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Jeff Costa's Cardio Striptease Workout: Volume 1

1 rating: 3.0
A movie

Inspired by striptease techniques, this low-impact workout provides a fun, sexy way to get fit. Drawing moves from dance and aerobics, this low-intensity program is appropriate for people of all ages and abilities. The workout is structured in such a … see full wiki

Release Date: 2004
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Jeff Costa's Cardio Striptease Workout:...

Move over Carmen Electra, Jeff Costa's got me stripping again!

  • May 10, 2005
Pros: Fun, works all your muscles plus cardio, good music

Cons: May be too short for advanced exercisers. They should move to Workout 2.

The Bottom Line: A fast paced, fun cardio workout incorporating striptease moves and sexy music. Jeff Costa's personality is infectious. May be too short for advanced exercisers at 27 minutes.

Ahh, the art of stripteasing. It’s fun, seductive, and makes a workout a little spicier than your average cardio workout. I always enjoy trying new workouts from Belly to Hula to Latin and Jamaican dancing and love the idea of incorporating striptease movements into a cardio workout. There is a little bit of stripper in all of us whether we admit it or not and, while most of us don’t do it for a living, it’s fun to incorporate striptease moves into a cardio workout.

I reviewed Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease workout and wasn’t real thrilled with it. I wasn’t in pursuit of another striptease workout until I stumbled upon Jeff Costa’s Cardio Striptease website.

Yes, Jeff is a man and he teaches women striptease movements in a cardio workout setting. At first I thought the series of striptease workouts by Jeff Costa was for men – you know, those who want to be Chippendale Dancers or something - but after previewing the workouts on his website, I found that he targets women. I took the plunge and bought the complete four DVD set which includes Workout 1, Workout 2, the Fantasy Workout, and the Sexy Abs Workout. I am reviewing Workout 1 here and have reviewed Workout 2 HERE

How did Jeff Costa stack up to Carmen Electra in the cardio/aerobic striptease arena? Read on to find out…

Who is Jeff Costa?

I had never heard of Jeff Costa before I came up on his website but he is apparently quite well known in celebrity fitness circles. Here is a bit of info on Jeff Costa from his website, www.cardiostriptease.com:

With an extensive professional background in dance and fitness, Jeff Costa is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after health & fitness experts in the world with his Jeff Costa Fitness program.
Jeff Costa began his career as a choreographer and performer shortly after graduating from Boston University with a degree in English and French and a teaching certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). He quickly began performing and choreographing in Boston and New York, working with several reputable dance groups including the Reebok Performance Team of New England, The Rainbow Tribe Dance Company and Culture Shock New York. These companies are renowned for incorporating dance training and technique with the aerobics aesthetic. Today Jeff Costa Fitness has emerged as a leading influence in the fitness industry with over 16 years of experience.
In his varied career, Jeff has amassed an extensive celebrity clientele with some of Hollywood's hottest superstars including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Carmen Electra, Finola Hughes, and Sheree Wilson, to name a few.

Hmm, Carmen is a student of Jeff’s. Interesting, eh? Maybe she picked up a few moves from him!

The Set

Simple, simple, simple. This workout is set in a black tile floored studio with not much else around. Jeff is a young, bald, fairly muscular instructor who looks less like a stripper than I do. Until he starts to instruct, that is. There are six sexy women behind him, all in shorts and a zip up jacket at first. Some of the women’s shorts are so short, they qualify as bikini bottoms. I don’t know if they are real strippers or just students of the workout, but they seem to have the moves down and each add a little of their own flair to the workout.

The Music

The music is very sexy with both vocal and instrumental songs throughout the 27-minute workout. It is perfect for this workout and sets the pace and mood for getting into the stripping groove.

The Workout

This is a workout for beginners, not just beginning strippers but also for those who aren’t used to long, heart pounding aerobic workouts.

The Warm Up

The warm up starts with a sexy song and a lot of slower paced moves. Jeff wears a Madonna/Garth Brooks headset to tell us how to do the steps but there is nothing confusing at all about the warm up. Lunges, squats, and slow pelvic rolls all take on a new meaning when done to provocative music and with the arm movements added. The warm up is enjoyable and quite extended. The moves you do during this phase will be repeated faster in the actual workout so definitely don’t skip over the warm up and go right to the workout.

During the warm up, we see why everyone, including Jeff, is wearing a zip up jacket. The jackets are slowly unzipped and stripped off during this phase. You don’t need to be wearing a jacket to mimic the moves but it’s fun to join in and go for it if you have one nearby. Just a few minutes into the workout and we’re already stripping. That’s my kind of striptease!

Part One

The workout itself is broken into two parts although I honestly don’t know why. The two seem fairly similar. As the music picks up, the women, now in either bikini or crop tops, really seem to get into it and the camera pans suggestively (but not offensively) toward their toned abs, shaking butts, and incredibly in shape thighs.

Several of the moves in this part of the workout are squats and other moves many fitness experts incorporate into their workouts but these moves are sensual because of the way they are done and fun because Jeff is really a funny, likeable guy who knows how to strut his stuff. He has no problem getting right into it and teaching us the all important “BLT” which he explains is “two breasts, a leg and a thigh” movement which we use a lot during this phase. We also simulate taking off our shirts (we don’t actually do that, not in Workout 1 anyway), and do a little pole dancing – minus the pole.

The pace is FAST. Don’t think because this is called “Striptease” that you will be moving slowly. This is like a hot striptease on speed. You will work up a sweat and keep moving continuously.

Part Two

Moving from the go-go style dancing to more Burlesque style, we keep on moving and are encouraged to add our own flair to the moves because, after all, this our striptease. The pace remains fast and the moves, while very quickly explained, can be a little tricky at first. They aren’t hard, they just need to be done a few times to get the hang of them. Once you do the workout a couple times, you won’t have a problem following along.

The Cool Down

In what seems to be an instant, the workout is over and we are into the cool down phase. This phase is a slower version of the work we just did along with some very deep squats and a bit of stretching. Jeff tells us we are readying ourselves for the second in his series: Cardio Striptease Workout 2. And he is right. This workout left me wanting more. I was glad I invested in the Four DVD set because I was and am ready to keep shaking my booty!

My Thoughts on this Workout

All areas of the body are targeted in this workout. The butt, hips, arms, abs, thighs – they all get used and you will feel it the next day even though, while you are actually doing the workout, nothing is overly tough or hard to do, even for the beginner.

This is only 27 minutes long and several minutes are used for the warm up and cool down so advanced exercisers probably won’t be satisfied with the length of time they get to work in their target heart rate zone. I recommend that anyone interested in this type of workout who is advanced enough to workout for 30-40 minutes of continuous cardio go right to Jeff’s Workout 2 and skip this one. I really had a load of fun doing this workout because of the personality and energy Jeff has and the sexy combinations and muscle challenging moves. But even I didn’t feel like I really did a full cardio workout when I was done. I definitely feel it in my muscles and I will continue to use this video for the fun factor and for quick cardio work. It’s over before it begins it seems and is really a lot of fun. But I also moved on to Workout 2 which is longer and incorporates more stripteasing and props – and a longer cardio section.

Beginners who want to try something fun and different will like this workout. Costa has an infectious personality and a smooth way of moving that you can’t help but enjoy and the women serve as inspiration to move that body and get the rock hard thighs and abs that they have – at least for me. The pace is fast, the music is good, and the moves are challenging yet fun. What’s not to love?

So is Carmen or Jeff Better at Teaching Striptease?

Carmen’s workout is more of a lesson. She breaks down moves, makes you repeat them over and over and finally puts it all together in the end. Jeff’s workout is just that: a workout. He starts you out immediately in the warm up stripping off your jacket and keeps you going throughout the workout. While Carmen certainly is sexier than Jeff is in that stripper kind of way, I enjoyed this workout more. I have limited time and want to get right into a workout and get down. This one did it for me.

Carmen’s workouts are fine for people with time to spare and who don’t mind repeating steps over and over. Jeff’s is faster paced, lots of fun, and puts the cardio into the workout that I want. The striptease aspect is just a fun extra to keep my body moving and working. I don’t aspire to go out pole dance publicly at my age (or any age) but I do aspire to stay fit and keep my heart and lungs strong. Jeff’s striptease wins for what I want to do.

Buying Info

You can see clips of Jeff Costa’s four CD series at http://www.cardiostriptease.com/previews.html. His website is www.cardiostriptease.com. You can buy just one CD or the series at that site and the individual workouts are sold on many websites that sell exercise videos. I have not seen these CD’s in stores but they may be there and I just wasn’t looking. The series also comes in VHS format for those of you who prefer videos.


This is a fun, fast cardio workout that incorporates some sexy moves and music to get you moving and feeling hot (figuratively and literally). It’s great for beginning exercisers and anyone who has limited time and wants to get a good cardio workout in. Workout 2 is a longer, more intense workout that incorporates more striptease techniques (including feather boas!) and may be more suitable for intermediate or advanced exercisers. I thoroughly enjoyed this workout and, while I wasn’t overly challenged as far as cardio goes, I did work up a sweat and worked my muscles. I also had a load of fun and, as I always say, if it’s not fun, how can I be expected to stick with it? I think I can safely say I can stick with this workout. It has all the elements I like: The music is excellent, the instructor is amazingly likable, the moves are fun but not so crazy that I trip over myself, and it’s just plain fun.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to jump start their cardio routine and to those who want variety. As I said, intermediate and advanced people may find this too short to give them a full cardio workout and should move to Workout 2. Jeff Costa won my heart and my award for best integration of striptease techniques into a cardio workout.

Four Stars for this workout. If it were just a touch longer, giving the viewer another five minutes or so for cardio work, I would have given it a five star review, which I rarely give to workout videos of any kind.

You can read my review of Workout 2 by clicking here.


Viewing Format: DVD

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Jeff Costa's Cardio Striptease Workout: Volume 1
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