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Jeff Costa's Cardio Striptease Workout: Volume 2

1 rating: 3.0
A movie

Dance and aerobics instructor Jeff Costa has taken the techniques of the striptease and turned them into a fitness method in JEFF COSTA'S CARDIO STRIPTEASE WORKOUT. Costa's workout can be used by people at all levels of fitness to increase muscle tone … see full wiki

Release Date: 2004
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Jeff Costa's Cardio Striptease Workout:...

Honey, where are my feather boa and tearaway pants? I'm going to work out now!

  • May 10, 2005
Pros: Excellent cardio workout. Sexy and fun. Costa is a combination of hot and sweet.

Cons: May be a bit too fast paced for beginners. They should pick up Workout 1.

The Bottom Line: A step up from Workout 1, this is a challenging cardio workout with sexy music and striptease elements added for fun while you burn fat. Jeff Costa is endearing.

It took me working through Workout 1 and then doing Workout 2 to realize who Jeff Costa reminded me of. He is like a bald, cuter, much cooler, less obnoxious Richard Simmons. He’s fun. He’s relaxed. He has a contagious smile and gregarious personality, but, unlike Simmons, he doesn’t scream, squeal, or try to sing out of key. Still, he has many of the same qualities Simmons did when he first broke onto the scene and amassed millions of loyal followers who remain loyal to this day. It came as no surprise to me to learn that Richard Simmons recently hired Jeff Costa to work in his exclusive studio, “Slimmons” as an instructor.

This workout builds from The Cardio Striptease Workout 1 DVD but you don’t need to have the first workout to do this one. While Costa mentions Workout 1 a few times, none of the moves are so complicated that you would have to have prior knowledge of them before doing them when working out to Workout 2.

Who is Jeff Costa?

Jeff has extensive professional background in dance and fitness. This is from his website, www.cardiostriptease.com: Wanting to introduce all types of people to the aerobic fitness world, Jeff created the Cardio Striptease workout, an exercise class inspired by burlesque and erotic dance movement - combining the elements of aerobics, dance and striptease. This is the first ever aerobics class to incorporate sensuality and the art of striptease into group exercise. Launched in June 2001 at Crunch Fitness - Hollywood, Cardio Striptease® is at the pinnacle of the pop culture buzzword "sex-ercise" and continues to be one of the most popular and most imitated exercise classes of the millennium.

The Set

The set is the same for all four workouts. It is a very simple, black tile floored studio. There are six women behind Jeff, some in tight workout pants, others in shorts. All start out with tiny T-Shirts or crop tops but they’re gone by the end of the warm up.

The Music

The music is a combination of vocal and instrumental songs that are sexy and fit perfectly with the workout. There is some original music on this and Costa’s other Striptease DVD’s and you can buy a CD of just the striptease workout music used on the DVD’s on his website. The music really adds to the workout by keeping the routines sexy and a little naughty.

The Workout

Jeff Costa has released a four DVD set which includes Workout 1, Workout 2, Sexy Abs, and The Fantasy Workout. You can also purchase Workout 1 and 2 separately.

This review is of Workout 2

This workout is faster paced, longer, and much more aerobic than Workout 1. While there are still elements of the striptease in this workout, the focus really is the cardio work. I later learned every move I practiced while doing this workout comes into play, albeit much slower and more seductive, in The Fantasy Workout later on.

Warm Up

While you warm up to pelvic tilts, hip rolls, head rolls, and other stretching movements, you also will end up shirtless. The women, and Jeff, strip off their tops to reveal, in the women’s case, little halter tops or sports bras. Jeff is clad in a black tank top and red exercise pants (for now). The warm up is slow and seductive and the music is excellent and much the same as on Workout 1.

Cardio 1

Once you’re warmed up, you launch into four five minute cardio segments. This is done so that you can do as much or as little cardio work as you want if you are crunched for time. Do just one or two sections or do them all. The entire workout is just 36 minutes but it really gets the heart rate going.

In this section everyone has feather boas. I didn’t just happen to have a boa lying around, so I grabbed a winter scarf. Luckily, in Upstate NY, winter scarves are still hanging around in mid-May. You waste no time pumping up the pace with lots of moves that are simple to follow but done quickly. There are some familiar moves here – grapevines and step touches -- which are incorporated in most cardio workouts. The boas eventually are used to tease and toy with “your lover” according to Jeff. Eventually, they’re tossed aside as Cardio 1 finishes.

Cardio 2

There is no stopping or pausing between segments. A graphic tells you that you have moved to the next phase. In this segment, we are introduced to a Mambo step and some other new steps not seen on Workout 1. The pace is brisk and you may get a bit lost the first time you do this workout but after a try or two, it all falls into place. Besides, this is your workout. Own it. Just keep the heart rate going to burn fat. At the end of this segment, Jeff strips off his pants Chippendale’s style, to reveal black shorts underneath. The women emulate the move but keep their pants on. (Sorry guys!)

Cardio 3

If you’re not a little worked up from this cardio workout by now, you are in perfect shape. The moves flow quickly and the pace is very brisk. Remember, if you are interested in doing a real striptease, everything you learn on this workout can be used, slowed down, to put together a hot routine as witnessed in The Fantasy Workout. This section has some modified jumping jacks which I didn’t do. I don’t like to stress my knees so I improvised. The jumps don’t look like the ones you did in gym class; they have a certain flair to them and an “Uhh Uhh” from Jeff letting you know you’re still in striptease mode.

Cardio 4

Finally, you reach the last segment. By now, you have been working hard in your fat burning zone. After more cardio, it’s to the floor for some butterflies (alternating spreading one bent leg, then the other in a suggestive, teasing manner). Pay attention to this move, it will be used in your striptease routine a lot. The segment ends with the crawl away, where you suggestively crawl toward your partner (or the TV in my case since my partner is usually snoring upstairs when I work out).

The Cool Down

The cool down slows the pace again and incorporates some light stretching, gentle pelvic tilts and rolls, and hamstring stretches.

Workout 1 vs Workout 2

Workout 1 is shorter and seems a little slower paced. It incorporates a little more striptease in the routines. Workout 2 is a longer, more intense cardio workout but keeps the fun elements that Workout 1 has. It has the same great sexy music and the same women doing the routines. Workout 2 is a challenge for beginners and some intermediate exercisers and really reaches those thigh, leg, and butt muscles as well as giving you an excellent cardio workout. If you’re in decent shape and pick moves up quickly, you could easily skip Workout 1 and start with Workout 2. Beginners should start with Workout 1 and keep at it until they feel ready for a more intense cardio experience.

Workout 2 is much more like a workout than a striptease even with the boas and stripping off of the shirts and pants. You work, and you work hard. But remember, all the moves are put together later, if you choose to buy The Fantasy Workout which shows you how to slow down and seductively use the moves you learned to make a routine that is uniquely yours.

Workout 2 is an excellent cardio challenge and has some elements of striptease but not enough so that I would really call it a striptease. It’s much more of a fun workout with a smattering of sexy props and suggestive movements thrown in. But it’s still a load of fun and I bet Jeff will grow on you as he did me. He has the perfect personality for this type of workout and works it well, without ever acting cheesy or over the top. He never touches the women or does anything that anyone would consider out of line (unless stripping his pants off is out of line. Heheh).

Buying Info

You can buy the four DVD or four video set at www.cardiostriptease.com. You can also see previews of all four workouts at: http://www.cardiostriptease.com/previews.html. You can choose to buy the workouts separately on the site as well. While you’re there, check out the boas, thongs, hot shorts, and hoodies for sale. It all depends on how serious you are about taking striptease to another level.

Several online sites sell Workout 1 and 2 and prices vary so definitely comparison shop. I am not sure if this workout is sold in brick and mortar stores but I suspect it is. I just never looked.


I really enjoyed this workout. Although the pace was far too fast to be called a striptease, in my opinion, there were just enough props and discussion of how hot you will look when you dance, how you should never be afraid to touch and look at yourself while doing the moves, and how you will be using every move in your own striptease routine later to keep your mindset on the striptease aspect of the workout. It also gives you a heck of a cardio challenge and works muscles in places you won’t even know you had muscles.

If you’re an intermediate exerciser, you should be able to easily do this workout with too much frustration or need to pause. If you’re a beginner, or like a slightly slower (only slightly) pace, start with Workout 1. I highly suggest the Four DVD (or video) set as they all work together and The Fantasy Workout is your bonus for leaning all the steps on Workout 1 and 2.

You don’t need to be graceful or have dance experience to do this workout. I am Queen Klutz and I managed to follow every move without landing face first on the carpet. It helps if you have done other dance type workouts though because you will be used to some of the steps and the pace.

This workout gets four stars from me. It’s an excellent workout for everyone. I stopped short of five stars only because it is so fast paced that the striptease element is somewhat lost at times.

You can read my review of Workout 1 HERE


Viewing Format: DVD

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Jeff Costa's Cardio Striptease Workout: Volume 2
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