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Godzilla 2000

1 rating: 3.0
A movie directed by Takao Okawara

Godzilla (Tsutomo Kitagawa) is back and this time he's trying to smash and destroy all of Japan's nuclear reactors and power plants. In this 23rd film in the cult series of monster movies that began in 1954, GODZILLA 2000 beckons the giant, indestructible … see full wiki

Cast: Hiroshi Abe
Director: Takao Okawara
Release Date: 2000
MPAA Rating: PG
1 review about Godzilla 2000

Godzilla 2000 - he rocks and roars!

  • Jan 29, 2001
Pros: They brought back the big guy!

Cons: CCIA = bad guy

The Bottom Line: Why not? You've seen him before and he can't be beat!

Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot.

beginning feelings

Opening scene with overlay of "Godzilla Prediction Network Mobile Unit" gotta love it!

When the ship bumps into him and you get your first closeup, what a sight. I was so glad they returned him to his original form and put him back on the land and sea that he loves.

He looks bigger this time, the tail is definitely more fluid, and the spines on his back are much larger and glow a wonderful mauve color when underwater. His claws look more vicious and those teeth! Wow, what a great improvement over the original Godzilla, but not bastardized like they did in the 1998 release. They've elongated his neck and snout, so he has lost that ‘nuts stored in the jaws' squirrel look, which was one of his cutest features,
along with those perky ears (sigh). One thing they did not touch, and when dealing with TOHO Studios they probably never will, is that remarkable and distinctive roar. (They have kept the original Godzilla music as well, can it be called the Godzilla stomp?)

In an effort to save them time and trouble, Godzilla destroyed the electricity sources right at the beginning of the movie, thus eliminating the usual tried but not true source of destruction that the city uses against him. In this release, we seem to have our original creature back. He's big, bad, and destructive. I guess they forgot all those times (or he forgot) he was fighting for the glorification and freedom of Japan. I like him better, he is the guy that scared me from the beginning.

We have two nemeses in this movie. Crisis Control Intelligence Agency (CCIA) and a new monster (that's later, not telling ya yet). Well, perhaps we have three, because we have that.......

what's up with that bedpan?

Supposed to be a flying saucer, but it looks every bit like a bedpan to me! Redeeming quality of sticking this irritating thing into the script, it turns into one sweet monster! Takes forever to happen though and Tokyo is pretty much destroyed before it grows legs and arms and goes after Godzilla.

Don't like the guy in charge of the crisis control but just about lose it when he stands face-to-face with Godzilla, rears back, lights up a cig and says "I've never seen Godzilla this close before". Of course you know what
happens to him! But he had his last cig, wasn't Godzilla nice to wait? He does get to match the mighty roar with one of his own, loud and long, "GODZIIIILLLLLA!" Fetching!

what's it all about, Alfie?

The CCIA, cause they are stupid, have unearthed (unwatered) a huge rock that turns into a spaceship (bedpan) that is powered by light. Because they have been tinkering with radioactivity and whatnot, this sends a signal to Godzilla, who is resting wherever he normally spends his off hours. We know this because we have the Godzilla Prediction Network in full force (they answer their phone ‘Hello, GPN'). The GPN is run by Shinoda (Takehiro Murata) and his daughter, a precocious pre-teen. Somehow there is a girl
involved, believe she might be a small love interest for Shinoda, but she works for the local newspaper as a photographer. At one point, when eyeball to eyeball with Godzilla, she snaps quite a delightful shot but when she
turns it into her editor, he says: "Next time don't get so close"! Can you imagine?

Shinoda is the opposite of CCIA, a dropout from the University because he didn't like their methods, and has a friend/foe in the CCIA, that helps him at times and opposes him at times. In all events, he is against the power mogul, Katagiri (Hiroshi Abe) that runs the CCIA.

At the CCIA, the maps on the walls in all science labs have a huge notation in the corner "G Sensor"(Godzilla sensor). In every lab there is one person in charge of watching Godzilla, cute!

Anyway, CCIA wants to destroy Godzilla, Godzilla wants to destroy the spaceship, the spaceship wants to destroy Tokyo, or at least it's inhabitants. Apparently they want the land and so forth, to adapt it to their own atmosphere, so they can populate here. The time-old tale, once again. I don't' see the reasoning behind that, since it is able to regenerate to OUR atmosphere during the movie.

Will good conquer evil? In this case, just who is good and who is evil? Will Godzilla wipe out the city before the spaceship and then it's monster can? Will CCIA wipe out Godzilla and/or the spaceship and/or it's monster before Tokyo is completely destroyed?

sitting on the sidelines

Toho is still using those damnable Tonka toy jeeps, helicopters, tanks, and equipment. They have now, however, developed more powerful nuclear junk and
are assured these will work where all others before them have failed. As the head of the defense team says ... "These missiles with go through Godzilla like "c r a p" through a goose". Didn't work, never does, never will. Yet they continue to ply Godzilla with bombs, missiles, etc. If the big guns don't work, why waste your fire power?

The new Godzilla can work up one heck of a radioactive breath, making his spines glow blue. When he switches to fire breath, the spines glow orange, in the water they are mauve. Oh, my creature is getting creative and colorful.

CCIA thinks they can tie down the flying saucer with a few cables and electromagnetic tape. Do they not realize this thing has traveled through and time and space, a few cables aren't gonna stop it.

For what looks like a perfectly level and decent highway, when the reporter and little girl are driving they are bouncing around like they are four-wheeling over the worse terrain in the world.

When they show closeups of the building where the flying saucer has landed, it appears out in the middle of nowhere but the far-off shots show it surrounded by other huge buildings.

Flying saucer/creature can adapt to surroundings and turn itself into whatever it wants. Eventually it wants to become Godzilla. I can understand their feelings, he is a fetching sight.

The creature, Orga, that the flying saucer turns into, is really a sight to behold. I am impressed with the metamorphis, especially in the beginning when it is still a space ship, it looks very life-like. It is quite
destructive, most of Tokyo is in flames or just leveled to the ground because of the radioactive winds it produces. In it's monsteric (my word) form, it looks like a cross between Godzilla and the creature from Alien, but has
really great hands.

And as bad as he be, he ain't all that, cause in the end you know who always wins! Hey, Godzilla's been around since 1954, ya can't keep a good man ....errr.... lizard down. The fight scene between Godzilla and Orga is a beautiful thing to watch and the death scene is almost hypnotic. I admit it, I'm a little biased, I like the darn guy!

All in all I can't say I was displeased with this new release. I liked the fact that they kept true to the monster Godzilla and didn't try that sleeked down and slimmed up version we got last time. The destruction of Tokyo this time around was much more severe, but we have become more sophisticated with our destruction. This new monster, Orga , man, he was one bad dude, thank God we had our stalwart buddy on hand to destroy him, and the common monster, whatever governing power is in force in each release, in this case CCIA, he brought them to their collective knees as well! Didn't care for all that space ship lollygagging, time taking film footage, but I'm a picky monster lover.

I am pleased!


Viewing Format: VHS
Video Occasion: Fit for Friday Evening
Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children Age 13 and Older

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Godzilla 2000
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