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Godzilla vs. Gigan

1 rating: 1.0
A movie directed by Jun Fukuda

Originally produced in 1972, this Godzilla film is among the best loved for its funny quirks and quintessential moments. Godzilla battles the chicken-headed space monster, Gigan, and a host of other evil alien creatures. The film's high point is a dynamic … see full wiki

Director: Jun Fukuda
Release Date: 1977
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Godzilla vs. Gigan

Gigan ~ can there be a monster of homework?

  • Sep 11, 2000
Pros: Ok, I have one more Godzilla movie to watch and review

Cons: Ok, I have one more Godzilla movie to watch and review

In this, my next to last trip into Godzillaland - while I still have any brain cells left, I sit here slack-jawed in awe of the stupidity of, who? The American public for buying this crapola or the Japanese studios for producing it?

Two monsters that fortunately DO NOT show up in this movie, other than on paper, are the monster of homework (!), Shukra, and Momagon, the monster of too strict mothers, (I know the names are spelled wrong, but, geez...give me a friggin break!).

The stars of this gig are a male cartoonist, female black belt - I don't know what else she is other than a hanger-on, and some hippie dude, friend of the girl looking for her brother that is lost in ‘Children's Land', a new playland being designed around monsters. The monsters of this release are Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Angilas, and some space aliens (repetition sells a gig, apparently). We also get shots of several other monsters when they do a quickie of Monster Island. Being down on my monster lore at this time, I cannot offer the names but since they never show up again, who cares? Ok, SusiDee, back to the movie......

Godzilla vs Gigan
A playland has been designed under the premise of world peace. The purported peacemakers are the aliens in disguise, working their wiles against Tokyo. Their intention is the destruction of Tokyo and the eventual takeover of the world, as theirs has been destroyed by their own hand through pollution, germ warfare, nuclear explosions, you know - all those things we know and love. They design the main tower of Children's Land to look like Godzilla.

The aliens are in control of King Ghidorah and Gigan, and call them to Tokyo to begin its' destruction. In the meantime, on Monster Island, Godzilla and Angilas have a little chitchat - yes, people, we actually hear these monsters hold a conversation! (They use real words, although poorly edited, not general monster sounds saying immortal statements like - "Angilas, go to Tokyo, they have trouble there" and "OK, Godzilla, I will let you know what happened".) Godzilla, being a smart monster, tells Angilas that there is trouble in River City and convinces Angilas to go find out what the deal is. It takes him approximately 1/4 of the movie to reach Tokyo where he is confronted by King Ghidorah and Gigan. Doesn't take long for old Angie to turn tail and flee back to Monster Island and the safety of Godzilla.

Meanwhile, back in the tower, all the good guys have now been captured by the aliens, who turn out to be cockroaches in people suits. Eventually Godzilla and Angilas make their way to Tokyo and playland and join the foray with Ghidorah and Gigan. (There is another conversation in route between Godzilla and Angilas - "Come on, hurry up, there is trouble ahead", "I'm coming, I'm coming"). There is an immense fight between the four, as only monsters can do, destroying all of playland and durn near themselves in the bargain. Of course, by the time Big G and Little A reach playland, Tokyo is in ruins by the tag team of G & G.

In the end Big G and Little A swim off to Monster Island and all is right with the world once again. (Heaving a big sigh of relief yet again)

My take on the entire thing
While I am (correct that, I was) a solid Godzilla fan, these movies are taking a toll on my sense of rightness and wrongness in the movie industry. If you take your standard bad movie and times it by 20, you have a Japanese monster movie. Throw in the fact that they suddenly, somewhere around 1960, decided to add story lines or the attempt at story lines or plots to these movies, they are even worse than you can possibly imagine.

The directing is getting worse with every episode and the monsters more unbelievable. I can't imagine the last time that Godzilla costume was washed, was it ever? This particular movie utilizes a good deal of the same film footage used in Godzilla vs Monster Zero - I personally recognized 8 scenes that were the exact duplicate. They are so obvious it can't be hidden - the Mobile Petroleum building getting blasted and the taxicab sitting on the bridge as it gets blown up, for two. They're making it tough here, folks.

The Monsters
Godzilla - you know the drill. No new powers in this release, it was apparently prior to his ability to fly or become magnetized. Just your basic Godzilla in this release (still has those perky ears though).

Angilas - apparently an amphibian porcupine (?). Didn't notice any special powers on his behalf except near the end of the battle he leaps in the air sideways, extends his quills, and flies into the monsters knocking them down. Don't know what he was saving that for when he was getting the bejesus beaten outta him!

King Ghidorah - your basic three-headed flying monster. A smart shade of gold with bad hair on all three heads. Powers include flying and shooting remarkable rays from each mouth.

Gigan - I don't know, couldn't describe him before! He's beetle like in appearance, large pinchers on the head, a horn that shoots killing rays, one red eye, and that great circular saw in the tummy (by the way, he never attempts to use the saw on Godzilla, only on buildings or lesser monsters).

Aliens - I lost the name of their fallen universe, but that doesn't matter. As opposed to the Monster Zero aliens, these guys are fashionably fitted out in orange - that would be dayglo orange. Their shadows, when shown, are huge cockroaches - they also turn into these lovely creatures when killed.

The writer, producer and director - I mention them only because they had the poor taste to make the movie in the first place and then compounded it with giving the monsters speaking parts!

The Monsters in the ring - squaring off
Angilas gets killed approximately 5 times in this movie, yet magically reappears after each kill. Godzilla himself gets dealt a hefty blow but somehow regains his powers after King Ghidorah tosses him into the monster tower. While all these creatures have the ability to fly, they seldom use this power during a fight. They rely a lot on hand to hand combat and drop kicking. They also utilize their electrical powers more in this movie than in any other I have watched so far.

What I do not understand is why, after fighting to the death for over ½ an hour, the bad monsters suddenly turn tail and fly away. It is obvious that they are the victors in this melee, yet they choose to run off. Of course, if they hadn't then you wouldn't be able to watch Godzilla wave goodbye to them as they fly away. Yes, folks, he actually stands there with his smarmy grin, his perky ears, his bad dental job and waves that hand, or paw, in the air saying "Bye, Bye". Oh, the horror of it all!

The saving virtue of the entire movie? When the cartoonist is describing his new monsters to his boss and says Shukra is the monster of homework, using this line: "The children's hatred of homework streams into space. It forms a monster there." With that, ladies and gents, I bid you ado..........


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Godzilla vs. Gigan
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