtime: 4 hours

Ok, here’s some introductory info:

Background: Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) is a Japanese cartoon (anime) that was created by Akira Toriyama. DBZ is a show of super-powerful beings that fight evil. Simple enough. For some time most of the conflict centered around magical items called dragonballs. Dragonballs can only be created by Nameks, powerful alien beings (of which the character Piccolo is one). And for whoever manages to collect all seven dragonballs, a dragon will appear and grant 1-3 wishes (depending upon which set of dragonballs one is using – there are about 4 different sets throughout the entire DBZ existence). The main hero of the entire series is Goku. Goku is a Saiyan (Saiya-jin in Japanese) – an alien race that thrives on battle (Goku is the exception), but was destroyed many years ago. However, the newly arriving enemies have no interest in the dragonballs whatsoever and are simply bent on various stages of destruction (killing the Z fighters, destroying earth, conquering the universe, etc.).

By this time there have been 12 previous sagas; The Saiyan Saga, the Namek Saga, the Captain Ginyu Saga, the Frieza Saga, the Garlic Jr. Saga, the Trunks Saga, the Android Saga, the Imperfect Cell Saga, the Perfect Cell Saga, the Cell Games Saga, the Great Saiyaman Saga, and the World Tournament Saga. If you were to begin watching the show from this point in time there is a possibility of being able to handle what’s going on. After all, we are just about to encounter a new enemy, but it would be a little more beneficial to at least start at the World Tournament Saga. You might still wonder, “Who are these people?” and there will always be a few things you will not understand due to occurrences in the past, and would need some history in order to grasp things such as just why Vegeta has issues. If you need more information you can always search the web (there are plenty of sites out there!) or go look at the previous sagas to see what’s going on.

So what’s up with these new bad guys?.

Ok, so Gohan’s had his energy sucked dry by two characters in the tournament, Spopovitch and Yamu, and now everyone (Vegeta, Goku, the Supreme Kai, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, and Kibito) follows them to see where Gohan’s energy is being taken.

Turns out, they’re taking it to a wizard named Babidi (the son of Bibidi – Bibidi, Babidi, Buu anyone? Sheesh.) who needs large doses of energy to revive an evil creature his father created named Majin Buu. Even the Supreme Kai is afraid of Buu, explaining that many, many years ago Majin Buu succeeded in wiping out almost everything – including all the Kais (gods in case you don’t know). So Majin Buu coming back is a bad thing.

They arrive and find out that Dabura, the King of the Demons, has been put under a spell by Babidi and is now a faithful, powerful, henchman. They receive their energy, but notice the arrival of the heroes. Babidi sends Dabura to do the dirty work and well, let’s just say only four are able to enter the spaceship Babidi is hiding in.

The ship is divided into different levels and on each level is a stronger minion than the last. The Z heroes turn it into a game and each take turns wiping out their adversary with a fair amount of fun. The Supreme Kai can’t believe how strong these Saiyans are and half the time, he’s simply standing there with his mouth open. Some Supreme Kai he is. Was he not paying attention to his universe?

But then something happens – Vegeta still has that hint of evil inside of him and Babidi likes that. He decides to have Vegeta join his ranks and attacks him with a spell, the others unable to do anything. Will Vegeta succumb to the spell – or is there something else going on here?

Throughout all of this the tournament is still going on. Goten and Trunks want desperately to fight in the adult division, and so they knock out some poor sucker and steal his costume and call themselves Mighty Mask. Eventually they find themselves against Android #18 and a pretty interesting battle ensues. However, #18 eventually realizes something is strange with this Mighty Mask guy. Is she smart enough to find out what these two mischievous boys are up to?

So who will win the tournament? What’s going to happen to Vegeta? What about Krillin, Piccolo, and Kibito? Will they be able to stop Babidi from reviving Majin Buu? You’re going to have to go on to the next saga if you want to know!!

Ok, I’m sorry, but the Supreme Kai is a very disappointing Supreme Kai. He was pretty stupid and didn’t really do anything. My annoyance with him only grew as the saga turned into the Majin Buu Saga. He seems totally unaware of the power of these Saiyans and is constantly standing there in shock, mouth open. Was he wasted the last 12 sagas?? Come on – even the rest of the Kais at least had some idea of what was going on at least due to Goku’s power. He was also amazingly weak. He’s the Supreme Kai! What’s up with the weakness? Our Saiyan heroes are stronger! What’s up with that? He’s a disappointing Kai I must say.

Vegeta? Oh yea, that’s the best part of this whole thing. Finally we get to see our favorites kicking the crap out of the bad guys again – and eventually each other…but I don’t want to ruin it so I’ll stop at that. I’ll just say this whole part helps move out the tournament crap and make this five stars.

About going back to the tournament all the time, I think we all could have done without. I mean, I guess we need to know what’s going on back in the normal scheme of things for later on, but I always did find it annoying when things were just getting good and it cut to a totally different place. No! I want to watch Goku beat the bejeezus out of someone! Ah well, I guess we should all be used to those cuts by now.

These volume sets are generally $5 per tape, but if you shop around, it’s possible to get it for less. You can scope things out if you don’t want VHS tapes and get DVDs instead though. As for preference; English and uncut is good, but Japanese uncut and subtitled is always better.


Episode List:
#205 The Wizard’s Curse
#206 King of the Demons
#207 Vegeta Attacks
#208 Next Up, Goku
#209 Battle Supreme
#210 Eighteen Unmasks
#211 Pay to Win
#212 Heart of a Villain
#213 The Dark Prince Returns
#214 Vegeta’s Pride
#215 The Long Awaited Fight
#216 Magic Ball of Buu

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Video Occasion: Better than Watching TV
Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children Age 13 and Older

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Dragon Ball Z - Babidi: Box Set
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