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Mothra Vs.Godzilla

1 rating: 1.0
A movie directed by Inoshiro Honda

This classic science fiction epic pits the fire-breathing monster Godzilla against a giant webspinning moth. Two mysterious tiny twin girls hold the secret to the control of the destructive insect which nearly destroys Japan.

Cast: Yuriko Hoshi
Director: Inoshiro Honda
Release Date: 1964
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Mothra Vs.Godzilla

Mothra~if he's Gold he's gotta be the King

  • Sep 11, 2000
Pros: This is the LAST Godzilla movie I will ever watch, well, maybe

Cons: There IS Godzilla 2000, hmmmmmm

It took me two weeks, but through diligent searching I have acquired the original release of Mothra. Beat me if you want for double posting, but it's hard to pass this one up! Besides, this release is no way like the later release because there is no Battra to contend with in this one and the little ladies.....ah, the little ladies.....

Godzilla vs Mothra - 1964
The corporation in this one is developing a seaside location, that proves to be radioactive - for one reason. It is the resting ground of your friend and mine, Godzilla! Of course, they are not aware of this until it is too late.

The story starts with a huge hurricane that sweeps a beautiful egg to sea, one about the size OF Japan, and onto the shore where the development is being undertaken. While discussing the means of dealing with the egg, the evil developers hear these squeaky little voices, in soto, and turn to find the lovely little ladies on their fireplace mantle. Hell, I don't know how they got there, that is never discussed (or questioned, I might add). The ladies plead for the return of the egg to their island and to its' ‘mother' Mothra.

Failing to gain their cooperation, the ladies turn to the newspapers to cry their plight. They are intrigued by the concept, but cannot convince anyone to follow through with returning the egg. In the meantime, Godzilla awakes from his sleep under the soil and rises to destroy what he has destroyed so many other times. The reporters venture to Mothra Island and ask the ladies to join forces convincing Mothra to come and defeat Godzilla.

For some reason, Mothra is in the throes of dying, this is never explained either but perhaps has something to do with the new egg. If she flies to Tokyo to fight Godzilla, she will not have the strength to return home, if she even lives through the fight anyway. Mothra, however, as a good mother would, agrees to help Tokyo defeat Godzilla and flies off to her death.

Meanwhile, back in Tokyo, the egg has hatched and turned into a huge wormlike creature, a caterpillar if you will, only wishing to return to Mothra Island and its' home. Unfortunately, it is an eating machine, and does a good deal of destruction before it comes to rest

The Players
The Ladies ~ as before, they seem to favor orange as their color of choice. This time, however, they are sweetly turned out with smart white fur capes and matching fur hats, which are topped off with some orange goop. Back on the island, they remove the furs (apparently they are traveling furs only) and appear in slinky orange dresses with one shoulder bared for sex appeal? They always speak in unison, which I find enchanting, and every time they approach someone, they turn to look at each other as if surprised that larger Earthlings find them strange. It must be horrible to live in a suitcase, even if it does have fancy gold hasps. Unfortunately, they sing in this release as well.....something that has to be heard to be appreciated in full.

The Warriors and The King ~ huh? What's up with this? They too are outfitted in orange (must be the island color?), but for some reason their bodies are also orange, really orange, I mean really, really orange. Quite a strange sight, for sure. They do have a beautiful selection of colorful clothing, if sparse. The King though, is outfitted in gold lame and his skin - you guessed it - Gold! Yep, sure is. He also has a beautiful white feather and fur headdress that is about 3 feet tall and flowing. I'm not sure where the white fur is coming from since there is nothing alive on this desolate island but Mothra and the islanders. Everything else has been destroyed by nuclear waste from Japan.

The Reporters and the Chief ~ a cute little group here, reminiscent of Clark, Lois and their Chief. There is one strange guy wandering around constantly eating eggs, and actually making story lines up about them! There is one scene in particular where they are being de-radioactivized, a really strange machine blowing out a lovely shade of mauve smoke! Of course, due to their diligence, we are able to convince Mothra to help us destroy Godzilla.

Godzilla ~ while I'm at it, might as well get him out of the way. The suit is showing a few signs of wear and tear and for some reason when he roars his mouth fluffs out almost like he is blowing raspberries at the crowd - well, Hell, he probably is! He is at his most destructive in this release, his spines glow a brilliant shade of blue as does his breath. His eyes are quite slanted and evil looking in this release, not at all the puppy dog eyes of the past. And while his body and movements are generally quite stilted, they have made his tail very flowing with a good dead of movement to it, similar to a cat tail.

The Thing/Mothra ~ a butterfly or moth of the highest caliber. Godzilla-sized with large blue eyes that glow, orange and black striped wings (ah, there is the orange theory!), covered with fuzzy white fur (hmmm, I see a pattern here) on its body. It relies mainly on its' wing power to fight back, not a good defense. Basically it looks like a cross between a bumble bee and a butterfly on steroids.

The Thing/Caterpillar ~ Oh My...Mothra has had twins! At first they emerge as a standard larval type worm thing, not very durn cute I might add, pale orange (<—note color here) and slimy with a beaklike mouth that expels silk. This is, of course, how they trap and capture Godzilla and rid the island of his menace once again (til next time). There is a really funny scene where they latch onto Godzilla's tail and he gets really pi$$ed off - well, I found it funny.......

While Mothra is not one of the best movies in the series, it is certainly the most colorful. And I always get a kick out of the fact that the investigating parties (whoever they are in each movie) tramp around in caves, on islands, under cities and through streams and rivers in full suits, white shirts, ties with the ladies in smart dresses fully coordinated with hats, shoes and purses to match, sometimes even snappy white gloves. Fashion of a bygone era <smile>

Overall ~ How Godzilla Killed SusiDee ~ RIP
I think I am pretty much Godzillad out by now. There are probably 10 more movies staring this guy but I have to give it a rest for a while. After viewing these 15 movies I have found that the same footage was used in 8 of the movies utilizing the army - same tank scenes, same laser ray scenes, same everything. Six times the same bridge has been blown up with the same yellow taxicab sitting on it and 4 times the Mobile Oil Refinery has met its' doom.

The same group scene of fleeing Japanese has been used in 11 of the movies, in the other four Godzilla is working FOR us so we do not bother to flee, I guess. Eight times the same fighter planes have flown in to destroy the monsters (and 8 times failed), and six times we have the same shot of Monster Island with all the monsters crawling about. Fifteen times the same electrical lines have tried to kill the monster and 15 times have failed, apparently I am the only one aware that electricity charges the mighty Godzilla.

I admire the undying love the Japanese have given their token monster, even when it shows them in less than favorable light. The acting is terrible, the writing dismissive, the filming horrible, the music incredibly bad. Their monsters are beyond bad going from the ridiculous to the sublime. I guess it is their technological arrogance that I admire. Nevertheless, I must give a congratulatory bow to Inoshira Honda for his ingenuity for creating Godzilla and for his insistence that, as much as possible, the movies maintain the integrity of the beast. Ah, Godzilla, you are a King among Beasts!


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Mothra Vs.Godzilla
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