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ER - The Complete Sixth Season

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George Clooney may have departed by the time this sixth season of ER hit the airwaves in 1999, but the remaining cast--including Julianna Margulies, Noah Wyle, Laura Innes, Anthony Edwards, and Eriq La Salle--continues to impress. Set in the Emergency … see full wiki

Release Date: 1999-2000
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about ER - The Complete Sixth Season

ER - Season 6

  • Dec 31, 2009
Pros: casting remains tight, scripts are complete, continuity

Cons: none for me

The Bottom Line:

Michael Crichton 10/23/42 - 11/4/08

I’ve been waiting for ER - Season 6 to arrive, both happy and sad. I know something really bad is on the horizon from watching the TV episodes when they aired, I also know there are good things to be offered as well.

Our new additions to the staff this season are:
~Michael Michele as Dr. Cleo Finch, pediatrician
~Goran Visnjic as Dr. Luka Kovac, a troubled Croatian doctor who had previously just worked as fill in on the staff, although we had never seen him before.
~Erik Palladino, a second year resident, joins as “Dr. Dave”, a mildly hotshot kind of guy.
~Alan Alda has a short stint as Dr. Gabriel Lawrence, a new attending physician and Kerry’s old mentor.
~Maura Tierney joins, first as an OB nurse, then med student, Abby Lockhart.
~Ming-Na joins the staff as Dr. Jing-Mei Chen, she had been there previously as Dr. Deb Chen but didn’t think she was suited for the clinical side of medicine.

Season 6 episodes include:
Leave It To Weaver:
A truck crashes into the nearby coffee shop, a near miss for the very pregnant Carol. Dr. Anspaugh retires, putting snake Romano in charge as Chief of Staff. Kerry takes on the role of Chief of the ER, much to the dismay of a few. Jeanie finally is engaged to Reggie and is considering adopting an HIV positive baby that was abandoned. Dr. Kovac and Dr. Finch have an interesting introduction to their first day on staff.

Last Rites:
Mark is back from his mother’s funeral and immediately gets into a tiff with Kerry about a teenager with a DNR order. Dr. Dave gets on everyone’s nerves and Romano promotes Elizabeth to Associate Chief of Surgery where she will naturally clash with Benton. Benton and Carla see a psychologist about Reese and Carol and Luka attend to a dying woman.

Greene With Envy:
Mark and Dr. Lawrence are at constant odds. Lucy and Luka try to convince a woman to leave her abusive husband and Carter stands by Elaine as she has her mastectomy. With Kerry’s help, Jeanie gets the baby on a temporary basis and she and Reggie get married to seal the deal. Benton discusses DNA testing with his attorney and Mark and Elizabeth spend a night together.

Sins of the Fathers:
Dr. Lawrence is showing signs of forgetfulness, causing alarm. Dr. Dave gets a sympathy lesson and Cleo feels guilty after a patient she misdiagnosed dies of lead poising. Carol meets an equally pregnant waitress who has no insurance and tries to find a better job for her. Martha Plimpton guests.

Truth & Consequences:
The ER is flooded with patients when a high school science lab explodes, and the truth comes out. Elaine breaks up with Carter, leaving the country for Europe. Lucy and Carol come to words over the only available bed in rehab and Dr. Dave gets another sympathy lesson. Work and home life are taking their toll on Jeanie.

The Peace of Wild Things:
Benton still struggles with the DNA testing on Reese and Kerry and Mark trick Dr. Lawrence, forcing him to face his Alzheimer’s. Carter struggles with two patients - one won’t sign a DNR for her husband severely burned in a nursing home fire and the other asks him to change his diagnosis for his son because he won’t have insurance for 3 more months. Carol is still struggling with Meg, the pregnant waitress, even having her arrested to help her get off drugs until the baby is born.

Humpty Dumpty:
Mark’s father is missing and Elizabeth has to shove aside her ethics to get a confession from a rapist. Cleo treats an alcoholic teenager brought to the ER by his mother, also an alcoholic, because she thinks he is doing drugs. The mother has no problem when she discovers ‘it is only alcohol’ and Dr. Lawrence performs his final miracle before leaving to live with his son. Emile Hirsch guest stars.

Great Expectations:
It’s Thanksgiving and a very pregnant Carol goes into labor on the El. Luka finds her sitting on a bench on the platform and helps her to the ER, where she delivers one twin. In the GYN department, she delivers the other twin and is attended by Nurse Abby Lockhart. Mark, in the middle of a Thanksgiving celebration with Elizabeth, his father, and daughter, Rachel, is called back to the ER as Carol’s birthing coach, leaving Elizabeth to tend to his feisty father and grumpy daughter. Dr. Dave, who no one takes very seriously, diagnoses a rare disease for Carter, revealing he attended medical school in Grenada.

How the Finch Stole Christmas:
Lucy is hell bent for leather to get a dying woman a new heart and makes a trip in the middle of the night to Romano’s house to beg for his help. Elizabeth is still tending the rapist, who is now in danger of losing his leg to gangrene. Carter, the self-appointed Secret Santa for the year, gives his stash of presents away to the local gang-bangers in exchange for weapons. The alcoholic teenager returns after passing out at a friends house and Cleo has him put in rehab, taking him away from his mother. Carla tells Benton her husband lost his promotion because of the custody battle and they won’t be leaving Chicago.

Family Matters:
Mark’s father has run away from his retirement home and Mark has to go to San Diego to try to find him, convincing him to come to Chicago to live with him. Elizabeth, using some unusual tactics, tries to convince the rapist to reveal the location of another victim, agreeing to overdose him with morphine. Dr. Dave works on Kerry’s car, another of his sidelines, and is forced to give a young boy some bad news.

The Domino Heart:
Lucy is still fighting to get her patient a heart, even when she is hit with an infection and the transplant seems like it won’t happen. Carter and Chen disagree over treating an elderly woman and her daughter. Mark gets between a gay couple, trying to help the abused one out of his situation. Carol is back from maternity leave and Dr. Dave shuts down an illegal pharmacy. Luka has circus performers and there is a drastic shortage of water in the ER. After much hemming and hawing, Benton finally asks Cleo on a date. Diane Baker makes a guest appearance.

Abby Road:
Leaving her nursing duties behind her, third-year med student Abby Lockhart joins the ER. The flu overtakes the ER waiting room and the staff. Carter works with a boy with muscular dystrophy while Cleo deals with a boy who has been injecting hormones so he will grow bigger. Elizabeth discovers her mother has been in town for over a week and goes to visit her, Benton and Romano are fighting again, and Luka and Carol suspect a mother of Munchausen Syndrome by injecting her son with saline so he will get unneeded surgical treatment.

Be Still My Heart:
Valentine’s Day in the ER brings me to a sad section. Chen and Dr. Dave argue over treatment of patients, parents of two young children are killed in an automobile accident. Lucy and Carter treat a law student that shows signs of aggression. Lucy wants him to be evaluated by the staff psychiatrists and Carter argues with her about his treatment. Romano asks Elizabeth to help in an operation, on his dog, and Abby learns that it is much different in the ER as opposed to the OB ward, when her first patient dies. Mark and Elizabeth double date, at a Karaoke bar, with his father and her mother. Carter wonders whatever happened to Lucy and goes to find her. A party is in full swing in the ER for the holiday when Kerry comes to work. In the middle of the of the song fest by Mark and Elizabeth, they get emergency ‘beeps’ to return to the ER. This, by far, is the worst episode for me and remains vivid.

All in the Family:
After finding Lucy and Carter bleeding to death, Kerry puts the hospital on alert. Anspaugh does some fast thinking, saving Carter, but Romano and Elizabeth are unable to save Lucy. Cleo does some unexpected surgery because everyone is tied up with Carter and Lucy, earning disapproval from Benton. Paramedics bring a man into the ER that was hit by a car, discovering he is the man that attacked Lucy and Carter.

Be Patient:
After a traumatic day in the ER and surgery, Elizabeth returns home to find her mother and Mark’s father had spent the night together. Mark discovers his father is dying from lung cancer and Lucy’s mother comes to clear out her daughters locker and visit Carter. Abby goes behind Kerry’s back with a patient and Carol has to tell a 14 year old who is into sex games at her school that she has cervical cancer.

Under Control:
Mark takes over amidst chaos in the ER and tries to deal with the information his father refuses treatment for his cancer. Carter returns to work beset with problems, Abby makes an error causing a patient to die, Dr. Dave has a bowl of cereal with the breast milk Carol has left in the fridge.

Viable Options:
Mark and Elizabeth argue over treatment for his father and Carter gets in trouble when a patient he had released previously, after altering his medical charts, returns near death from diabetes. Kerry is suspended after she disobeys a direct order from Romano. Multiple recipients vie for a kidney and Chen has to face facts when a patient decides not to disclose to his daughter he has a disease that is genetic. Cleo and Benton get the wrath of Romano and make up for it later when he comes to her apartment and they make love.

Match Made in Heaven:
Mark still refuses to see his father’s side on treatment and Carol tells Mark that Doug has asked her again to join him in Seattle. Romano takes control of the ER since he put Kerry on leave and Abby treats a woman with five children who discovers she is pregnant again. A letter arrives for Lucy, telling her she has gained a spot on the staff at County General in the psych department, which puts everyone in a funk again.

The Fastest Year:
Mark takes some time off to stay with his father, who ends up in the hospital anyway with pneumonia. He discovers some quiet secrets about his father and grants him a request. Carter is haunted with flashbacks and Carol and Luka spend the day trying to find a car for Carol, culminating in a kiss. Kerry returns from her suspension and Abby has a child that needs a bone marrow transplant but the only match is her half sister from her father’s previous marriage. Benton and Cleo breakfast with his family and his sister tells him Cleo isn’t serious about him. Dakota Fanning makes a guest appearance.

Loose Ends:
Carter buries himself in work but it isn’t helping. Luka attempts to date Carol but she is distracted by a birthday gift from Doug. Chen begs Romano to do genetic testing on all newborns and Elizabeth tries to help an anorexic girl. Dr. Dave discovers a six year old has been abused by her father and Mark’s father dies in his sleep.

Such Sweet Sorrow:
Carol resuscitates a DNR patient so she can say goodbye to her family. Realizing life is too short, she says goodbye to Luka and Mark and heads to Seattle to confront Doug. Everyone is concerned about Carter’s stability.

May Day:
After a school shooting, Luka and Benton to go the scene and disagree on which is more important, the gunman or one of his victims. Abby catches Carter injecting pain medication pilfered from a patient and the staff has an intervention, convincing him to seek professional help.

Leaving this season are Gloria Ruben, who played Jeanie Boulet in the series. In real life, she left to become a backup singer for Tina Turner, a decent tradeoff I’d say. Also leaving is Julianna Margulies, who played Nurse Carol Hathaway. I was sad to see them both leave the series.

In my head I tell myself this is simply a television show and these are people being paid to play a part. But in my heart, I’ve become friends with these people, some have been around for six years. I know more about them than I do some of my family members. The scene with Carter and Lucy just about broke me, it was so horrific and tender at the same time. But that is what makes this show work.

On to Season 7 and the laughter and heartache it brings.


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ER - The Complete Sixth Season
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