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98 Ratings: 3.0
A movie directed by Jason Reitman

Juno, a 2007 Academy Award winning comedy drama, tells the story of of an awkward high schooler Juno who becomes pregnant.  Upon her decision to keep the baby, she decides to give the baby up for adoption to a couple Vanessa and Mark.  Juno's … see full wiki

Director: Jason Reitman
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: December 25, 2007
MPAA Rating: PG-13
23 reviews about Juno
review by . July 27, 2010
   If you like Michael Cera and the Gilmore Girls you'll love this. Ellen Page's dialogue is fast-paced, unrealistic and annoying, Michael Cera is well.... Michael Cera which worked in Arrested Development and kind of in the steam pile that was SuperBad and that's about it.      (Spoilers, or saving you 90 minutes below depending on your outlook)         The movie is about an awkward teen (Cera) who knocks up one of those girls …
Quick Tip by . July 28, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Overall very good. Ellen page is amazing. Script is good, funny and quirky.
Quick Tip by . July 26, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
The movie is great because it is just a story without trying to be a morality piece. It's funny but it still pushes buttons. The writing is quality and the soundtrack is awesome.
Quick Tip by . July 21, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Ellen Paige gives an amazing performance. The plot is decent but the movie is over hyped
Quick Tip by . July 20, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
I will never understand the hype this movie got while in theaters; it was a well-written movie but very slow and most parts. Ellen Page was charming.
Quick Tip by . July 19, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
I did not understand the big buzz on this film and I still dont
Quick Tip by . July 18, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
This movie related to me very well because I had a child young but I choose to keep mine. I think this is a great movie to show young women I feel.
Quick Tip by . July 13, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Way to go, Juno! You, too, Ellen. And Michael. And Diablo...
Quick Tip by . July 12, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Page's performance as well as the rest of the cast was very strong in this dark comedy about relationships, marriage, and teen pregnancy.
Quick Tip by . July 09, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
a total offbeat movie. we watched it in a human development class. if you read the back of the movie case it looks kind of dumb, but once you watch it you will laugh. the girl in the movie has the funniest dialouge ive ever heard.
Quick Tip by . July 08, 2010
I don't get the hype about this movie - teenagers don't talk like that. Pregnant teenagers are not nonchalant about being pregnant. The soundtrack (and everything else) was pretentious. Trying way too hard to be hip here. I was so mad when I watched it.
review by . August 09, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
Juno falls into the line of "Little Oscar Movies that Could."  These are often always films released by Fox Searchlight.  They come out to a small audiences and make their way into the mainstream only to get nominated for an oscar... sometimes even the Best Picture.  Other films by Fox Searchlight to do so are Sideways and Little Miss Sunshine (that I can think of immediately).  Most times, sure, they're not bad movies.  But are they really Best Picture material …
review by . December 04, 2009
Pros: Great ensemble cast, music      Cons: A dry wit that falls flat more often than not.      The Bottom Line: This is the most average film I've seen in longer than I can remember.  It will likely not disappoint or amaze. Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie''s plot. I just didn’t quite get it especially since it is so close in narrative to another film.  Alan Reitman’s Juno wants to be funny …
review by . December 22, 2008
I'm going to be blunt. I love this movie. I loved it before I even watched it. There was something about this film even before I watched the trailer. I saw the theatrical poster one day in the mall and I knew I had to go see this film. My instincts were completely right. Juno is indeed a classic indie film. Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman did an excellent job writing and directing this film. Ellen Page was a wonderful actress to portray Juno McGuff; a sixteen year old who discovered she was pregnant …
review by . June 04, 2009
Juno is going to be a movie that some people will tell you that they love while others will hate it. Juno is quirky take on teenage pregnancy. It is also a story of a complex young lady who make a tough but mature decision regarding her baby and how it will be brought into the world.      Personally, I enjoyed Juno - it is a smart, funny and original. Parts move a little slow (and while for the most part it is original) and at times predictable. What is consistent is that Ellen …
review by . February 10, 2009
Writer Diablo Cody has managed to take a very serious topic, teen pregnancy, and successfully blend it with humor, innocence and a bit of fear to make a wonderful film: "Juno."     Some believe that this film champions the ideals of the pro-choice crowd. Others see it as a movie that highlights the positive aspects of choosing life instead of abortion. What I see is a film about a young girl who is attempting to rationalize the severity of her situation with a mind that is still …
review by . July 12, 2008
Pros: See review.     Cons: See review.     The Bottom Line: In the end-game Juno is entertaining, but scratch below the surface and you will see a movie that none too realistic, at least in this America.      Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie''s plot. What can be said about Canadian actress Ellen Page within the paragraph’s of this review that have not already been said by countless silver-screen reviewers …
review by . April 17, 2008
Teenage pregnancy is frequently a starting point for myriad philosophical arguments: some see it as a major problem, some see it as an argument for the need of early teaching of contraceptive technique and sex education, some see it as a reason for championing abortion, and some see it as a piece of life that confronts families in both positive and negative ways. JUNO is a beautifully written (Diablo Cody) and directed (Jason Reitman) version of unplanned pregnancy offered by a splendid ensemble …
review by . April 05, 2008
Juno is one of the most talked about movies of the year, hailed by some, scorned by others. I had the chance to watch it a couple of days ago. Sometimes I feel the need to write a review right away, other experiences compel me to stew over what I read or watched. Juno is a stew movie.     For starters, I'm going to warn cautious parents of young teenagers and tweens to view it before letting their kids loose with Juno. This film is a typical coming of age movie in that sexuality …
review by . March 28, 2008
I saw this movie at a medical convention. In the discussion afterwards, there was a wondrous tendency on the part of all these very serious souls to treat this movie as if it were either a depiction of real behavior or a prescription for appropriate behavior.  I notice a similar tendency in some of the negative reviews. This is a movie-it 'moves' in a world of story-telling in which the most rational behavior or the most humane attitudes don't always make for the best story.  It's …
review by . December 28, 2007
Warm, smart, and funny `Juno' is a sympathetic look at teen pregnancy. Starting out during her consummation, the titled character (Ellen Page) shares the details of her infatuation with high school track star, Paulie Bleaker (Michael Cera, `Superbad'), takes it to her discovery of pregnancy (in the presence of a convenience store clerk, played acerbically by Rainn Wilson) until she follows through her decision resolving her "problem".     Enthusiastic, but trying not to care …
review by . December 28, 2007
Of all the offbeat, heartwarming dramatic comedies of recent memory, Jason Reitman's "Juno" is definitely one of the better ones. It tells the story of an independent teenage girl who finds herself faced with an unplanned pregnancy: a realistic scenario, no question, and for some, it's even relatable. Ellen Page--whose performance in 2005's "Hard Candy" scared the living hell out of me--plays the title character, utilizing an entirely different but equally effective emotional range. Sixteen-year-old …
review by . December 26, 2007
I'm hoping JUNO helps make Ellen Page the star that HARD CANDY should have made her. She was completely unknown to me when I went to see that harrowing piece, and her performance was Oscar caliber. I've been eagerly awaiting more work from her, but other than a tiny part in X-MEN: LAST STAND, I've had a pretty long wait.    But she totally steals JUNO...which is saying a lot, because almost everyone is pretty terrific in this highly entertaining film. But Ellen Page is some sort …
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98 Ratings: +3.0
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